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RE: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Prejudice (was: Spiritual Science from....)

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  • dottie zold
    ... Hey Mike, I want to say that it can actually be seen not as wasting time if we look what we gain from it relationship wise. I think relationship is highly
    Message 1 of 104 , Sep 4, 2006
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      Mike T:
      > Ok Tarjie,
      > I don't know why mountains have to be made out of
      > mole hills and why even
      > the most simple of notions requires a huge input of
      > time wasting
      > proportions.

      Hey Mike,

      I want to say that it can actually be seen not as
      wasting time if we look what we gain from it
      relationship wise. I think relationship is highly
      underrated when we have these types of different
      opinions on things that were taken differently than
      what we had intended. I think the Parsifal path is
      about getting to the nooks and crannies of those
      places hidden within us that really only come out in
      our thoughts on things, or actions on things.

      Although it can be seen that you were just making a
      statement about how you are bothered by these guru
      type of people who can be seen as credible by some and
      exploitative by others, who also can be seen as
      hurting the cause of spiritual science by their hokey
      pokey thing they got going on, it really allows us to
      find a way to deepen our understanding as to how one
      can be perceived outwardly even if in ones own mind it
      seems to be the antithesis of what one believes or
      holds to be true, fe, you just making a comment and it
      being blown out of proportion.

      I really want to encourage people to try what I do
      when speaking about events that happen throughout the
      day when we would usually say 'yeah and then this
      black guy came by and...' or 'yeah and then this
      mexican started hollering'. I tell you that to keep
      color and nationality out of it is actually really
      hard because we have been conditioned to see the
      differences in our humanity through color in a way;
      color seems to divide us because that is what our
      parents taught us and their parents taught them and so

      And I think the thought on Christ being a fighter and
      so forth is a good thing to look at. My experience of
      Christ is that He actually asks us to be as
      compassionate as he. That is our own personal fight,
      to be as compassionate as He. He has said 'forgive
      them Father for they know not what they do' and these
      his dying words. For me they are magnanimous not only
      for those human beings who stood under the cross but
      for those of the angelic realm to behold as well: for
      that Christ does not ask that those below him meet
      hell and brimstone for their actions, and He one of
      all Whom did nothing to deserve this, what do we dare
      to ask in His name?

      For me Christ, and I've had a personal experience of
      this, asks us to be as compassionate as He towards
      others. And as we know mostly towards those that
      seemingly do the opposite of what He has called us
      for. He came and showed us the way through Love. I
      believe we do show our own selves to be of an
      adversarial nature when we do anything that counters
      that message of Love that he brought.

      And yeah, its a very hard path to walk. Reading The
      Speech of the Grail we can become aware of this
      Parsifal path on an intimate level within our own
      personal journeys. There is this arrogance of 'I know'
      when what is called for is 'I surrender': the complete
      opposite of what we think we are supposed to be doing.

      I have taken on a practice to help me work consciously
      in the spiritual world with the Angels. I call them
      the A Team. I'm on the A Team I decided because I find
      I can't find my own team, although a few I have found,
      that has the will to carry forth this rejuvenation of
      the anthroposophical society, this getting past
      divisions, the calling it 'dead' and so forth. So, in
      working this out with a friend of mine after having
      read Adam Bittleston's book 'Our Spiritual
      Companions', I found myself realizing that although I
      and we can feel surrounded by the Angels and the
      Hierarchical Beings, they are silent, or maybe it is
      that I am silent as I do not know their language in a
      way. But once I decided to contemplate I am on their
      team, the A team, a team with the same desires to be
      of service to the whole, my thinking starts to inter
      elate with them on this idea 'we are on the same team,
      they are my team, and I am their team'.

      So, so so so so, I find myself in conversation with
      Them and I say 'hey, I don't know how the hell to do
      this'. And they say 'hey, it' pretty easy actually.
      And I say 'hey, no its not, it's invisible' and it's
      lonely.' They say 'it's not lonely because we are
      here'. And I say 'yes it is lonely because I can't see
      you, and you are not a part of this physical world in
      the way other physical beings are.' And they say
      'well, we can't fall to close to this world, you must
      reach up, but we are still here with you.' And I say
      but that doesn't change the physical part of this
      loneliness that does not feel like I am on a team.'
      And then they say 'but it's not lonely' and I say 'yes
      it is, you can not see it as you are not physical and
      don't understand this feeling'. And they say 'but we
      are here' and I say 'AND...' And in truth at this
      point they can say no more because they can not cross
      into the physical world to understand. And they
      realize that and feel for man in the depths of their
      souls in the manner they can.

      I talk to another friend and she tells me how every
      morning she says as she is getting out of bed 'Here I
      Am'. It calls me to immediate attention of the
      spiritual world, the angelic realm. When I do this I
      have to say there is something magical in the way
      suddenly I do not wake with the pessimistic doubtful
      thoughts that seem to be mine recently. I mean saying
      'Here I Am' has this amazing ability to call one to
      attention. My friend said that it works along the line
      of this Christ connection because we are using His
      Name 'I AM'. And it is a way of inwardly connecting us
      to the Christ in us in a conscious manner.

      So the idea of fighting is a different understanding
      in human terms than it is in spiritual terms I think.
      And yes although we are physical we are called to rise
      to our highest selves and purify our astral bodies
      that are connected to our ever growing I Am. Purifying
      these thoughts and these desires from a human
      perspective and getting them in line with a spiritual
      perspective is really hard. Anyone who thinks he has
      it down or that it is easy is not really dealing with
      the hidden parts of him/herself I would think. The
      more I understand about the shadow and how it evades
      our consciousness the more I understand why man still
      sleeps although he thinks he is awake.

      All good things to everyone,

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    • oealan
      ... I am not sure if I want to read on :( :( Love Adrian ... Hello Adrian. Personally, between translations and the time period, I wouldn t put any merit to
      Message 104 of 104 , Sep 13, 2006
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        >>> Having children `at our disposal for demonstration'!!!!!

        I am not sure if I want to read on :( :(

        Love Adrian


        Hello Adrian. Personally, between translations and the time period, I
        wouldn't put any merit to the words "at our disposal". Could be as
        well you're simply not interested in reading on, which is fine of

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