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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Enlivening Anthroposophy

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  • dottie zold
    Hi Juliana, I can say that I was surprised my first event and I remember thinking this is so dry. I remember thinking if any of my friends came they would not
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      Hi Juliana,

      I can say that I was surprised my first event and I
      remember thinking this is so dry. I remember thinking
      if any of my friends came they would not want to try
      it again as it was too dry. And some anthroposophists
      might say 'well, they have to stick it through, these
      things are not easy', and even 'well maybe its not for
      them'. But I think it is something more than those
      excusese. And at the same time I want to honor those
      that are endeavoring to share something and then at
      the same time it seems something new is about. And it
      has been my experience that when it was seen what that
      something new that was about people wanted more of it.
      And it has to do with creatively working in the world.

      There is something about not just looking to see what
      anthroposophists need in anthroposophy but really what
      the people of our world need. We need to sense into
      what is needed in the world in the way I think
      Benjamin Franklin did. He sensed into what each of
      these various groups needed and he sought an answer.
      He was intellectually curious about the world about
      the spirit about the natives and how he could be a
      part of his short time here on earth to make things
      better or to at the very least offer up what he was
      learning to the wider world. And to me this is what
      anthroposphists need to do right now.

      I was just reading Diana, 'we find ourselves holding
      hands with the apes, our ancestors' Winters, and I
      thought 'oh she is so old song, old story'. I was
      reading a new offering by David Dodd who has this
      mishmashed website, trying to look inoculous, speaking
      about the 'dangers of anthroposophy' and I had two
      thoughts 'one we must be about to get jiggy with it'
      and two, 'they actually don't realize that when they
      share what they share about Steiner, thinking it is
      something bad, it actually goes to show something good
      for normal thinking people, who do have spirit
      questions abounding in their consciousness.

      So in order to meet this challenge I think the impulse
      of the movement must find a way to work and listen in
      to the youngers as they also work and listen in to the
      elders. But in order to move forward we have to
      recognize that their is this judgement across the
      board about 'how we do anthroposophy'.

      The good news is that on the ground, away from the
      internet I have really encountered the youngers and
      the elders that want to work together. The elders are
      saying 'let's get it on already'. And it is going to
      take the young people to take heart and even if all
      they get is looks in the beginning to keep moving
      forward, there are those that will support them, they
      just have to notice who is nodding in agreement.

      A new way of doing art, a new way of involving the
      community, a new way of interelating with other groups
      trying to do similar things, networking for God's
      sake:) And no, it's not going to be perfect but it is
      going to be your offering. I think we do need content,
      I think it is very important, but we also have to have
      creative art as well, we do have to have areas where
      we can talk about our disagreements in front of each
      other versus in our little circles of people who agree
      with us. The Carriers Conference was incredible in its
      nature of disagreement but being okay with them.

      I think sometimes that I could see Rudolf Steiner
      himself bored with a few things. I can see him as the
      director going 'no, no! you must bring 'life' into it,
      you must 'breathe life' into what you are doing!
      Breathe! Smile! Live! Dance! Study with others but in
      a living way, find a living way that when others come
      into the room they will not wonder about these long
      faces. :)

      My experience of Anthroposophists are that they are
      very sincere and also very serious for the most part.
      And I love their sincerity, it inspires me to listen.
      I trust them. I trust that they really care. And I
      also trust that a new time is upon us. And that it is
      time to see how we help the next generation breathe
      life into Anthroposophy. They have been well guided in
      the spiritual worlds and we must meet them with
      enthusiasm and love and support. We must recognize
      these young people and give them an opportunity to
      bring their hearts longings to the world and to
      anthroposophy. We shouldn't miss out on this
      opportunity, we should know that it is indeed about.

      But I do say, it will be up to the youngers to make
      their stand. And they should know we want them to run
      with it and that we will support them in what they are
      trying to make theirs.

      All good things,

      > Even because today it is not necessary to have so
      > much 'content' of representations... I 'believe'
      > (yet).
      > People go there looking for something, then they do
      > not understand what is happening. Others are happy,
      > they do not feel something is missing but things are
      > dead - dead words passing from "ear to mouth". And
      > in some places this is the only way to be in contact
      > with part of the anthroposophical content - you are
      > not allowed to read it, you MUST hear these things
      > in the dead way. Something curious but of course
      > unconscious, we know.
      > Then this lost people start think about go away
      > because there is nothing alive anymore. It is
      > serious and sad.
      > Juliana
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      > Subject: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Enlivening
      > Anthroposophy
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      > The fundamentalist, the 'I know and you need to
      > listen
      > to me' and the 'if you haven't studied for thirty
      > years keep your mouth shut', also the
      > conspiracists
      > who divide us because we do not see it their way,
      > have
      > got to consider their actions and the affect it is
      > having on the movement and its growth. They might
      > think its the others that are the problem and I
      > would
      > challenge them to look and see how many of their
      > family and friends hearken unto what they have to
      > share about Anthroposophy. Anthroposophy is
      > actually
      > not that hard to share once one finds a
      > relationship
      > to and that then leads to the wider world of
      > friends
      > just looking for thoughts on spirit work. The
      > world is
      > craving this right now and anthroposophists have
      > got
      > to find a way to get themselves out of the way and
      > let
      > the work be creative and flowing.
      > My thoughts on this Tuesday morn,
      > Dottie

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    • oealan
      ... I am not sure if I want to read on :( :( Love Adrian ... Hello Adrian. Personally, between translations and the time period, I wouldn t put any merit to
      Message 104 of 104 , Sep 13 4:40 AM
        >>> Having children `at our disposal for demonstration'!!!!!

        I am not sure if I want to read on :( :(

        Love Adrian


        Hello Adrian. Personally, between translations and the time period, I
        wouldn't put any merit to the words "at our disposal". Could be as
        well you're simply not interested in reading on, which is fine of

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