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Fwd: Re: Manipulation am Werk Rudolf Steiners - V1 (in English)

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  • Robert Mason
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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2006
      --- Fenix <fenix@...> wrote:

      > From: "Fenix" <fenix@...>
      > To: "Robert Mason" <robertsmason_99@...>
      > Subject: Re: Manipulation am Werk Rudolf Steiners - V1
      > Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 21:28:42 +0100
      > Dear Robert,
      > excue me, that I did not write this letter in English. I will
      > try to declare
      > shortly what is the matter. Last year it was comming out a
      > book about the
      > graphique work of Rudolf Steiner (GA K45). In this book is to
      > find a
      > letterhad from the AAG (AAS) which Rudolf Steiner should have
      > designed 1924.
      > This is of cause nonsense, because on the christmas conference
      > 1923 was
      > foundet the AG (AS) and Rudolf Steiner even designed AND USED
      > a head for
      > this AG, of which examples are to find in the literature. So I
      > wrote to the
      > Nachlaßverwaltung and told them, what I found out. After some
      > month the
      > president of the NV Mr. Cornelius Bohlen confirmed what I
      > found out. Then I
      > asked for a correction paper to put in this books. But they
      > where not
      > ready to do that. And Mr. Walter Kugler, the head of the
      > archive, insists in
      > an email, that Rudolf Steiner was designing this because he
      > allready on the
      > chistmas meeting has used the name AAG. I asked him to proof
      > that for me,
      > which he did not. (This happened in August. After that I tried
      > again to
      > force them to make this correction, otherwise I had to inform
      > the
      > anthroposophers world wide what is going on in this
      > Nachlaßverwaltung. And
      > the letter which you got was the second step. The first step
      > was an report
      > in "freies forum anthroposophie" which Detlef Ulof Böhm is
      > publishing.
      > I still do not understand how it is possible, that the
      > Nachlaßverwaltung is
      > doing such criminal things. We will see which reaction this
      > letter will
      > bring.
      > So, dear Robert, I hope I could clarify a little bit better,
      > what has
      > happened. It is indeed this time the Nachlaßverwaltung. And as
      > you know Mr.
      > Paul Mackay knows that the name was AS and not AAS, because he
      > invited 2002
      > to a reanimating meeting.


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