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Heidenreich's notes on the Etheric Christ

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  • holderlin66
    The devil is always in the details and we really don t have much of an ability, from most of the Platonic waffling we do to center our attention on realities.
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      The devil is always in the details and we really don't have much of
      an ability, from most of the Platonic waffling we do to center our
      attention on realities. One of those realities for me was searching
      for a while on google, and I would need help here, but searching to
      find why I can't find Soloviev's "Three Conversations and The Anti-
      Christ" anywhere. Perhaps it is very easy, I know I have it on file
      somewhere in my system, but I can't get to it. Maybe someone can
      help me locate it.

      Now in the Soloviev Anti-Christ text we encounter a major genetic
      magician, who will probably give cloned animals the capacity to
      speak etc, and move creation up a notch. Now a days when we say,
      fire comes down from the sky, really we have no excuse to
      misunderstand what that means today. Fire comes down from the sky is
      clearly within our logical paradigms and we know exactly what that
      means for us today. But the magician in Soloviev's work was called
      Apollyon and the best we could do is describe him as a Magician.

      Now the subject of Apollyon from the aspect of Spiritual Science
      researchers who have already waded deep into the territory brings us
      interesting news from the front. One front is that "The Left Behind
      Series" has taken up the Apollyon character and given him book title
      and of course, the publications of these super-duper, Armageddon,
      rapture blasters, has also used its base of inspiration from the
      Soloviev critter. "The Left Behind Series" is a publication bonanza
      and of course I cringe that we sit in the Michael School, with all
      these Platonists and we can hardly put one idea in front of the
      other to make a counter point.

      But the issue here is what we do best in the Michael School,
      measuring the Planets rhythm, taking Steiner's and Heidenreich's
      Saturn observations, which go back to dating the Grail events of 869
      and the notations of the stars in Wolfram's great work, "Parsifal".
      When we take a measurement on Saturn, we also come to a kind of
      reality, and counter reality. While it is true that we are dealing
      with a massively numbed culture and we are smack dab into the 1998
      power grab, from the PNAC and the counter-point of the Luciferic
      Love Generation. We are sitting in the Ahrimanic, 'I just stole the
      21st century from Michael tee-hee'... but Michael, IMO, Michael has
      set the incarnation of Ahriman in the west to fall within a Michael
      period. That is one of our only trump cards that might resemble

      The placement of 2010 and of course a lot of Mayan systems break
      down at 2012 and the vast cutting edge of miracles of technology
      running exactly like magic all over the face of the planet, bring us
      to within a Michael period paradigm. Apollyon, sort of Apollo's evil
      twin brother, some might say, Sorath's man on the street, has a huge
      press following in what we consider, Anthros have no right to
      consider any such thing, but Anthros consider Rapturites and
      Armageddon freaks as a fringe group. HMMMMM, lets say, the rate
      Anthros think, we should be considered the fringe group. We can't
      raise enough money to fuel 1/10 of the Michael impulses that could
      take off on this planet.. We need something, we could use a Rowling
      or a Tolkien on our side; or we can alwys do what we have done,
      myself included, suck our thumbs and scream as the world collides
      with heavy cosmic traffic.

      Or we can, which is part of the unrespected part of the Michael
      School, explore the stray details of how Soloviev uses, Apollyon,
      how "Left Behind Series" has called up Apollyon and how Anthros
      understand the evil twin brother of Apollyon and how St.John plunked
      him down before the gaze of Angels and of Men.

      The Greeks would gives us Apollo the Sun, but with that Aristotle
      and the Logos bearing forces that Aristotle grounded science with to
      the Greek Apollonian wisdom, is different than the Dionysian pagan
      wisdom that good Platonists and Jo Ann and myself enjoy. Platonists
      enjoy and relish the "Mists of Avalon" etc.. etc.. Jung.. etc..
      Joseph Campbell and "The White Godeess" Robert Graves work...And
      how "The Revenge of the Sith" have exactly 12 seats in the film
      where, twelve god knows what, bodhisattvas and initiates arise from
      one point and one point only.

      That point arises from the initiation from the 12 streams into the
      13 from the 13th century...and leaped directly onto the stage of the
      1st Goetheanum as the twelve streams in twelve cosmic chairs who
      wove, sat and streamed their wisdom into the lectures that Steiner
      was giving. These twelve streams of wisdom were given chairs,
      honored places, these were no holograms, seats were made by Steiner
      out of wood, so that they too could interface with the audience
      members and Steiner would stand and be their represenative for the
      dawning of the Age of Light. Platonists love this sort of connecting
      threads and that is part of what the Platonists are required to do
      within the Michael School. To re-direct attention to the actual
      source, not the Pop Culture shattered, video game mentality of

      "Similar conditions will prevail before the Second Coming of Christ.
      Sorcery, the serving of evil spirits, and other pagan practices will
      become widespread. The minds of mostpeople will be poisoned by all
      sorts of ungodly heresies, as the Holy Spirit expressly predicted
      through St. Paul:"In latter times some will depart from the faith,
      giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons" (1Tim.
      4:1). The Apostle John depicts the following gloomy picture about
      the overwhelming permeation of evilspirits into people's lives: "And
      he [the Angel] opened the bottomless pit, and smoke arose out of the
      pit like thesmoke of a great furnace. So the sun and the air were
      darkened because of the smoke of the pit ... And they [thelocusts
      which came from the pit] had as king over them the angel of the
      bottomless pit, whose name in Hebrewis Abaddon, but in Greek he has
      the name Apollyon."


      "...that masterpiece of creation which then became the
      body of Christ, the whole extending over approximately thirty-three
      years. Looking at that one Christmas lecture where Steiner speaks of
      these rhythms, our English friend suggested that you think of this
      first period of Christ's appearance on Earth as being received into
      the Saturn Sphere; multiply the period of His life by the Saturn
      period around the Sun and you get the time when that great earthly
      event reached the utmost circumference of the planetary sphere of
      Saturn, the utmost depths of cosmic consciousness, and then began to
      travel back to Earth. With more detailed calculation, taking the
      Mystery of Golgotha as the starting point (which Dr. Steiner fixed
      as April 3rd, AD 33), you come to the year 1935 as the year when
      that double rhythm is completed.

      "I remember vividly the picture our friend gave, saying, "Think of a
      pond, a quiet bit of water, and a stone thrown into its center; then
      the ripples travel out until they reach the shore when they are
      thrown back again to the center. The Incarnation of Christ is like a
      stone thrown into the ocean of humanity. The effects of it spread
      from the Earth into the cosmos in the Saturn rhythm until they
      reached the furthest point in the Saturn sphere, traveled back, and
      began striking onto the shore of human history in 1935."


      "In Vladimir Soloviev's inspired work "A Short Narrative About
      Antichrist" published at Easter, 1900, he describes the false Christ
      (Antichrist) who, in league with the false prophet (the magician
      Appollyn, becomes Emperor of the world and establishes his residence
      in Jerusalem. Among Apollyon's magical powers is the ability to make
      fire come down from heaven. This is a clear allusion to the two-
      horned beast referred to in the thirteenth chapter of the Book of
      Revelation. In fact, it is in the Book of Revelation that we find an
      account of the reign of Antichrist, the "beast", who is aided buy
      the two-horned beast:

      "The two-horned beast exercises all the authority of the first beast
      in its presence, and makes the earth and its inhabitants worship the
      [first beast]... Men worshiped the first beast, saying, 'Who is like
      the beast, and who can fight against it?" And the beast was given a
      mouth uttering haughty and blasphemous words, and, it was allowed to
      exercise authority for forty-two months .(Revelation 13:12, 4 5).

      "Regarding the Apocalypse as an account of the unfolding of the
      Christ Impulse - in so far as it mirrors the content of Christ's
      astral body, unfolding: historically in the Saturn-rhythm of 29'/2
      years - the Book of Revelation obviously must depict the encounter
      with Satan. For Christ Jesus this occurred towards the end of His
      thirty-ninth day in the wilderness. As the forty days in the
      wilderness started 28'/3 days after the baptism in the Jordan, the
      encounter with Satan was about 67 days (28+39=67) into His Ministry.
      Multiplying by 294/2 and adding to AD 33, we find that humanity's
      encounter with Satan - known traditionally as the coming of
      Antichrist - occurs in the ' period around 2010, when Pluto is again
      at 9 degrees Sagittarius, where it was at the temptation of Christ
      in the wilderness. "

      holderlin wrote:

      "Just as people want to divert human attention from the Etheric
      Christ Being by insisting on a physical/Ahrimanic/manifestation of
      Christ, probably in the last third of the Michael Period we are in,
      so too the idea of making three soul forces, physical embodiments,
      emotional embodiments and all three tied to a male, is again the
      haunting of Pop Culture that causes a pressing physical reality, the
      horrific and unstoppable haunting reality, of Spiritual Truth behind
      the Luciferic motives of a sitcom. "Big Love" catchy tune isn't
      it? "Big Love"...


      "Rayford Steele and Buck Williams, charter members of the Force,
      have gone from employees of Nicolae Carpathia to international
      fugitives. Rayford, finally discovering the shocking truth about
      Amanda, must flee before the grand conference begins. The two
      witnesses at the Wailing Wall proclaim warnings to the "one who sits
      on the throne of the earth," and Carpathia himself makes a surprise
      appearance at the stadium.

      "The Tribulation calendar moves ever closer to the halfway point,
      which the two witnesses call "the due time." Meanwhile, the fourth
      Trumpet Judgment strikes the solar system, crippling life on earth.

      "The next three judgments are to be so much worse than anything that
      has come before that an angel flies about heaven, warning the earth
      of the three woes. The fifth Trumpet Judgment—a plague of
      scorpionlike locusts led by Apollyon, chief demon of the abyss—is so
      horrifying that men try to kill themselves but are not allowed to

      "The fifth title in the best-selling Left Behind series will
      fascinate and captivate newcomers and fans. It's most shocking and
      explicit portrayal yet in the continuing drama of those left behind.
      Read an excerpt.

      The Destroyer is unleashed as Apollyon leads a plague of locusts to
      torture the world. Tribulation Force gathers in Israel for the
      Conference of Witnesses."
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