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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] The Truly Distracting 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

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  • Tarjei Straume
    ... What Dottie seems to be getting at is that some people tend to imply that those who disagree with their conclusions on issues like this one, are not asking
    Message 1 of 49 , Jan 31, 2007
      Dottie wrote:

      > > You know I just think its the height of all arrogance to assume
      > others are sleeping because they dont see it your way. I have never
      > liked that line of debate or conversation on this topic, here on
      > this list. It's so WC to me.

      Serena wrote:

      > I probably should have said that asking questions is *for me* what
      > it means to be awake in America today. I read a lot of things on
      > the A_T that I don't necessarily agree with but I can see the
      > benefit of trying to follow another person's line of thinking.

      What Dottie seems to be getting at is that some people tend to imply
      that those who disagree with their conclusions on issues like this
      one, are not asking questions, do not practice self-critical,
      analytical thinking, are not open-minded, are not awake, and have no
      understanding of what is going on because they're wearing blinders.

      This was not what I had in mind with my last comment, however. I
      simply presented my own questions and critical thinking - like what
      happened to the passengers of the alleged non-existent commercial
      flights, how the assumed skyjackers manage to hide from legitimate
      terrorist-hunters when someone has found all of them alive and well
      in Saudi Arabia and apparently published this startling discovery and
      so on - and then I had some fun with a little help from Chuck Berry.

    • Frank Smith
      ... Yes, Serena and Michael, you have both been awarded Holderin merit badges. ... Who are they, Bradford? just let us know and Sophia will nuke their asses
      Message 49 of 49 , Feb 4, 2007
        --- holderlin66 <holderlin66@...> wrote:

        > Thanks Serena and Michael Howell;
        > We all know that these sweet little subjective happy
        > faces here at
        > AT all have our best interest at heart. Such a great
        > opportunity to
        > present rich insights into the time we live in and
        > share the rise of
        > common sense is sought, as you well know, by all
        > those here. You
        > know Serena and Michael, a good time was had by all.

        Yes, Serena and Michael, you have both been awarded
        Holderin merit badges.

        > Then of course there are those who merely love to be
        > stubborn,
        > refuse to entertrain contradictions, polarities and
        > use their
        > discernment for all that represents the greatness of
        > Anthroposophy,
        > with narrow subjective intent. It is falsely thought
        > that Anthros
        > should be lighting the path ahead to the connections
        > and dots to all
        > the events happening around us. But most common
        > Anthros can't weigh
        > in on the West's nightmarish plunge into nearly
        > losing America to
        > fascism. Gee I guess they skipped those classes in
        > the Michael
        > School where people understood, as Steiner did, the
        > nature of occult
        > conspiracy.

        Who are they, Bradford? just let us know and Sophia
        will nuke their asses into Lemuria.

        I suppose it would be hard to get them
        > to pronounce the
        > word LIAR, absolute liar to utter it, to get it out
        > past their holy
        > lips regarding GWB and Cheney....It doesn't really
        > matter to them
        > that we are murdering, as usual, hundreds of
        > thousands of innocent
        > men, women and children for our American mall life
        > style.

        Uh oh, I am getting the impression that you mean US,
        the few here who have rebutted the infantile 911
        conspiracy theories. If that is the case, it is
        extremely insulting and an outright fucking lie.

        > But you know Serena and Michael the same knotted
        > group of true
        > believers can cling to whatever they wish and swift
        > boat and label
        > those who are looking into these things and seeing
        > one deception
        > after another leading us to Iran and a real world
        > mess, AGAIN. Again
        > and again, and those who are so stubborn and refuse
        > to be shoved,
        > pushed or pointed in any direction, will stand there
        > braying and
        > kicking, even if they were in the Michael School.
        > There are many who
        > turn the terms of truth, insight and motive into
        > some subjective
        > game that can be played with the usual sentient soul
        > heat that is
        > craved for. Without that sentient soul hit,
        > addiction, chemical
        > high, some Anthros just can't understand the
        > constancy of someone
        > like Noam Chomsky.

        Anyone who takes the Michael School seriously will
        find the above statement to be a foul aberration.

        > Noam Chomsky, well kindly don't mention him because
        > as an
        > Intellectual Soul sterling example, these people who
        > diddle and
        > babble and crave for some subjective heat because
        > they have no ideas
        > have no right approaching the intellectual soul
        > field of Noam
        > Chomsky or a host of others with their tainted
        > subjective anthro
        > egotism.

        Anthro-egotism? Reread what you just wrote and see it

        > Anyways thanks Serena and Mike for your ability to
        > test and live
        > with the pulse of an awakening human sense of truth
        > and helping us
        > all to restore common sense. Most Anthros support
        > those who wake up
        > and begin to find their way out of the morass we
        > have dug ourselves
        > into. Most people who have had some Philosophy of
        > Freedom training
        > should be able to avoid the bullshit and steer
        > themselves out of the
        > maze of their own subjective hall of mirrors.
        > Anthros are either
        > exceptional people or just common, common as a
        > garden hose.

        Hoses send a flow of clean water to wipe away the
        exceptional crud. Thanks for the complement.

        > It is good to see how selfish subjective egotism can
        > find a way to
        > slam really good people like those who are probing
        > the staged and
        > false flag event that hijacked the 21st century.
        > Exceptional Anthros
        > can clearly see how the hijacking of this new
        > century benefits the
        > very forces that Steiner predicted would surge
        > upwards and meet us.
        > Well it has, they did, and there remain exceptional
        > Anthros and
        > Anthros as common as garden hoses.

        Viva las mangueras squirting away at the exceptional

        Your favorite Garden Hose,

        Frank Thomas Smith

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