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Re: Abraham Lincoln's Sophia

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  • Mike helsher
    ... Sweet stuff Dottie thanks, A few years ago I did a course called the Destiny of Abraham Lincoln http://www.onlinehumanities.com/courses/100.html Abraham
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 21, 2006
      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, dottie zold
      <dottie_z@...> wrote:
      > Well, I thought to copy a bit from the link below.
      > Closer to the bottom is the Sophia experience I am
      > speaking about regarding this young ladies death.
      > In looking at the greatness of the man and the timing
      > thereof so close to the incoming birth of Rudolf
      > Steiner it just seems to me that we are dealing with
      > something really specific on a spiritual front that
      > has not been looked at. It seems to me that this is
      > one of the primary important moments that define the
      > spirit of a man who pulls himself from no education to
      > an extraordinary effort of one's own self education
      > that I am not sure exists anywhere as incredible as it
      > does in the life of this man Abraham Lincoln. It's
      > almost as if life dared him to keep going. That
      > sensitive spirit within him seemed just dared to keep
      > going against all odds. And it seems that it was
      > something extraordinary that kept him together.

      > It's funny too looking at the pictorial book I have
      > where one can see a picture of him in 1861 and then
      > one four years later and it is clear we are looking at
      > death before it happens. The forces are at their end.
      > I bought the book because I was struck by one of the
      > pictures there in that is a direct picture of someone
      > living today. I am struck by the thought of what
      > Abraham Lincoln's next step in a reincarnated life
      > would be. It leads me to wonder who he was in a past
      > life as well. I do not believe the greatness of this
      > man has been surpassed by any of history. His great
      > love for his fellow man and his willingness to take a
      > stand for love seems unsurpassed in all that I have
      > read of him and others.

      Sweet stuff Dottie thanks,

      A few years ago I did a course called "the Destiny of Abraham


      "Abraham Lincoln belongs to the very best that the United States has
      contributed to the furtherance of Humankind. What sort of man was
      required to heal the split in the national soul caused by the
      institutionalization of slavery in our Constitution? How can
      Lincoln's life be instructive in your own life? How does the crisis
      he faced relate to the world today? Lincoln was influenced by the
      life of Washington, the Bible and Shakespeare. What have been great
      influences on your life? Have you had experiences in your own life
      that you could describe as "predestined?" Do you know what Lincoln
      meant by his "Friend down inside' of himself?" The course has no pre-
      requisites except the ability to think and write in English. Anyone
      interested in history and wisdom will benefit a great deal from this

      To me it is an unorthodox example of some kind of Divine order,
      stepping into human history at a crucial moment

      I was struck by the dream that he had had, just prior to his
      assasination, and his uncustomary "good bye" remark, to a close
      friend just before heading off to the theater.

      Also, a study of the character of John wilks Booth, in comparison to
      that of Abe is quite tell-taling, I think, for those who have
      curiosity as to introspection.

      I remember being glued to his Biography more so than any other story
      that I had ever read, and moved even more deeply by the fact that it
      was (more or less) a true story - The Heart of the American Souls
      biograhpy. And it had nothing really to do with Harvard or Yale.

      "We must disenthrall ourselves."


      PS. watch this trailer if you haven't seen the movie yet
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