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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Adolf or Rudolf? (was: Hebrews)

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  • dottie zold
    ... The world over it can be found that antisemites and racist people in general populate the world. They join many organizations and many times keep their
    Message 1 of 146 , Aug 1, 2006
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      > >Tragedy isn't fun, to be rigorously honest and
      > >doomed? What would Diana say? What would the
      > >Vorstand say about some Anti-semite Anthro...?
      > >What would the Vorstand say about Vreede, Stein,
      > >Wegman, Tomberg, Jens Ingvald Bj?oe all
      > >daring ideas but not acceptable, not something
      > >that good christians should associate with.
      > >Better watch it the Vorstand is gonna gettcha.
      > >OH...MY... I suppose Tarjei imagines that
      > >Steiner isn't the most dangerous philsopher?

      The world over it can be found that antisemites and
      racist people in general populate the world. They join
      many organizations and many times keep their personal
      twisted anti Christic way of being in the closet. That
      is until they find another like themselves entering
      into to their sacred space. I think this is what we
      have going on here at AT in a way.

      We have Mr. Mason who makes a showing. Well, Joel
      brought him here and with Joel came a story by Ms.
      Gordienko and others which was well funded and founded
      by a man who works to show that the Holocaust was not
      as bad as it seems. From this we have Mr. Mason bring
      Mr. Bondarev which then brings Stephen Hale fully out
      of the closet. Which then also brings Bradford Riley
      out of the closet in protection of Mr. Hale to such an
      extent it can be wondered what are Bradford
      inclinations. Although they do seem to be a bit
      separate from the antisemites and have more to do with
      putting the screws to anything he considers is looked
      at as an authority. I guess he fails to remember that
      it was the new initiate of the 20th century that set
      it up in the first place for good or bad, just as it
      was he who took on the karma of the Society for good
      or bad.

      So, we now have some racist, because of religious
      thinking, people showing their faces and thinking that
      it has nothing to do with race but it obviously does
      when we use terms like 'greedy jews' 'they get what
      they deserve' and the 'holocaust wasn't that bad'. Or
      even Jews dressing as Arabs to bomb the country. And
      the people saying these things can't see where it
      crosses the boundaries into racism. And then they use
      Rudolf Steiner to propel their own feelings, and it is
      feelings, into the world where he gets caught in this
      ugliness of twisted thinking that shows no objectivety
      in any form. It's just twisted within.

      But the interesting thing is what can be done about
      it. And I think really nothing in some ways. I mean
      this is a world problem not an Anthroposophy problem.
      It really is. It is everywhere. There is no teaching
      of this type of thing in Anthroposophy just as there
      is no teaching of this in Christianity yet it is
      perceived to be there by fundamentalist Christians.
      Hale and others are fundamental Christians who have
      found Anthroposophy and make it meet their ways of
      thinking. Anyone can do that. Just as Dugan and
      company have made it meet their thinking of certain
      thing which they then brand as racism and nazism.
      Staudenamier is not even thinking he's just an
      intellectual automatum that pulls ideas together and
      makes them fit into his anti Christian way of
      thinking. Again, Anthroposophy is not what he is
      really targeting its that people have a spiritual
      outlook and he thinks there is nothing beyond this
      world after death. So he uses Anthroposophy to prove
      it. If he can prove Anthroposophy is racist he can do
      the same thing but not pin it on Rudolf Steiner, next
      time he shall pin it on Christ Jesus. That's his gig.

      Bradford's mouth has become a cannon. And that does
      not bode well for him nor for Anthroposophy. But truly
      he has always been that way. He's a cannon calling
      other people out of name according to his own wants
      and desires. He fails to see the sentient dysfunction
      behaviour that is hurting not only himself but also
      others who care deeply about moving the Movement
      forward. And we know he cares by how much he rails
      about cotton anthros and so forth. Problem is he is
      digging a hole for others to enter into versus
      climbing out of. And he doesn't care because he is who
      he is damn it and aint' nobody going to reason with
      that. It's the Popey 'I am what I ams' syndrom going
      on that is used the world over by people who make
      excuses for the things they do when they are unwilling
      ot change.

      The Vorstand has a responsibility to not allow an
      antisemite to speak on behalf of Anthroposophy. It is
      there responsibility and I am sure they took it
      gravely. I am sure that was a very hard decision to
      make. They knew that the opponents of Anthroposophy
      would have a field day and then they also knew that
      those who found themselves in line with that type of
      thinking would give the opponents what they needed to
      prove Anthroposophy was racist. But as their teacher
      Rudolf Steiner 'erred' in stopping to help the
      security guard who was felled at the doorstep of the
      Goetheanum and he put his task to helping him first
      before taking care of the fire, so too did the
      Vorstand put itself in the way of taking care of
      something that warranted their immediate attention and
      weighed the consequences of moral duty. It was their
      moral duty to not allow an anti semite, no matter how
      versed in anthroposophy, no matter what secrets of the
      mystery may be known to him, to ask him to leave. It
      is the responsibility of those that are in the
      position of putting Anthroposophy first and foremost
      in their lives, to take the bullet. And they did.

      It is the responsibility of those that know how to
      make a stand to do so when countering advesarial
      powers working in other people. This poison that they
      are sending out boomerangs right back to them. And so
      it is also the Christic way to continue to find ways
      of keeping our hearts open to them but also making
      sure that we are clear in what crosses the boundaries
      of common decency.

      When one is able to find the Christ in the etheric one
      realizes that all are welcome at the table. But not
      all can get there to sit down and join him in the
      Manas that is being offered. That is the point about
      the road being long but narrowed. Things such as
      religious hate are not allowed to enter. Divisions of
      that sort are not allowed to enter. So the road is
      long to get to the place where divisions do not play a
      part of the thinking. And that is the work of
      spiritual science and the Michaelic School: to find
      that we are all brothers and sisters irregardless of
      race or religion or what bad thing one has done. One
      cannot serve Michael and Mamon at the same time.

      All good things,

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    • Deborah
      Bootlicker? I thought the theme of the week was sock sucking (I adore alliteration). Deborah
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        Bootlicker? I thought the theme of the week was sock sucking (I adore

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