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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Interesting Quote

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  • Jo Ann Schwartz
    Nah, he s saying RJ Stewart is not someone to whom you should pay attention, because he teaches magic and stuff. YMMV. Cheers, JoAnn ...
    Message 1 of 43 , Jul 1, 2006
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      Nah, he's saying RJ Stewart is not someone to whom you should pay attention, because
      he "teaches magic and stuff."



      --- Mike T wrote:

      > Have I got this right? By this statement are you inferring that R.J. Stewart
      > (whoever that may be) was writer of the Matthew gospel?
      > Mike T
      > >From: Joel Wendt
      > >
      > >Always have to consider the source, R. J. Stewart teaches magic and
      > >stuff. Here is that odd fellow from 2000 years ago:
      > >
      > >Woe to you canon-lawyers and Pharisees, you fakes, for cleaning off the
      > >rim of your cup and saucer while on the inside you're bursting with
      > >greed and wild appetites. Blind Pharisee, wash out the inside of the
      > >cup and saucer first, if you want the outside to end up clean! Woe to
      > >you canon-lawyers and Pharisees, you fakes, for being like dusty
      > >monuments that look pretty on the outside but on the inside are full of
      > >the bones of corpses and all kinds of rot. You likewise from the
      > >outside appear to the world to be decent, but inside you're full of
      > >hypocrisy and ways around the law. Matthew 23: 25-28
      > >
      > >I wonder what He was talking about, if not self-development? Care to
      > >share Jo Ann?
      > >
      > >warm regards,
      > >joel
      > >
      > >
      > >Jo Ann Schwartz wrote:
      > >
      > > > Although I have been following this list intermittantly for the past
      > > > couple of weeks
      > > > -- as the 271 unread emails in my list mail box will attest -- I
      > > > thought the
      > > > following quote from RJ Stewart was appropos for the discussion:
      > > >
      > > > "I often think that self-development is essentially a materialistic
      > > > false goal, masquerading as something supposedly spiritual."
      > > >
      > > > Musing on the paths taken and passed by....
      > > > JoAnn
      > > >
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    • Frank Smith
      Hi, Stephen, Nice to hear from you again. It would be nicer still if I knew what the fuck you re saying. So could you please condense, edit out
      Message 43 of 43 , Jul 15, 2006
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        Hi, Stephen,
        Nice to hear from you again. It would be nicer still if I knew what the fuck you're saying. So could you please condense, edit out anthro-psycho-babble, and re-submit?

        On 7/10/06, Stephen Clarke <mozartg@...> wrote:
        Dear Frank:


        List-discussions do bring out the Double in one; you are "bingo" on
        that!  Now we could llok at our own posts as if through the eyes of
        another, what revelations could be found, what material for self-
        humbling!  And, oh, yes, I include myself.

        But note: this medium not only inflates one's own double-tendencies,
        it can also infect one with turbulent and divisive tendencies which
        one would not normally "channel." Check Steiner on the subnatural

        And: Steiner has described how certain adversarial beings, held in
        check by a combination of cosmic law and lack of personal free will,
        agitate free humans to do their dirty work for them; to act out their
        dark fantasies. Luciferic abstraction and crusading idealism can all-
        too-easily flip into its Ahrimanic opposite - if we didn't learn this
        from Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, and Lenin, not to mention whatever failed
        gurus we like to think of, well, then, what can I say.

        Men and women of good will can disgaree about all kinds of
        substantive issues - and most will be "right", according to their own
        mix of information and personal experience.  But look at _how_ these
        things are discussed...there a second level of discourse - the real
        one - is exposed!

        Beware! This dreck can be a vortex for an active emitting of exactly
        those tendencies which are inimical to the spirit of any progressive
        spirituality. To what wheel do you wish to lend your shoulder: to one
        that grinds and smashes or to one that carries everyone forward?

        Frank: you are sometimes stubborn on issues which I think are settled
        counter to your opinion ( e.g.: I think that the Official
        Explanations are frequently the biggest and least
        believable "conspiracy theories" of all; frequently their only virtue
        is a superficial simplicity; "Go back to sleep"), but I'll take a
        stubborn rationality over a credulous fanatacism any day. That kind
        of thing should be put well in check _before_ any serious spiritual
        work is undertaken.

        oh well, cheers,


        --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com , "Frank Smith"
        <ftsster@...> wrote:
        > On 7/7/06, Steve Hale <sardisian01@...> wrote:
        > >
        > > --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com , "Frank Smith"
        > > <ftsster@> wrote:
        > > >
        > > > Steve H. wrote:
        > > > "jackass". Later, waving his arms desperately like a windmill,
        > > cried:
        > > > "You jackass!" both times directing his infantile venom towards
        > > the noble
        > > > Don Q. Q, however, does not consider this an insult, for he
        > > that the
        > > > jackass is a noble animal:
        > >
        > > What you consider infantile, I take seriously; which is why we'll
        > > never, ever have a truly serious and sincere discussion.  Ever.
        > > I am confident of that, and would bet money on it.  To each his
        > > Frank, and though you belong to a bygone generation, some of us
        > > try to carry on in the tradition of the Don Q. you seem to think
        > > know.  And the new and resurrected Don Q. knows that Building 7
        > > was "pulled" by a greedy Jew, working for the team of liars,
        > > and world destroyers who hate mankind in favor of their own cold-
        > > blooded intentions for earth domination.
        > >
        > > Steve
        > >
        > > I agree that we will never have a true sincere discussion because
        what you
        > > wrote above confirms my worst suspicions....

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