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Speed v Impede

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    Does Spiritual Conception Speed or Does Spiritual Conception Impede ? Concerning a Quote from Heisenberg In a post from holderlin66 , Mon Jul 31, 2006 12:42
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      Does Spiritual Conception Speed or Does Spiritual Conception Impede ?
      Concerning a Quote from Heisenberg

      In a post from "holderlin66", Mon Jul 31, 2006 12:42 pm (PST)
      Re: Hebrews

      Quote from Heisenberg:
      "Light and matter are both single entities,
      and the apparent duality arises in the limitations of our language.

      The affirmative declaration that "Light and matter are both single
      ENTITIES (plural)" affirms, that THOUGHT and IDEA and SPIRIT had
      conceived the two, light and matter as distinguishable entities. But
      then Heisenberg continues, and destroys whatever role `language'
      played in the revelation of the former, by his emphasis
      on `apparency' in his construction: "the apparent duality arises in
      the limitations of our language", implying that no such VALID
      distinction exists. Abruptly, it is in the EXPANSIVENESS (not
      limitations) of our language that the duality appears. His last
      construct belies the fact that in those worlds of pre-
      fragmented `language' there consists the interweave through each
      other of dual and multiple facts. The discernment of these do NOT
      arise as a consequence of the limitations of `language', but the
      role of language plays a part in the expression of dual or multiple
      spiritual truth that inhabit a singular context of spiritual
      oneness; the role of language in physical space being the
      representation of multiple spiritual facts in the context of
      crystalized (ie physical/material) percepts.

      With great depth of thought, these considerations were known by the
      forgers of the English union of alphabet and number, for the
      reference to Christ had been found to relate to `77' and more; but
      Christ was also found to have relation to `matter'(`77') that also
      shares location in the same numeric matrix.

      This 77 has been presented to us in the numeric spell of each word,
      to wit:

      Christ = C-3 + h-8 + r-18 + i-9 + s-19 + t-20 = 77
      matter = m-13 + a-1 + t-20 + t-20 + e-5 + r-18 = 77

      This above instance is not a coincidental fluke in the organization
      of sound and light through the `limitations' of form of the English
      alphabet and number (English being unsuspected by our so-named
      scholars, unlike Egyptian, Hebrew and Greek). The ideas supporting
      such arrangements and postulation preceded Mr. Heisenberg where no
      such "LIMITATIONS OF OUR LANGUAGE" existed to which Heisenberg with
      deficiency refers. There is, however, hindrances of unproductivity
      in darkness, where instead, productivity in darkness would have
      revealed truth for consumption in the light of day.

      A connection to but new generation from the past is demonstrated by
      the following proceedings:

      "In all of your ways, know me and I will straighten your path."
      (Proverbs 3:5-6 ; Heb. phrase = 1568)

      In our Egypto-Hebrew Torah (TWRH=611=8) this Proverbs phrase sums to
      1568. 1568 divided by 7 = 224 which in turn equals Egypto-
      Hebrew "DRK", ie Derek - `path'; more specifically "DRK(d=4, r=200,
      k=20) sums to 224 and is reduced by gematria to 2+2+4=8," where 8 is
      resurrection and is the culmination of each of "the 7 ways of Christ
      in DaRKness."

      While 224x7 is equal to 1568, 1568 also equals 2x (28x28), ie 2 x
      784. The 28 squared factor has also to do with the famous 345
      triangle and its rectangle brought into a 3-dimensional 3x4x4 area.
      However, we will not advance into that area but continue on with the
      relevance of 1568 to `Christ-77 and Matter-77'. To wit:

      For the man is the [tree of the field]" (Deut. 20:19)
      [eitz + hasadeh = "tree of the field"] =
      eitz [ayin(70) + tzadi(90)] = tree = 160
      hasadeh = hei(5), shin(300), dalet(4), hei(5) = the field = 314
      total 160+314 = 474 = Hebrew: "dat"
      .... (ie "dat" = daleth[4] + ayin[70] + tav[400]
      .... the ancient word for consciousness)
      .... 474 divided by the 6 chambers of the heart = 79
      .... (ie 79 = "dah" the root of "dat" :
      .... Hebrew: daleth[4] + ayin[70] + heh[5],
      .... the word for knowing)
      .... (79 has been transposed to Eng. `mother',
      .... but combined with Eng. `father' [58]
      .... adds to form what has now a leg in
      .... the past, the Heb. `kabbalah,' 137.)

      This same sum ("474") for the above phrase is also employed with
      another phrase but with an exception: instead of 2+4 letters we find
      3+3 letters. Quote:

      "nun ayin mem" =
      "pleasantness/serene pleasure" = 160
      + (plus)
      ("shin daleth yud" =
      "shakai/almighty" = 314)
      = 474 total.

      This renders an understanding that equals:
      "Man is the serene pleasure of the Almighty."

      But more interesting is the practice of the ancients when confronted
      by two sets of letters containing an equal number of letters in each
      set. There a process of multiplication can take place. In this case
      we find:

      nun ayin mem =
      "pleasantness/serene pleasure" = 160
      shin daleth yud =
      "shakai/almighty" = 314

      (nun x shin) + (ayin x daleth) + (mem x yud)
      =15680 (equal to 1568, "In all of your ways, know me and I will
      straighten your path" multiplied by 10)

      This very same process is applied to :

      Christ =
      C-3 + h-8 + r-18 + i-9 + s-19 + t-20 = 77
      matter =
      m-13+ a-1 + t-20 + t-20 + e-5 + r-18 = 77

      where 3x13 = 39; 8x1 = 8; 18x20 = 360;
      9x20 = 180; 19x5 = 95; 20x18 = 360,
      where the aggregation (39+8+360+180+95+360) of their 6 results (1042
      or 2x 521) raises 2 instances, one in spirit, the other in matter,
      of the 98th (Lazarus) prime number 521.

      It has been raised in other places that the name `Lazarus' is a
      rendering of the Egyptian: L-Ausar or as the Greek might put it, `eL-
      Osiris'. The surmise from all this would be something in the order
      of, "God, characterized by our ancient sires, saw Him as having
      placed Himself in the ALL of His created realms, even that of matter
      (with life, feeling and ego), providing the buoyancy needed for the
      resurrective rise, escape and RECYCLE of His spiritual offspring who
      require the recharge of union with His causality for their
      continuity with Him."


      The truth ? That everywhere there is spaciousness there is spaceless-
      idea, interwoven in the creation; even corroborated by our fore-
      sires, to wit:

      37 x 73 = 2701, the numeric sum of Genesis 1:1.
      3003 is the aggregate sum of the equilateral triangle with the base
      of 77 (Christ)

      3003 minus 2701 leaves 302, that is 2 x 151 ; 151 is the English
      numeric value of ChristJesus. Everywhere there is the spacial
      material aspect of ChristJesus there is the spaceless idea aspect of

      He was understood as engaging and permeating the opposites of space
      and spacelessness; even as on one side He is +77 and the other he
      is -77. On one side He is +151 while on the other He is -151. When
      we apply the decimal system to his number, 151 x 10 we arrive at
      1510, that is carried in the image of the wings of a `cherub' as 755
      + 755 (5x 151 = 755, ie equal `judgement' upon each wing of
      ChristJesus ; 7x100 + Judas-55, where 55 is the 5th and mid-body of
      9 ways of 10 and the sum of an equilateral triangle of base 10-
      units), where within the expanse of 755 we find wings of 377 and a
      body of one that is described in this way 377 + 1 + 377. This 377 is
      memorialized by the dimensions of the volume named The Temple of
      Artemis (Diana) in Ephesus where St.John (110), St.Paul (113), and
      MotherOfJesusChrist (253) appeared. Their combined numeric matrix
      equals 4 x 119 = 476 ie 4 x MaryMagdalene-119 (7x17), 4/9ths of
      Archimedes' famous patient `1071')

      The Temple of Artemis was 377 x 180 where the 180 is construed as 18
      (3x6, ie 666).... x 10.

      (English `head' = 18 and is the seat of light for the astral and
      ego; Hebrew 18 is chet-8 + yud-10 that equals the root of `chaim':
      Hebrew `life-68' [English replaced Heb. life-68 with the
      word `Sophia' as `68'. Now here is where spirit strove to
      relate `head' to `Golgotha' that is found to carry several formulae:
      8 (the number representing resurrection) -- 8 letters form

      Golgotha, 7+15+12+7+15+20+8+1 = 85 ;
      5x17 = 85 or 5x `Hebrew Tov/TVB/good' ;
      [4x18 = 72-`world: war+peace'] +
      [13: 5+8 = union of male-god, female-god] = 85 ;

      But more, the 85th prime number, `439' [per Golgotha], when added to
      the above mentioned 1071 [9x MaryMagdalene] forms the profusely
      mentioned ChristJesus-151 x 10 = 1510.

      But lets notice that life-Sophia-68 plus ChristJesus-151 = 219,
      where 74 equals the Eng. Jesus (10+5+19+21+19 ) ; that the
      equilateral triangle, ie Ä74, or base 74 equilateral triangle,
      equals 2775 units ; 2775 / 5 = 555 ie 5 x111 or 15x37. But more
      relative is the fact that the perimeter of Ä74 equals the sum of
      Sophia and ChristJesus, 219, that is 3x73 ; Notice that `Beauty' is
      equal to 74 and cross (3+18+15+19+19) is equal to 74, for beauty is
      a cross of 2 colors, in this case 74 is equal to our irrepressible
      37 + 37, and in the `head' there is a cross as well (2-male plus 3-
      female). So we find here, again, the brilliant presence of 37 and 73
      referred to earlier as the components in Gen. 1:1, 37x73 = 2701)

      We now continue the line interrupted by the immediately above
      bracketed statement concerning the `head' of Golgotha :

      The Temple of Artemis was 377 x 180 where the 180 is construed as 18
      (3x6, ie 6,6,6).... x 10 where application is made by the decimal
      system. Interestingly, 377 is divisible into an expanse of wings and
      body as 188 + 1 + 188. 188 is a deficiency of 1 on each side of the
      middle-axis body of 377, ie 189, summing the English COMPONENTS of
      the former Hebrew kabbalah, the compound of Eng. Wisdom-83 and Eng.
      Prophecy-106 that total 189. This deficiency,188, is also announced
      as the `coat' of the union of the trio: (Eng. Ahriman = 64) + (Eng.
      Lucifer = 74) + (Eng. Ahura = 49, which total 187). But this 187 is
      subject not only to the influence of the 189th axis/body (with the 1
      unit on each side of the 1 at the mid-cross in the expanse of 377,
      but 187 is also subject to the cited below `209' whose WORD enters
      the realm of the 22 fragmented letters to assert organization and
      control over them. 189, however, is this union and separation of
      wisdom and prophecy that ChristJesus has poured into the world out
      of the seed of English kabbalah-38 (2x19). Notice that as
      ChristJesus (151) is placed upon this cross of 189, where His mid-
      body (76 = 4x resurrection-19, 75+1+75) overlaps the mid-body (at 95
      = 5x resurrection-19, 94+1+94) of `wisdom and prophecy' (189,
      kabbalah evolving), ie 76+95 equals a sum of 171 .....

      [76+95 = 171, or 9x resurrection-19, where `9' represents the
      letter `I' for the feminine womb-ego through which the spirit (91),
      originally the first prime number as it entered the world as 1
      interwoven in 1 (= prime number 2), but now evolved as `8' (171
      minus 91-spirit equals `80', 8x tithe-10) and the Son of the Father
      (entering in the name of Adam-19 or resurrection, the 8th prime
      number) is born. Note that spirit-91 is the inverse of Adam-19 and
      that death, 4+5+1+20+8 equals 2x19, English kabbalah-38]

      .... is reached that amounts to ChristJesus (151) plus 20 (the
      letter `T', a cross ; 2x 10, and the 20th prime number, ie `71' that
      the Greek, Archimedes had much to do.), which represents the
      exchange taken place in the descent into the astral world between
      the now appearance of the male and female that were in the androgyne
      (=103, = the ego's 27th prime number) body of the Father-ChristJesus
      (11x19, 58+151 = 209 ; 209 = MaryMagdalene-119 plus 90-inspire)
      before His own descent as the `son-48' or heat-34 in `blood-48'.
      Note that 171 converges the bodies of ChristJesus(151+20) and
      MaryMagdalene(119+52) where 52 equals 2x God-26 and corresponds to
      the English words, `form,' `earth,' `heart,' `wise,' and `create.'
      The mid-body or axis of this exchange and descent arriving at 171 is
      a very significant number, 86 (85+1+85), where 2 meanings converge,
      one, 60-pure/word + 26-God = 86 and two, Heb. feminine ALHYM = 86,
      English, `nineteen' the reference to resurrection. The English form
      of ALHYM is `Elohim' that equals the inverse of `God-26', ie `62.' A
      note about `create-52' -- its polarity is `procreation' which
      accumulates as `101,' the sum of God's-26th (or YHVH) prime number.

      *** 1-5-1 and its central factor 5 (2 to 3, 23 = `I am' ; 3 to 2, 32
      = `life')

      [5, ie judgement in the marriage of 2+3 (ie male and female, in this
      instance we imagine the union of MaryMagdalene-119 plus ChristJesus-
      151 which equal the sum of 270, which is 10x 27-ego, or the
      completion of the union and beauty of ego and the flow of spirit
      through it, even demonstrated by the formula of 7x 27-ego which
      equals the components of the outflowing English wisdom-83 and
      prophecy-106 as 189, ie, ChristJesus-151 plus kabbalah-38]

      The last 5 letters of the English alphabet, letters which are
      actually `doubles' that imply the `10 commandments' and the alter of

      (plus 2 when considering the fact that 2 of the 5 letters explicitly
      double their force, double-u and xKS or X rendering 10+2 = 12)

      massive stones (5x stone-73 = 365 year, the central square in the
      massive 27x27 Kamea of Ego) erected on the barren Mount Eval and
      Golgotha) is brought and bears a death(=38) upon the seed-33 that
      announces the formation of `Eng. kabbalah-38', where now, after
      death, the germ-43 nourishes the formation of root-68.

      These two, germ and root, together (43+68) total `111', ie 3x our
      irrepressible `37' (mentioned elsewhere). More. When adding, apart
      from the root and germ, the 4 other members of growth (stem-57, leaf-
      24, flower-62 and fruit-74) prior to new seed, we arrive at the
      spirited expanse of 217, ie 108 + 1 + 108, where each 108 that
      contains 6 numbers (60, 72, 84, 90, 96 and 108) possessing powers of
      ten (ie ten multiplicands, each of which brings arrival to the cited
      number) that no other numbers possess (elaborated elsewhere). And of
      course 6+6 equals our encompassing number 12. 217 also equals 31
      (Eng. `male' ; 11th prime number) x 7 (4th prime number). We cannot
      but notice that 7x11 = 77-Christ.

      Also noticed is that the death-38-Eng. Kabbalah, mentioned above, as
      it is brought to seed-33 presents a formula of 38+33 = 71, where 71
      is the 20th prime number, that is also represented by the English
      20th letter, T, the ancient signature of the cross. Notice that the
      equilateral triangle of 20, ie Ä20 (210 volume, ie 10x the initial
      21 English alphabet letters) has a perimeter of 57, ie `Mary', 3x19,
      ie 3x resurrection ;

      "In all of your ways, know him and he will straighten your path."

      Continuing: These 4 vegetal aspects of 217 reference another
      spectacular realm and reward for `knowing him in all ways and he
      will straighten your path' because 6 x 26 (God) equals 156 (100 +
      the 7 ways of 8, 7x8 = 56). But these 6 spokes of the 26 (God)
      letters of the English alphabet have 2 portions in each, first, of 5
      letters, each a double of previously iterated letters, v, w, x, y,
      z, and second, the initial 21 letters, `a' through `u'. 6x21 = 126
      (100 + 26-God). Now, `spoke' is 66 (as is the word `woman') now
      added to the 36th (6x6) prime number 151-ChristJesus, we again reach
      our subject, 217.

      This constitutes a new generation of distinction but raised from the
      old Egypto-Hebrew kabbalah where its Hebrew words, wisdom-73 and
      prophecy-64 were held within a boundary not accessible through an
      unripe ego, encompassed by and summed for the total of the Hebrew
      kabbalah as 137. However, our Sophia, ChristJesus-151, took into
      himself kabbalah (English kabbalah-38 plus 151 equals the blossoming
      of 189, 7x27-ego) and released the spirit through the ripened ego,
      ie caused the flower and out-flow of wisdom and prophecy, filling
      the womb of the Earth (even MaryMagdalene) with its scheduled birth
      (MaryMagdalene-119 plus Eng. life-32 equal ChristJesus-151), even of
      life-spirit through the ego-womb (27+53) that equals 80 or 10x
      resurrection as `8' is. Notice that 53 is the 16th prime number
      where 16 has its 15 paths, the last of which presents us with 15+1
      that gematrically renders ChristJesus = 151.

      I recollect that Rudolf Steiner made brief allusion to the fact that
      a large failure of physical science was its negligence for not
      applying mathematics to the spaceless spirit by the use of negative
      numbers in contrast to the positive numbers applied to physical
      space or vice-versa.

      Notice these facts of English and number :
      ChristJesus = 151 (36th prime number) ;
      151 plus 38 = 189 (wisdom + prophecy) ;
      151 minus 38 = 113 (30th prime) ;
      113 (30th prime) and 127 (31st prime) contain 13 composite (not
      prime) numbers,
      .... the 6th composite, 119, of which equals `MaryMagdalene'
      .... the 7th and central composite, 120 is the volume of the Ä15,
      .... .... where the quality of `judgement' is
      .... .... expressed in the context of
      .... .... 3-female x 5 (2-male + 3-female) = 15 ;
      .... .... judgement again is borne out and stands as
      .... .... the apex of organization ;
      .... .... judge = 47, ie the 15th (3x5) prime number ;
      .... .... judgment = 94, ie 2x 47 ;
      .... .... Ä15 has a perimeter of 42, ie 6x7 ;
      .... the 13th and last composite (126, 6x21 letters) number in the
      .... .... span between 113 (30th prime) and 127 (31st prime),
      .... .... where 100 + 26-god equals 126 ; god-26 = 2x13

      38 minus 6 = 32 ; 32 equals `life' or `Eve' ;
      38 plus 6 = 44, the 4th path of the below cited 7 paths of 8 ; Judah-
      361 = seed-33, germ-68, root-43, stem-57, leaf-24, flower-62 and
      361 minus 151 = 210 ; 210 = volume of Ä20
      .... (`T' is 20th and ancient signature of the `cross')
      .... Ä20 has perimeter of 57, ie `Mary', 3x19 ;
      .... .... In the span across vegetal growth, the inner
      .... .... logic of the content Ä20 must be bridged to
      .... .... gain new seed for evolutionary reality, to wit:
      .... .... The equilateral triangle of base-20 can be treated
      .... .... much like a circle composed of 6 sections
      .... .... surrounding a 3 unit centroid or point,
      .... .... a 7th part. What we find is 3 alternating
      .... .... parts of 33, 3 alternating parts of 36, where
      .... .... both surround this centroid triangle of 3 units.

      361 = 19 x 19 ; 19 is the 8th prime and resurrective number ;
      361 = 302 (ie 151-ChristJesus x 2) + 59 (17th prime, Tov/TVB/good) ;
      361 = 210 (ie Ä20, Mary-57-perimeter) + 151-ChristJesus ;
      .... .... MaryMagdale-119 + Life/Eve-32 = ChristJesus-151
      .... .... Life = 32 = 2 x 16
      .... .... 16 + MaryMagdalene-119 + 16 = ChristJesus-151
      .... .... 16 + (59 + 1 + 59 = MaryMagdalene-119) + 16 = 151
      .... .... .... 59 + 1(60th body point) + 59 = 119 ; 60 = pure, word
      .... .... (29+1+29 = 59) + 1 + 59 = MaryMagdalene-119
      .... .... .... 29 + 1(30th body point) + 29 = 59 ; 29 = 10th tithe
      .... .... .... (14 + 1(15th) + 14 = 29) + 1 + 29 = 59 ; 59 = 17th
      .... .... As discerned, MaryMagdalene-119 bears within her central-
      axis body a quality represented by the ordinal number `60th' (pure-
      60, and word-60) ; she also bears a sub-axial joint position in the
      expanse of her wings at the ordinal number `30th' (30th prime = 113,
      at which 114 begins the 13 composite numbers in which is found, self-
      reflectively, the eminence and name of MaryMagdalene-119). More
      intensely and deeply, we find that MaryMagdalene-119 also contains
      an ordinal axial point at the 15th point [15 bears the spirit of:
      3x5 and Ä15, a volume of 120.] that finally bears the significance
      of `peace-30'.

      Likeness repels and opposites attract, where each are neutralized
      (destroyed) for the arousal and benefit of new creation.

      Notice that the sum of the perimeter of our previously mentioned
      3003 unit equilateral triangle with its base of 77 is 228. Very
      interesting for the fact that it revives again a process employed in
      the above referred to verse in the Old Testament that declares of
      God, "In all of your ways, know me and I will straighten your path."
      Prov. 3:5-6 (Heb. phrase = 1568 ; 56 = 7x8)

      Inclusive of `matter' and ChristJesus, the addition of the two
      perimeters of the two triangles, 228 + 228 equals `456'. This 456 is
      the result of the 4th union of mathematical and unmathematical
      calculation of the 7 ways of 8 (7x8=56) where `DRK' (as cited above)
      constitutes what is the Egypto-Hebrew word for `path' and which when
      winnowed by gematria from D-4, R-200, K-20 to 4+200+20 = 224 and
      2+2+4 we reach the resurrective number `8'. There are 7 ways of
      arriving at 8 (1+7, 2+6, etc). By unmathematically abutting any one
      of these `ways' of 8, a number (17, 26, 35, 44, 53, 62, and 71) is
      reached, upon which a mathematical operation is applied that leads
      to a picture forming this image:

      ...123...7 x 17 = 119 + 4....=...123
      ...234...9 x 26 = 234........=...234
      ...345...9 x 35 = 315 + 30...=...345
      ...456...10 x 44 = 440 + 16...=...456
      ...567...10 x 53 = 530 + 37...=...567
      ...678...10 x 62 = 620 + 58...=...678
      ...789...11 x 71 = 781 + 8....=...789

      The sum of the 77-based equilateral triangle is 3003.
      equals...189 (Eng. wisdom-83 + prophecy-106)

      These constitute the revealed 7 ways of `DRK'. What emerges is a
      pattern of `justification'.and equi-balance. In each equidistant
      direction from the central 5 in the 4th and middle way (456), one
      arrives, by the addition of the components, to the value of 10, that
      is tithed or given to God.

      One can discover certain intriguing results about these numbers, for
      example that the result of `234' is reached by no additional amount
      than that of MULTIPLYING the unmathematically found 26 (2 abutted to
      6, forming 26, the number of Heb. YHVH or Eng. God) BY the feminine
      9; to wit 9 x 26 = 234.

      The remaining results are found by a multiplication of the
      unmathematical (1 to 7 = 17, 3 to 5 = 35, 4 to 4 = 44 etc), then the
      distribution of a portion of the proverbial `153' to those `6' ways;
      153 being the number of fish found in the sea under the auspices of
      ChristJesus (who has risen like the 8 petals of the lotus blossom
      from the productive underwaters of DaRKness for consumption in the
      light of day).

      But lets return to the 4th and middle way of 456. We have found that
      the perimeter of the equilateral triangle (total units: 3003) with
      its base of 77 is 228. This 228 is exactly one half of 456, where
      456 serves as a path of equipoise between the polarities of 2 such
      equilateral triangles each with a 77-base and perimeter of 228. (By-
      the-by, 2 of these triangles crossed upon each other brings the 6-
      pointed star or the 2-dimensional image of the 3-dimensional cube.)

      Therefore we have 77 as Christ and 77 as matter, and the Union of
      Spirit and Matter, Idea and Percept in the formation of the 7 ways
      of 8 (7x8 = 56). But we also have in that perimeter of 228 the
      factor of 3x76, where `3' signals the work of the woman in
      manifestation, but where 76 is the axis-centroid body of the
      spiritual being of ChristJesus and His expanse of 75 + 1(76th point)
      + 75 = 151.

      "In all of your ways, know him and he will straighten your path."
      (Proverbs 3:5-6 ; Heb. phrase = 1568)

      One remaining insight concerning the ways of 8 is that its 7th way,
      indicated above with its result of 789, is also a result of an
      equilateral triangle with a base composed of the 22nd prime number,
      79. This number 22 is the total limit of consonants in the ancient
      alphabet of our Egypto-Hebrew sires and, in an obscured way, of our
      English sires; for the English 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th
      letters are a gathering of 5 permutations of letters as one added to
      the prior 21. It is this venue through which our postulations in the
      spaceless realm are voiced (as through a mouth) and organized in the
      spacial world.

      But this equilateral triangle of base-79 is again interesting for
      its perimeter (234) is the total sum of the 2nd way, God-26, who now
      in the 2nd way of 8, entered himself in these 7 ways of 8, ie
      entered into the womb of the woman(=66 = 3x22) of 3x3, 9, as 9x26,
      234. This is demonstrative of the first and the last, for the first
      prime (2 is the first prime number) is the 2nd way to 8, and the
      last prime (7 is the 4th prime number in the limit of 8) is the 7th
      way, each (2 and 7) being a single-unit number from the beginning
      (1) and the end (8).

      At this point a piece of harmony should be pointed out for future
      reference which is that this 234 with each of its numbers cubed
      (2x2x2=8 + 3x3x3=27 + 4x4x4=64) equals the sum of `thought' ie `99'.

      However, to continue, the pyramid of 8 layers, being only composed
      of prime numbers and a base composed of the units of the
      resurrective 8th prime number, ie 19, aggregates to the sum of 77-
      Christ and/or 77-matter.

      But more; the perimeter of this pyramid (that is only composed of
      prime numbers, from the first prime, 2 to the 8th prime,19)
      aggregates to 54. What is this 54 ? It is the numeric counterpart to
      the phenomena of `love' that emotes predominantly today through our
      conscious theaters without much serious reasoning, but it is
      somewhat `chained' or retained (some say prostituted) in the theater
      of productive darkness (cohabiting in all relationships); as
      though `love' should not but in shame become knowingly consumable in
      the light of day. Well then, can we at least acknowledge that `love'
      is the force of attraction, holding together what is repelled in
      opposition, even dark and light, of such as spirit and matter, idea
      and percept ? How did our fore-sires interleave this concept `love'
      into the organization of reality, light and sound ? Love's numeric
      value `54' is reached numerically in this way, 12+15+22+5. But its
      relation to word and pure, ie 60 is profound for 60 divided by
      1.1111111... equals 54. What is this 1.111111, but what modern
      calculus does not conceive but impeded by its Leibnitz/Newton's
      assuming-concept of .00000...1; but we when seeking to verify their
      mathematical Pi (3.141592654...) we find it is unverifiable and
      incorrect. But not that of the more ancient Pi as
      3.1462643699419723.... (the addition of the root of 2 and the root
      of 3) now not even imagined by the modern `calculus'.

      The verification process begins by taking a cube of edge 2 whose
      base diagonal (2x 1.414213562373...) plus Volume Diagonal (2x
      1.7320508075688772...) equals 6.29252874, and verify both PI Values:

      Verification of PI Value of the currently predominant science of
      mathematics is 3.141592654........
      (3.141592654...x 1.1111..) : 6.29252874 = .554730641...
      .554730641 x 2 = 1.109461282 = less than 1.1111111....

      (but lost in the current view of contemporary science)
      of ancient geometric PI Value 3.14626437....
      (3.14626437 x 1.1111...) : 6.29252874 = .55555555
      .55555555555 x 2 = 1.11111111 = exactitude.

      Therewith, we continue, with 2 of these equilateral triangles of
      base-19 totalling 77 each, one of Christ, the other of `matter', we
      find that each projects a perimeter of love-54 binding as well as
      repelling each to the other, for discernment of their distinction
      requires the repel of individuated identity. We also find that this
      sum of 77 added to the other results in 154, which is obviously 100
      plus 54.

      We know that love carries 54; that 60 divided by 1.111111... equals
      54, but perhaps at another time we may raise to light what is
      carried in the matrices of 100 (100 divided by 1.11111... = 90) as
      well as 60. However, we can show that when these separate perimeters
      are united at any one common point their total sum is not 154, but
      of the 153 fish of the sea, brought out of the productive dark into
      consumptive light.

      So much from the little `limitations of language'.

      Regards, Nuchamber
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