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RE: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] The Living Comforter

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  • Mike T
    P.S. - I missed writing in my earlier post. I am not sure who the old man was. I half suspected it may have been Christian Rozenkreutz. But from the readings
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      P.S. - I missed writing in my earlier post. I am not sure who the old man
      was. I half suspected it may have been Christian Rozenkreutz. But from the
      readings particularly on here in the archives, it suggests it cold have been
      also Jesus, or the Christ.
      Mike T

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      >"In our present age what matters is that people should recognise the
      >need for the knowledge contained in Spiritual Science and be able so
      >to fire the streams flowing from heart to brain that this knowledge
      >can be understood. If this comes to pass, individuals will be able
      >to receive and comprehend the event that has its beginning in the
      >Twentieth Century: this event is the appearance of the Christ as an
      >Etheric Being in contradistinction to the Physical Christ of
      >Palestine. For we have now reached the point of time when the
      >Etheric Christ enters into the life of the Earth and will become
      >visible � at first to a small number of individuals through a form
      >of natural clairvoyance. Then in the course of the next three
      >thousand years, He will become visible to greater and greater
      >numbers of people. This will inevitably come to pass in the natural
      >course of development. That it will come to pass is as true as were
      >the achievements of electricity in the nineteenth century. A number
      >of individuals will see the Etheric Christ and will themselves
      >experience the event that took place at Damascus. But this will
      >depend upon such men learning to be alert to the moment when Christ
      >draws near to them. In only a few decades from now it will happen,
      >particularly to those who are young � already preparation is being
      >made for this � that some individual here or there has certain
      >experiences. If he has sharpened his vision through having
      >assimilated Anthroposophy, he may become aware that suddenly someone
      >has come near to help him, to make him alert to this or that. The
      >truth is that Christ has come to him, although he believes that what
      >he saw is a physical man. He will come to realise that what he saw
      >was a supersensible being, because it immediately vanishes. Many a
      >human being will have this experience when sitting silent in his
      >room, heavy-hearted and oppressed, not knowing which way to turn.
      >The door will open, and the etheric Christ will appear and speak
      >words of consolation to him. The Christ will become a living
      >Comforter to men. However strange it may as yet seem, it is true
      >nevertheless that many a time when people � even in considerable
      >numbers � are sitting together, not knowing what to do, and waiting,
      >they will see the Etheric Christ. He will Himself be there, will
      >confer with them, will make His voice heard in such gatherings.
      >These times are approaching, and the positive, constructive element
      >now described will take real effect in the evolution of mankind."
      >From "Etherization of the Blood", October 1, 1911, Rudolf Steiner

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