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On Silence and Sophia

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  • dottie zold
    I would like to share a few quotes from my Rabbi s book The Divine Feminine: Detached Not Hidden: Be detached from your own welfare, and impartial when
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      I would like to share a few quotes from my Rabbi's
      book The Divine Feminine:

      Detached Not Hidden:

      Be detached from your own welfare,
      and impartial when considering others.
      Do not stay silent when speech is called for,
      nor abandon the world to hide in spirit.

      Wisdom of Jesus ben Sirach 4:22 - 23

      Reshape the River:

      The right words can point to Wisdom,
      and learning can increase through speech.
      Only do not speak against truth,
      nor pretend to know what you do not.
      Admit your mistakes, and do not reshape the river.

      Wisdom of Jesus ben Sirach 4:24 - 26

      Rabbi's comment on this passage:

      " The sage is not opposed to speech, nor does she
      overvalue silence. Each has its place and time, and
      the sage does what is appropriate to the moment.

      The difference between the sage and the fool is in the
      quality of their speech and their silence. The sage
      speaks what she knows, the fool what he desires. The
      sage is silent when unclear about the truth, the fool
      is silent when she is caught in a lie.

      The sage admits her wrongs and corrects them; the fool
      is silent about his mistakes and repeats them. The
      sage knows the current and flows with it; the fool
      seeks to reshape the river to conform to his desire. "

      Stive for Truth:

      Do not align yourself to fools,
      nor align yourself with rank and power.
      Strive always for truth,
      and God shall be your power.

      Wisdom of Jesus ben Sirach 4:27 - 28

      Rabbi's comment:

      " The sage desires no rank. She is the servant who is
      first by being last. Her power is like water, and
      yielding yet capable of waring away the hardest stone.
      Whenever youi find yourself craving rank and power,
      know that you are in the grasp of falsehood. Stop what
      you are doing and find Wisdom. "

      Come to Me:

      There are those who teach many,
      yet are deaf to their own instruction.
      There are others whose words are clever,
      but whose meaning is false.
      These shall starve,
      for they are deprived of Wisdom.

      Those who follow their own teachings
      and prosper therein,
      these are the trustworthy sages.

      Wisdom of Jesus ben Sirach 37:19 - 22

      Rabbi's comment:

      "Not all who are called sages are wise. Some instruct
      well, and yet cannot follow their own instruction. If
      they do so willfully, shun them; if they do so because
      that is the best they can do, learn from them, but be

      Others are masters of words, but their words are empty
      of meaning. These serve only themselves, even if they
      are convinced that this cannot be so. Do not take to
      heart everything you hear. Wisdom is not irrational,
      though She may be nonrational. Wisdom is never against
      reason, thought She may transcend reason.

      How to tell the true sage from the false? By their
      fruits. If they prosper their teachings rather than by
      selling them, they are sages worthy of your loyalty
      and love."

      Wisdom Calls:

      Wisdom shouts aloud in the street,
      Her voice trumps the tulmut of the market:
      How long will you cling to cynicism and folly?
      How long will you dull your minds with foolishness"
      You are indifferent to My words,
      yet I will speak My mind, and share My thoughts...

      Proverbs 1:20 - 23

      Wisdom Is Not Silent:

      Wisdom is not silent;
      She boldly raises Her voice above the din.
      She stands upon the most desolate peak,
      and the busiest highway.
      at every intersection, gate and doorway.

      Listen to Me, all of you!
      Listen to Me, for I speak of noble things.
      Truth comes from My lips;
      My words are just and simple
      Reason and understanding will show you
      the rightness of My words.
      Accept Me rather than silver and fine gold.
      For I surpass rubies; nothing equals the gift I offer

      Proverbs 8:1 - 11

      Doer of All Things:

      Although She is one,
      She does all things.
      Without leaving Herself
      She renews all things.
      Generation after generation She slips into holy souls,
      Making them friends of God, and prophets;
      for God loves none more than those who dwell with

      Wisdom of Solomon 7:27 - 28


      All You Have and Are:

      Come to Her with all you are,
      and keep Her ways with all you have.
      Search and seek, and She will be found,
      and when you hold Her, do not let Her go.
      For in this is perfect rest and joy.

      Wisdom of Jesus ben Sirach 6:26 - 28

      Rabbi's comment:

      "Holding back who you are is hiding. Holding back what
      you have is hesitation. Hiding and hesitation keep you
      from Wisdom.

      Holding back nothing of who you are is honesty.
      Holding back of what you have is simplicity. Honesty
      and simplicity are the ways to wisdom.

      When you find Her, hold Her tightly. Do not let Her
      go, but surrender yourself to Her in perfect rest and
      joy. You find rest because you are no longer
      pretending to be what you are not. You find joy
      because you are no longer hoarding what you have."

      All You Have and Are:

      If you are willing, you will be taught.
      If you are dilligent, you will progress.
      If you listen, you will learn.
      If you pay attention you will become wise.

      Wisdom of Jesus ben Sirach 6:32 - 33

      Rabbi's comment:

      "Wisdom is willing to give Herself to you. She calls
      to you from the rooftoops and crossroads. Her desire
      is for you, but you must desire Her in return. She
      cannot force you to love Her. She will not seduce you
      into following Her. She is waiting for you, even
      pursuing you, but never coercing you.

      Will you come to Her? It is up to you. Will you let
      yourself be taught? Will you devote yourself to Her
      discipline? Will you listen that you may hear Her
      lessons? Will you focus that you may become wise?

      Wisdom's love of you is choicelss. Your love for Her
      must be the same."

      Come to Me:

      You who eat Me
      shall yet be hungry,
      and you who drink Me
      shall yet be thirsty.
      Only you who obey Me
      shall know clarity.
      Only you who align with Me
      shall know simplicity.

      Wisdom of Jesus ben Sirach 24:21 - 22

      Rabbi's comment:

      There are fools who prentend to be sages, and sages
      who are mistaken for fools. Look beneath the surface
      and be not content with appearances.

      The fool who pretends to Wisdom uses silence as a
      ploy, pretending to know and not say, when does not
      know what to say. The sage speaks, but only when
      speech is necessary. Sometimes the speech is harsh: Do
      not mistake the sage for a coward or a pushover. Do
      not take the sage for an enabler. The sage sees the
      grain of the momemt and lays it bare. Somtimes harsh,
      somtimes comforting, the moment determines what the
      sage says, while the fool is driven by a compulsion to
      manipulate self and others.

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    • Mike helsher
      Humans believe training a dog to respond to words will allow them to communicate with animals. But animals only care about fulfillment. They don t train each
      Message 187 of 187 , Aug 7, 2006
        "Humans believe training a dog to respond to words will allow them to
        communicate with animals. But animals only care about fulfillment.
        They don't train each other, they fulfill each other's needs. If a dog
        is 100% fulfilled, you may not even need verbal commands to
        communicate. That's when the relationship between humans and dogs
        reach it's highest level – when you're using that elusive, magical
        "sixth sense." Isn't that what we all strive for?"

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