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Re: transformations and conversions

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  • Steve Hale
    ... point. ... I certainly realize the effects that modern fundamentalist Christianity has had on this whole issue. But, as we know, anthroposophical
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      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Deborah"
      <doybia@...> wrote:
      > There has been a lot of bickering over what does or does not
      > constitute anti-semitism, but I'd like to take up a different
      > How do you change someone's mind about something?
      > Steve wants to (he claims) change the thinking of modern Jewish
      > people about the Christ.

      I certainly realize the effects that modern fundamentalist
      Christianity has had on this whole issue. But, as we know,
      anthroposophical christology takes a different approach in which the
      forming of the Hebrew cultural stream with Abraham, about 900 years
      into the third cultural epoch, is raised and clarified to a higher
      and deeper level of understanding than has ever been known, by both
      the fundamentalist Jews and Christians. And the coming of Christ is
      placed firmly on the ground of spiritually scientific knowledge that
      is made comprehensible to the intellect and its power of reason.

      > Special note for Steve: your approach to converting the Jewish
      > currently falls into this strategy--you keep saying they are doing
      > the wrong thing in the wrong way and that this is terrible and
      > should stop doing it and do what you want them to do instead.
      > Trouble is, as Linda pointed out, for 2,000 years the Goyim have
      > been using this strategy and frankly, we are fed up with it.
      > Honestly Steve, it WON'T WORK!

      If it has appeared that I have been browbeating the Jews for not
      converting, it is a misconception. My main interest is in wondering
      why the denial of the Messiah has endured for so long, with no
      seeming solution, and posing this question to this list, bearing in
      mind that anthroposophy is our central concern, and furthermore,
      that esoteric Christianity in the form in which anthroposophical
      spiritual science develops it, seems to offer the best solution to
      the problem of non-recognition, although I realize as well that
      neither modern practitioners of Judaism or Christianity are looking
      into what anthroposophy provides in this area.
      > Well, that is enough to start with.
      > Sorry I yelled at you Steve :)
      > Deborah

      Every person is free to choose freely their own course in life. I
      am not, nor ever was, on a mass conversion campaign. But it still
      interests me greatly about the reception of Christ in the world,
      when it first took place. And I realize that the Jews expected
      something more than they got, but this has all been rather
      gloriously explained by Steiner in the precise language of spiritual
      science. But, of course, to each his own. If Christ is real, it
      seems likely that he will have to be recognized at some point within
      the present epoch; most likely toward the end of this consciousness
      soul age.

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