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Some Blue cheese from Harvey

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  • Mike helsher
    Consider Rilke, at 18, what his fertile blue-cheese-like imagination offers, when he writes in the Notebooks of Malta Laurids Brigge, of the creation of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 23, 2006
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      "Consider Rilke, at 18, what his fertile "blue-cheese-like"
      imagination offers, when he writes in the Notebooks of Malta Laurids
      Brigge, of the creation of the Ork. And this we surf in copious, well-
      blurred paraphrase: "I observe an expression of tired meaninglessness
      take a hold of their countenance, how it reduces their light, and so
      their face wears "thin as a paper bag, till finally, there looms at
      last, the terrifying No-Face". Altogether Alchemical bleach, which
      describes in but a glance some act of interior strip-mining, the utter
      depersonalization, and the loss of ability to gather, harbor and
      reflect light, hence also the light of self-expression. Prior to this,
      we all had to figure this out in the contemplation of the archetype of
      the Vampire, the Nosferatu, also defrocked of all psychic connectivity
      to Devachanic access, as the Daylight-Phobic One, repelled by the
      image of a cross where space and time are cross-haired, riveted into
      the Now, flitting, earthless, anchorless shade who is not honored
      with a Divine Essence, Ring-Wraith'd, hence failing such metaphysical
      substance as a soul, utterly fails capability to manifest a
      reflection in a mirror."


      This idea of "the terrirfying no-face" has always rocked my world,
      because I had repeated nightmares about such things when I was a kid.

      Doesn't take a genius to find a face like this in a crowd. but I have
      seen allot of interested faces and glowing eyes as well lately.

      Where this idea scares me a bit is when thinking of a bigger picture:
      like corporate owned media for instance. For profit Organizations
      don't gerenaly look at themselves as a whole, but only the bottom
      line - and the charts and numbers that point to such. But "we the
      people" get a picture of the world through such organizations - that
      cast no reflection of themselves. But instead SELL US as audiences to
      their customers. And in the process, create a culture that sucks the
      life blood out of those who can be bought and sold.

      Being "bought and sold" is akin to SLAVERY, though in a much more
      passive agressive psychologically induced way, these days.

      Another bigger, and even scarier idea hits me when I think of "we the
      people" as a nation, which casts no reflection of itself in the
      mirror, but instead plays propaganda and big-band ballon tunes while
      marching, or chearing for the home team - "and the band played on."

      I usually chringe when I see Bush's face flapping on the TV, but to
      think of the "terrifying no face" which lives under his snickering
      smirking face-mask is a bit chilling.

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