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Clairvoyant Fund Raising for Waldorf Schools

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  • tmasthenes13
    I posted this in response to Peter Farrell on the WC, but I think it will be of interest here as it relates a story of how a Waldorf School once raised $26,000
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      I posted this in response to Peter Farrell on the WC, but I think it
      will be of interest here as it relates a story of how a Waldorf School
      once raised $26,000 by modern clairvoyant means.

      What then is the spiritual-scientific nature of Remote Viewing today?

      Fr. Thom


      Greetings, Peter F.!

      I've been looking for a good entrée into this "discussion" of
      Steiner's epistemology, etc., but have felt that my approach is not
      germane to (German to? Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!) the focus of this list
      because it involves ideas from modern physics that came into play
      since the year Steiner died in 1925, specifically in that fateful
      year, the Uncertainty Principle of Werner Heisenberg, then in 1931,
      the Incompleteness Theorem of my favorite paranoid-schizophrenic
      mathematician, Kurt Gödel, and my own take on a "linguistic
      uncertainty principle" of Luddie Wittgenstein. (What is it about all
      these Germans!!! And I haven't even mentioned Einstein yet!)

      However, since the blog you referenced deals directly with the
      wonderfully classic New York Jewish melancholic statement of Steve
      Weinberg about the pointlessness of the universe, I decided to enter
      the fray. (Ten years ago, when I was working toward my BS in Physics
      degree at the University of Texas at Austin, I got to know Steverino
      briefly, although our conversations were more about the War in the
      Pacific as both of us fellow New Yorkers were "battle buffs.")

      However, I feel the need to relate this post to Waldorf Education, so
      rather than delve into the philosophical issues raised by Weinberg and
      others in modern physics, I would like to focus on a physicist in
      Austin, who is, in a certain sense, an arch-rival of Weinberg's and
      whom I knew best as a fellow Waldorf father.

      I refer to the physicist, Harold E. "Hal" Puthoff, who directs the
      Institute of Advanced Studies in Austin. His research focus is the
      Zero Point Energy (ZPE) and Hal is continuing the ZPE research
      pioneered by the late Russian physicist and famous dissident Andrei

      In the late 1980's I would meet Hal every morning at the Austin
      Waldorf School as both my daughter and his four children were
      attending the school at that time, and both of us were the designated
      morning drivers for our respective families.

      Now, Peter F., I imagine you are familiar with Hal Puthoff as one of
      the twin "godfathers" --- the other twin being Russell Targ --- of
      Remote Viewing, which they pioneered at Stanford Research
      International (SRI) in the 1970s with Top Secret funding from the DIA
      to the tune of $20 million!

      Hal and Russell, if you see them in person, are quite literally the
      "Simon and Garfunkel" of Remote Viewing, which is the clairvoyant
      ability to see physical scenes and locations once you are trained to
      get past (1) your memories, (2) your right brain imaginations; and,
      (3) your left brain analytical interpretations.

      (For those not familiar with the Remote Viewing work of Targ &
      Puthoff, I urge you to read the book called The Field by Lynne
      MacTaggert, because 3 chapters are devoted to Hal's research alone.)

      (Note to Peter S. and Joel: Perhaps a discussion of this very modern
      form of clairvoyance, Remote Viewing --- albeit ahrimanic and even
      redolent of scientology --- might be a fruitful detour around the
      present impasse of discussing Steiner's epistemology solely from the
      text of PoF. And who knows? Such a fresh perspective on a modern
      psychic phenomena might feed back and illustrate aspects of the "new
      clairvoyance" Steiner proposed over a century ago.)

      Now remember, folks, I am trying to make this discussion germane to
      the topic of Waldorf Education. You may be asking rightly: Just what
      does Remote Viewing have to do with Waldorf Education?

      What I am about to regale you with is, for me, the most incredible and
      amazing chapter in the history of Waldorf Education in the United
      States, indeed I would say the most incredible story about WE since
      Emil Molt lit up a Waldorf Astoria cigarette and blew smoke rings for
      Rudolf Steiner at Uncle Emil's Stuttgart factory in 1919! By cracky, I
      dare any Waldorf School in Europe to top this anecdote in Waldorf

      Okay, here goes. Back in 1984, Hal Puthoff and his wife, Adrienne
      Kennedy, together founded the Waldorf School in Palo Alto/Menlo Park,
      CA, which is known today as the "Waldorf School of the Peninsula."
      Then it was called the "Peninsula Waldorf School," and the "Palo Alto
      Waldorf School."

      The school was about to open with 4 grades, but there was a deep cash
      crunch. The school needed $25,000 to open. So Hal Puthoff proposed a
      novel scheme to raise money. He presented it to the Board of the
      school and they accepted. Not only did the Board accept the proposal,
      the board members themselves became the instruments of the fund raising.

      Hal taught them the basic protocols of ARV (Associational Remote
      Viewing) and then he contacted his silver futures broker. Hal trained
      the board members to predict the rise and/or fall of the silver
      futures market by associating images with the next day's rise or fall
      of the silver futures market. For example, if the board members
      remotely perceived a round red object (an apple) then that was a
      pre-cognitive sign that the market would go up. When they perceived a
      long slender yellow object (a pencil), that was a sign to put money on
      the market going down.

      Over the next 30 days of the fund-raising experiment, the board
      members managed to average close to a thousand bucks a day profit,
      finally amassing a grand total of $26,000 in profit from the futures
      market. The school was thus able to open and it is still thriving
      today in the delightfully ahrimanic heart of Silicon Valley.

      Two years later, Hal got an offer he couldn't refuse to fund an
      Institute for his physics research in Austin, Texas, now known as the
      "Silicon Hills," and that's what brought he and his family to the
      Austin Waldorf School.

      So, Stuttgart! Put that in your Waldorf pipe and smoke it! Or else,
      eat your Waldorf heart out --- even if it isn't a pump!

      Tom Mellett


      Here are some websites for further reading.

      This is Hal's recent article he was able to publish once the CIA
      allowed the previously Top Secret program to be declassified in 1995.


      CIA-Initiated Remote Viewing
      At Stanford Research Institute

      by H. E. Puthoff, Ph.D.

      Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin
      Austin, Texas 78759

      Abstract - In July 1995 the CIA declassified, and approved for
      release, documents revealing its sponsorship in the 1970s of a program
      at Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park, CA, to determine whether
      such phenomena as remote viewing "might have any utility for
      intelligence collection" [1]. Thus began disclosure to the public of a
      two-decade-plus involvement of the intelligence community in the
      investigation of so-called parapsychological or psi phenomena.
      Presented here by the program's Founder and first Director (1972 -
      1985) is the early history of the program, including discussion of
      some of the first, now declassified, results that drove early interest.


      Here is an article about the use of Remote Viewing to make money. It
      makes reference to Hal's training of the board members to fund raise
      for the Waldorf School, though it does not name the school in the article.


      The Fitzgerald Files

      Remote Viewing For Wealth

      Dateline: Sunday, January 9, 2005


      By: Phenomena Senior Editor

      "A frontpage headline in The Wall Street Journal on October 22, 1984
      asked: "Did Psychic Powers Give Firm a Killing In the Silver Market?"
      The story went on to relate how three partners of Delphi Associates in
      San Mateo, California were able to accurately forecast price
      fluctuations in silver on nine straight occasions, making a profit of
      $120,000, by using a process called associative remote viewing."


      "Hal Puthoff used a similar remote viewing protocol in a silver
      futures investment scheme that he capitalized on to rescue a ***
      private school *** from bankruptcy. He trained several of the school
      board members in associative remote viewing [ARV] and sent their buy
      and sell orders to his broker. In a month he allegedly cleared the
      $25,000 needed to keep the school near his home in Menlo Park open."

      *** NOTE*** This private school was the Peninsula Waldorf School,
      first located in Menlo Park in 1984 but moved to its present location
      in Los Altos in 1995.

      Here is a short blurb about the history of the school from the
      school's website


      "Waldorf School of the Peninsula was established in 1984 with a
      preschool, kindergarten and grades one through four. The founders were
      struck with the great need, in this highly technological area [Silicon
      Valley], for a school that would address the heart and will as well as
      the mind. The vision of *** the founders *** was to offer an
      educational alternative that embraced the spiritual and did not reject
      but moved beyond technology."

      ***NOTE*** the founders are Hal Puthoff and his wife, Adrienne Kennedy

      Finally, a site about a man who learned to do RV from Hal & Russell.

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