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Re: Adolf or Rudolf? (was: Hebrews)

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  • holderlin66
    The quality with which he impregnated the spiritual atmosphere of the Earth is a force by which the ego, by its own efforts, can re- open the spiritual gates.
    Message 1 of 146 , Aug 2, 2006
      "The quality with which he impregnated the spiritual atmosphere of
      the Earth is a force by which the ego, by its own efforts, can re-
      open the spiritual gates. 'I am the Light of the World' means 'I am
      the first to give expression to the ''I am'' and the impulse for

      Bradford comments;

      In these series of posts on the Hebrews we drew attention to the Age
      of Light and 1899 and the Dawning of the Age of Light. We drew
      attention to the thrust that most people knew something was coming,
      something big was coming. I drew attention to all those who felt
      this light arises and felt that the crack under the door of this
      light that was arising could be approached through Quantum Mechanics
      on one side, or the Etheric Christ Event on the other side. I drew
      attention to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and Einstein and
      hundreds of others who felt that the light was at the door. They
      felt the light bursting just behind the door. It was the Etheric
      World of the Christ Light that Steiner dealt with directly and
      Quantum Mechanics thinkers dealt with by not opening the door, but
      by doing experiments to test what was trying to come in under the
      crack of the door. Light, Edison, the Light bulb. Light, cinema,
      film, microwave...popcorn and popping as an inward principle can be
      applied to the popping of radical cracking of sterotypes and souls
      who would normally be ethnically challeneged, blasted, destroyed and
      obliterated sterotypes and we have given examples of Mel Brooks and
      Woody Allen.

      How do we learn to think with Spiritual Science, we learn to think
      with Spiritual Science by understanding the force of Light that
      arises in the first Three Years of childhood and the force of light
      that sustains the etheric world. We learn to think with Spiritual
      Science by revealing unique thought fields that haven't been
      considered. We prove that a force of Light was arising, was
      springing into the world and dawning with the rise of the Etheric
      Christ and we link this dawning and force offered to mankind, with
      the dawning of the Age of Light from the closing of the Dark Ages.
      We know that with Quantum Mechanics a whole group of scientists were
      standing at the door, looking at the powerful light coming from
      under the crack of the door...but only Steiner opened the door and
      let that light in directly.

      Now what are we going to do with our research and our legacy from
      Dr. Steiner?

      "Until one achieves a sufficient background through contemplative
      study of a variety of anthroposophical concepts and makes the effort
      to allow these concepts to create the inner organs for further work,
      these initial studies can be overwhelming in their complexity and
      seem quite dry. For that reason, this book can be most helpful,
      because Steiner relates the entire subject matter to the human soul,
      to observations and experiences we share as human beings. These can
      help us find an inner strength to begin to take anthroposophy more
      deeply into our own soul life.

      "The first chapter begins with a description of how, in the first
      three years of life, the higher self in each of us works to
      establish three capacities. Unlike the animals, we learn to orient
      our body in space in a way that is not innate or instinctual. Next,
      we learn the use of language; and then comes the ability to work
      with thoughts, with ideas. Thus, in the time before we are aware of
      our "I", we have already done our wisest work on ourselves. If,
      however, our higher, divine self continued to work in this way, we
      would remain as children and not have the possibility of freedom.
      This active working must fall away as we achieve our own self-
      consciousness, which is constantly subject to the lure of pride and
      deceit, but which also gives us the possibility of self-development.
      Indeed, if the higher self lived within us in our present
      constitution for longer than three years, our body would die. In the
      same way, when the cosmic Christ entered the body of Jesus during
      the baptism in the Jordan, it could live even in this special human
      body for only three years."


      "It was the Luciferic forces that put man on the downward path but
      it was also the Luciferic forces that gave man his first feeling of
      self. However, he did not become fully self-conscious immediately at
      the time of the Fall. We may compare the development with human
      growth. The child has an ego but in the earliest years it has no
      capacity of self-direction. When it begins to say 'I' at about the
      age of three, it is beginning to differentiate between itself and
      the rest of the world but still not really consciously. Only in
      adulthood is full awareness of 'I am an I' experienced. Humanity
      follows the same pattern."

    • Deborah
      Bootlicker? I thought the theme of the week was sock sucking (I adore alliteration). Deborah
      Message 146 of 146 , Aug 6, 2006
        Bootlicker? I thought the theme of the week was sock sucking (I adore

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        > Fire wrote:
        > >Careful ! You will get bootpolish poisoning from all that licking..
        > So I'm a bootlicker now - Well, what do you know - :)
        > Tarjei
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