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We're There Now

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    _http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jane-smiley/were-there-now_b_30599.html_ (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jane-smiley/were-there-now_b_30599.html) Jane Smiley
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 16, 2006
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      Jane Smiley


      We're There Now

      Late last winter, as a celebration of the CPAC conference, at which the  ilk
      of Anne Coulter were crowing and kicking up their heels, I reflected on the 
      likelihood of the right wing dropping their sneaky ways (hacking voting
      machines  and purloining elections) and emerging tyrannically into the open. This is
      what  I said, "Isn't there always a moment in the life of every dictatorship
      when the  tyrants take the gloves off in public? A moment when they've almost
      consolidated  their power and influence and they have to demonstrate it?...The
      next stage,  then, will have to be something more naked -- something on the
      order of  prosecuting leakers under the Espionage Act while giving Cheney
      immunity against  prosecution for the same sort of crime." Well, pat myself on the
      back, but even  I could not imagine what it would be. It is what we have
      now--the simultaneous  granting of immunity to administration criminals for breaking
      both US and  international laws concerning the detention of suspected
      "terrorists" and the  removal of the right of habeas corpus for, essentially, anyone
      the  administration deems unacceptable, citizen or non-citizen. Let me make
      that  perfectly clear. Bush and his friends cannot be punished for crimes they
      have  committed, while others can be thrown in jail without even knowing what
      crimes  they are accused of. As Molly Ivins details her her op-ed piece today,
      it is  even worse than it looks, because after the Bushies appeared to
      compromise with  McCain and his allies, they changed the terms of the compromise to
      make the bill  MORE DANGEROUS rather than less. If you aren't crying about
      this, my fellow  Americans, you should be. I am.

      We can only ask what's next, and who cares? Well, first there could be  that
      October surprise Rove has been promising. Attack on Iran? We have thirty  days
      to find out. Mmmm. And then, are they going to squeak that Republican  Senate
      past us again by doctoring the voting machines? You ask me, I say the 
      perfect diagnostic will be Katherine Harris. If she wins in Florida, everyone  will
      know that the system is corrupted beyond repair, and the next step will be 
      jailing people like me. And you. I care now. Maybe you, my fellow Americans, 
      will care then.

      Here was my hopeful paragraph in the winter-- "Of course, openly giving up 
      the rule of law, as the Republicans would have to do if they gave up deception 
      as a way of doing business, has its risks, and one of them is that those who 
      appreciate the rule of law, such as moderate Republican congressmen and
      cowardly  Democrats and National Guardsmen who have spent a long time in Iraq
      without  proper body armor, or even local police departments around the nation,
      might not  be willing to go along with the new phase of the regime. And the
      Republicans  might have to then enforce their power with vigilante groups and lynch
      mobs." I  guess we have to remove from that list "moderate Republicans" and
      "cowardly  Democrats", since anyone who voted for this bill cares nothing for
      the rule of  law. The rule of law is gone now. It's going to take a lot of work
      to put Humpty  Dumpty back together again, if it can be done. But it surely
      will not be done if  the craven, foolish, base, vile, spineless, blind, corrupt
      Democrats who voted  for the bill, namely Carper (D-DE), Johnson (D-SD),
      Landrieu (D-LA), Lautenberg  (D-NJ), Lieberman (D-CT), Menendez (D-NJ), Nelson
      (D-FL), Nelson (D-NE), Pryor  (D-AR), Rockefeller (D-WV), Salazar (D-CO),
      Stabenow (D-MI), are allowed to go  unpunished. Not to mention the unmentionables on
      the other side.

      So, let's say the nightmare came true, and out of fear, we all shut up--all 
      us Democrats, all us dissenters, all us Bush-haters, all us upholders of the 
      Constitution, all us liberals and secular humanists? What if all journalists
      and  all bloggers and even Keith Olberman and the generals at the Pentagon,
      starting  right now, gave Bush a free pass? Here is what would happen. His
      policies in  Iraq would still fail. His attack on Iran would still be a disaster.
      His War on  Terror would still be a bust. And everyone knows it.
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