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RE: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Spiritual Science from a slightly different angle.

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  • dottie zold
    Hi Mike, I think that s the point Mike: anthroposophy IS on the same footing and can t consider itself not to be. That is what Dr. Steiner says in his book The
    Message 1 of 104 , Sep 3, 2006
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      Hi Mike,

      I think that's the point Mike: anthroposophy IS on the
      same footing and can't consider itself not to be. That
      is what Dr. Steiner says in his book The
      Anthroposophical Movement.

      I think on this list, with Tarjei and a few others it
      was really and is really important that we do not
      allow our human thinking that can be prejudiced in
      many ways to speak for Rudolf Steiner's work. This
      list was forged to make clear that distinction in some
      ways it seems. So, when you said something about 'go
      back to your own country' to some who want to make
      problems it can seem that you are being prejudiced. In
      the US everyone is so ready for the race card that
      just about anything can be considered racist.

      It's also about language I have found. Today when I
      speak I usually leave out whether it was a white man
      or a black man or whathaveyou. I have to actually be
      very conscientious of doing so because I can realize,
      or have realized within me the question 'why am I
      differentiating what color the man was or what country
      he is from'. That is the question that was posed to
      myself about five or so years ago. And in that I find
      myself walking Michael's path. I find people almost
      waiting to find out 'was he black or white or russian
      or mexican'. It's actually really interesting to leave
      it out knowing it doesn't matter unless of course you
      are using it for a description of a person you are
      looking for, or if you want to show some type of
      relations from one to the other for enlightment

      So, its like if instead of saying the 'third rate
      gurus from India' you could've said the third rate
      gurus lining the streets. It doesn't really matter in
      truth where they came from just that they are
      exploiting others. Now someone wanting to make trouble
      could've said 'oh yeah, is it the color of the skin of
      those gurus that bother you' and you get to respond,
      'hey, they show themselves to be gurus that are
      exploiting people, does it matter what country they
      came from'? It takes time to get the race out of the
      coversation or the country out of the conversation, it
      really does. But I think it a worthy one.

      And for me I align with Tarjei, although it can be
      kinda tight, when he will speak up for a color blind
      society, I think that is in keeping with our teacher.
      To me when Rudolf Steiner spoke on race it was to do
      so from a cultural understanding and not something to
      do with the color of his skin. The critics over there
      in the hole can find a quote here and there but
      that's about it. They ignore the absolute mountains of
      material speaking to the necessity for a color blind
      society and that we should not be alarmed that this
      would take away their different capacities. I just
      came across this very thing in How To Know Higher
      Worlds: in order for man to move forward he must take
      nationality and race out of the equation. That is what
      appealed to me having grown up in a very racist
      society here in America.

      But again I do want to say that it is really important
      we get away from this we and them: Rudolf Steiner
      speaks of this explicitely in The Anthroposophical
      Movement of 1923.

      All good things to you Mike,

      --- Mike T <leosun_75@...> wrote:

      > If you continue to want to heckle people they will
      > all leave. Some thoughts
      > don't have to be unprejudiced. Anthroposophy is not
      > on equal footing with
      > the rest and you know that and I shouldn't have to
      > defend it to someone who
      > considers themselves as an Anthroposophist.
      > I wonder what you convuluted mind will come up with
      > next.
      > Miek T
      > >From: Tarjei Straume <straume@...>
      > >Reply-To: anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com
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      > >Subject: RE: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Spiritual
      > Science from a slightly
      > >different angle.
      > >Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2006 23:29:52 +0200
      > >
      > >At 22:11 01.09.2006, you wrote:
      > >
      > > >The Light (from Dornach) always attracts the
      > flies. Each time I went
      > > >to Dornach, I would see these third rate Indian
      > Holinessess and
      > > >Gurus's peddling their trade through posters on
      > Bill Boards in
      > > >Dornach. I always thought - why don't they go
      > back to India. You can
      > > >tell I have nothing but distain for these people.
      > >
      > >In that case, anthroposophists and theosophists in
      > India of European
      > >origin should go back to Europe and stop peddling
      > their
      > >Western-infected occultism in Asia. Everybody
      > should go back to where
      > >they came from, and if they don't know where that
      > is (or was), they
      > >should check out where their ancestors came from
      > and go there.
      > >Reverse migrations. All white Americans go back to
      > Europe, all blacks
      > >go back to Africa, all Arab Muslims go back to
      > Pakistan and
      > >Afghanistan, white South Africans to Holland and
      > the UK, and
      > >Scandinavians would eventually head for Northern
      > India whence they
      > >once came before all that ice began to melt up here
      > in the North. And
      > >those who don't know where they came from should be
      > confined to
      > >provisionary camps until they learn to refresh
      > their cosmic memories.
      > >After that, we can all sit down in the mud and
      > express mutual distain
      > >just for fun, playing spiders, flies, wasps, ants,
      > mosquitos, and
      > >cockroaches.
      > >
      > >Tarjei.
      > >
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    • oealan
      ... I am not sure if I want to read on :( :( Love Adrian ... Hello Adrian. Personally, between translations and the time period, I wouldn t put any merit to
      Message 104 of 104 , Sep 13, 2006
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        >>> Having children `at our disposal for demonstration'!!!!!

        I am not sure if I want to read on :( :(

        Love Adrian


        Hello Adrian. Personally, between translations and the time period, I
        wouldn't put any merit to the words "at our disposal". Could be as
        well you're simply not interested in reading on, which is fine of

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