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      Subject: Fecundity, January 3, 2007, 10th Holy Night, Anthro on the Net

      Anthroposophy on the Net - Aspects -  The Twelve Holy Nights
      Rich, abundant productive fertility - this is the soul’s fecundity. In our souls live all the creative forces and resources of spirit and matter. Our souls always have been and always will be fecund.
      I have always been fascinated with the word, fecund.  It fills me with the sense of overflowing possibility. But it also awakens questions in me about limitations and challenges.
      Our souls’ fecundity lives with both the frustration of limitations and challenges and the hunger for them. As we mature in our self-development, we also learn consciously and willingly to set limitations and seek challenges to our fecundity. 
      Throughout our biographies, we can find numerous physical, emotional, social and economic restrictions, and confrontations, undermining our creative fulfillment. They appear to suck the wind out of our sails.  Using your soul’s quality of equanimity, make a short list of the limitations and challenges you have faced in your life this week. There will be reoccurring obstacles and onetime, out of the blue, events in this list. What pushes or holds you back? Consider where you feel frustrated, or even victimized, in your life’s journey.
      There is a brief verse by Rudolf Steiner that supports this study:
                  Through tangling soul-hindrances,
                  Through wrangling spirit-darknesses,
                  To earnest clarity,
                  To shining verity.
      Now we can turn to chosen limitations and challenges. Meister Eckhart wisely said, “The true master is self-limiting.” The self-limiting master is confident of the soul’s fecundity and recognizes the necessity to make choices and set direction.  Reflect on your life so far.  Where have you designed the productivity of your soul? Have you shown the creative wisdom of an artist in shaping the richness of your life?
      If you look at just today’s limitations and challenges to your soul’s fecundity, which were in your control and which were out of your control?  Were you a master or a victim? A victim with equanimity can penetrate life’s difficulties and find new knowledge of both the world and the soul.  A master wisely and patiently unfolds his fruitfulness in the world.
      Tonight celebrate your soul’s fecundity.  Plan tomorrow’s inner and outer activities.  Set your limitations and declare the challenges you will set for yourself.  Then tomorrow evening review the unplanned challenges and limitations you found during the day. When you review your fruitfulness, look for both the spiritual and the practical richness of your productivity. Both the planning, and the review, will strengthen your ability to bear fruit in the world.
      Performing your daily review each evening is a beautiful discipline (whether you think it or write it).  Choose one act during the course of the day and ask yourself what was true about the deed, what was beautiful about the deed and what was good about the deed.  With practice this work develops the fecund presence of Spirit in all you do.
      January 3, 2007 - 
      The Tenth Holy Night 
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