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Re: the shit hits the fan....

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  • Mike helsher
    ... ____________________________________________________-- Dear Mike, Move over, Dances with Wolves , tis time to speak of the elasticity of language, as if
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 29, 2006
      I wrote:

      > Where's Harvey when we need him.


      Dear Mike,

      Move over, "Dances with Wolves", 'tis time to speak of the elasticity
      of language, as if to view in wide-angle time-lapse surround-sound,
      the migration of meanings across centuries of the chameleon-like
      power of the Word, to domocile into shifting meanings, and shifting
      focus as in descending from mythological and allegorical perk, down
      into the handcuff of the literal and legal harness which creates a
      Mafia-like hold in political and religious redneck coagulations, that
      is to say, in policy and dogma, which drives the Ork conveyor belts
      of Henry Ford's well-skulled assembly lines, which have strange to
      say developed into the designer models that transport the astral
      lives of men and give them some lucid, sterile identity imagined
      trustworthy and negotiable in higher worlds both at hand and for
      most, still yet to come.


      There he is.

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