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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Spiritual diagnostics

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  • Tarjei Straume
    ... I forgot to add the following, at the risk of repeating myself: The dispute is not about the Doctor s exposé of the Western Lodges and their intentions,
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 3, 2007
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      Jean-Marc wrote:

      > >As far as I know, Rudolf Steiner didn't approach the riddle with a
      > >baggage of materialistic thinking; in any case, he described rather
      > >extensively the grandiose and far-reaching primary political goal of
      > >the plots and machinations hatched by the Western Lodges
      > >[Anglo-American Lodges in particular]: Anglo-Saxon supremacy, power,
      > >domination, on a worldwide scale, establishing "economic slavery" on
      > >a global scale, crushing the spiritual mission of the German people
      > >and Central Europe, etc...

      I wrote:

      >I have not disputed any of those things; nor
      >have I ever suggested that the Doctor approached
      >any riddle with materialistic thinking. My point
      >is that people with no notion of such spiritual
      >affairs have conducted cockamamie theories that
      >do not stand up to scrutiny, do not make sense,
      >cannot be proven, have nothing to do with
      >occultism or Steiner, and that those theories
      >are packed with materialistic thinking. At the
      >same time, they are attractive som some
      >theosophists and anthroposophists who don't
      >realize this materialistic, sidetracking, and
      >misleading aspect which has nothing to do with occultism.

      I forgot to add the following, at the risk of repeating myself:

      The dispute is not about the Doctor's exposé of
      the Western Lodges and their intentions, which
      Jean-Marc mentions above. It's the fact that some
      of us, Yours Truly included, have challenged the
      claim that the 9-11 skyjackers were Jews in Arab
      disguises, the claim that the listed skyjackers
      are alive and well in Saudi Arabia, the claim
      that the commercial jet that hit the Pentagon was
      not an airplane at all but an Air Force missile,
      plus the claim that those of us who raise
      difficult questions concerning the whereabouts of
      the missing passengers are diagnosed as naive and
      underdeveloped spiritual retards belonging to the
      Intellectual Soul Age or the Sentient Soul Age.
      And I would like to know if I turned around and
      subscribed to these 9-11 notions, becoming a
      born-again 9-11 conspiracy buff, would I then be
      bestowed a Consciousness Soul Diploma from
      Bradford's Michael School, signed by him and with a fancy seal and logo?

      I have published some vital lectures by the
      Doctor about the modus operandi and intentions of
      the Dark Lodges, which were posted to the AT earlier with comments:



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