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Rabbi Rami Shapiro

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  • dottie zold
    Well dear friends, I thought I would share some more from one I am considering to be my Rabbi. I wonder if one can have two Rabbis? Again as a reminder his
    Message 1 of 48 , Jul 1, 2006
      Well dear friends, I thought I would share some more
      from one I am considering to be my Rabbi. I wonder if
      one can have two Rabbis?

      Again as a reminder his book is called The Divine
      Feminine in Biblical Wisdom Literature.

      From the Introduction:

      " Another reason for ignoring the teachings of Chokma
      is that She is intrinsically antiestablishment and
      nonhierarichal. Wisdom is taught, so the student needs
      a teacher, but once She is learned there is a great
      leveling: Teacher and student sahre the same
      understanding. "Behold, days are coming...when I will
      seal a new convenant with the House of Israel and with
      the House of Judah...I will place My Teaching within
      them and I will write it on their heart...They will no
      longer teach one another, saying, Know the Lord! for
      everyone will know Me, from the smallest to the
      greatest" (Jeremiah 31:30-33)


      Now, look at where we have Wisdom saying, 'I will seal
      a new convenant' Wisdom is speaking as the Lord in the
      scripture, is She not? Or is this a precursor to
      Anthroposophia, who as the emissary of the Sophia will
      be made known so that others will know the Lord. It's
      interesting to me to see these words this way. It
      calls to mind Diane Englesman wherein she spoke about
      how Chockma was the Logos from the beginning and then
      slowly in the first few centuries Logos became known
      as the Christ.

      It is in here that I find the Hebrews know more than
      what we are considering. We consider only the
      statement from our teacher that they missed the
      Christ. But there is something new that must come from
      a whole people that love God more than any known group
      in the world as a collective. And this is a people
      who's relationship with God is real and personal. They
      fight with God, they debate with God, they study God.

      I want to share how this Rabbi came into contact with
      Chochma. I think it's important because we can see a
      pattern that happens when Wisdom knocks on your door
      or you had knocked on Hers and She opened it. Maybe
      sometimes we don't know we are knocking on Her door
      and so when suddenly things begin to happen we are
      surprised. And really I guess it is our own door that
      is opening. She's pretty much on the outside. Isn't
      that funny. It's like we've locked Her out in a way.
      And so She has to knock on our door and go through our
      streets because nobody will let Her in. Kinda like the
      saying 'I have no place to est my head' by Christ.
      There really is this definite chasing of sorts, this
      acknowledgement and then this thing that happens
      wherein you can not but help to seek Her further. Your
      days and nights are filled with looking for Her
      everywhere. It is the story told by all who can speak
      on Her beginning in Provers and other old scriptures
      of the Bible. When reading Sergei Prokofieff one can
      readily understand how it is that He is able to speak
      on the things he is pertaining to the Sophia: he has
      come to know Her. It's what happens. Some are able to
      do it better than others but it in no wise changes the
      fact that we have indeed committed ourselves to this
      Being because this Being leads us to Christ.


      " I first met MOther Wisdom, Chochma in Hebrew, Sophia
      in Greek, during my freshman year at the University of
      Massachusetts in Amherst. I had been studying the
      Hindu legends of Lord Shiva and His Consort Shakti and
      found striking parrallels between them and their
      kabbalistic equivalents, HaShem (the Name, Y-H-V-H)
      and Shekinah (the masculine and feminine aspects of
      God, respectively). I began to read all I could find
      on the Hebrew Goddess, as Raphael Patai called Her,
      adn immersed my self in his work as well as the work
      of Eric Neumann, Robert Graves, and Johann Jakob
      Bachoven. During my junior year of college I presented
      a paper on the Hebrew Goddess to a select group of
      professors during a daylong conference convened to
      explore the Goddess in Hind and kabbalistic thought.

      I thought I was done with her after that, yet several
      years later, when applying to rabbinical school at the
      Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, my work on
      Mother was brought up to challenge the authenticity of
      my scholarship. While my study of the Hebrew Goddess
      was raw and certainly smacked of undergraduate
      overzealousness, and excess, it seemed to have
      offended several of the professors at RRC. "The only
      mother godess we Jews have is Golda Meir," one
      professor said derisively. "Your word is bunk."

      Needless to say I did not attend the Reconstructionist
      College and, when applying for admission to the Reform
      Movement's Hebrew Union College, I thought it best not
      to mention my affair with the Goddess. I had little
      contact with the Mother during my five years at Hebrew
      Union College. I imagined She was a bit miffed at me
      and kept Her distance. Indeed, it wasn't until the
      early 1990s that She came back into my life.

      I was sitting at my kitchen table reading the Miami
      Herald and marvelling at a wonderful oil painting of
      the Virgin Mary that was printed in full color above
      the fold on the front page. I could not take my eyes
      off it. The detail, the brushwork, the use of color -
      the whole thing captivated me; it looked like
      something van Gogh would have painted. I had yet to
      read the article, and just kept staring at the
      painting. Finally it dawned on me that I could see the
      painting in person if I read teh text and found out
      which gallery was showing it.

      As I read the accompanying article, I discovered that
      this was not a painting at all. IT was an oil slick
      that appeared on the giant plate glass window of a
      bank in Clearwater, Florida. It was a miracle, a sign
      from the Virgin attesting to the the truth of Her Son
      adn Her compassion for humankind. Thousands of
      believers were streaming into Clearwater to see Her. I
      am not a believer and I didn't drive to the bank to
      pay homage. But if Muhammed won't come to the

      After the incident at the bank, I began to see Her
      everywhere. And worse, She started talking to me.
      Knowing that owning up to Her cost me with the
      admissions committee of the Reconstructionist
      Rabbinical College, I'm not going to share the details
      of our conversationss; suffice it to say that She
      intruded on my meditation and prayer time, and just
      wouldn't leave me alone.

      When I moved from Florida to Los Angeles and began
      running retreats out of La Casa de Maria, She had me.
      I would go for walks late at night and talk with Her.
      Just in case I was going to make the mistake of
      assuming She was Mary exclusively, She sent me up the
      road to the Vedanta Convent where I found Her in Hindu
      garb as the Mother, the Divine Feminine worshipped by
      Sri Ramakrishna.

      I shared what was happening to me with my friend and
      teacher Harvey, a devotee of the Mother in all Her
      forms. "The Mother is chasing you," he said, "and you
      must surrender to Her." I protested his assessment and
      explained that I was having trouble reconciling Her
      with my personal nondualist and nongendered theology.
      "If God is everything," he said, "why can't God not
      also be Mother? If God is everything, why can't God
      manifest as Other? She calls to everyone, and to
      ignore Her is to ignore the greatest gift you may ever
      be offered: the passionate embrace of the Mother. She
      is going to hound you until She has you, and then She
      is going to strip you of all your ideas and notions
      until there is nothing left to you but the ectasy of
      Her embrace." I protested again, claiming that I
      couldn't embrace the Virgin; I am a Jew. With a look
      that said, 'My poor, poor idiot friend,' Andrew said
      to me, "It isn't Mary, but the Mother. She comes to
      Christians as the Blessed Virgin; She comes to you as
      Chochma, Mother Wisdom." And with that my whole life

      Chochma, the Hebrew word for 'wisdom' is the
      manifestation of the Divine Mother as She appears in
      the Hebrew bible. She is the first manifestation of
      God, the vehicle of His unfolding, the Way of nature,
      the Way God is in the world you and I experience every
      day. Seeing Her as Chochma removed the last of my
      defenses. I stopped running away, and gave myself to
      Her as best I could."


      I end here as I head out for my coffee.


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    • Joel Wendt
      Dear Dottie, Valentin Tomberg, in Meditations on the Tarot, advises that there are two trinities, which can be visualized as two intersecting triangles. At
      Message 48 of 48 , Jul 3, 2006
        Dear Dottie,

        Valentin Tomberg, in Meditations on the Tarot, advises that there
        are two trinities, which can be visualized as two intersecting
        triangles. At the top of the first triangle, the Father, to the left at
        the bottom the Son and to the right the Holy Spirit. The second
        triangle is superimposed over the first, such that the it is inverted,
        with the apex at the bottom, the Mother, the upper left of the
        horizontal line is the Daughter, and the upper right the Holy Soul.
        These two triangles when superimposed in this way create the Seal of
        Solomon, or the six pointed hexagram well known to Hebrew Lore. See:

        So the Father above in the heavens, the Mother below in the Center
        of existence (on the other side of the eight inner spheres of the earth,
        from where she rules the dark). These two apexes of triangle "radiate"
        out, one downward and the other upward, producing the horizontal lines,
        with the line of the Son and the Holy Spirit below (but above the
        Mother), while the line of the Daughter and Holy Soul is above (but
        below the Father).

        Humanity is in the Center, within the hexagon created in the center
        by the crossing of the lines of the six points of the hexagram, and
        between the two horizontal lines, while surrounded by the raditating
        forces of the Father and the Mother.

        Each of the six "powers" also has an apex point from which its
        forces radiate inward, also surrounding and enfolding humanity.

        As I've suggested before, and which your own interests (and all
        kinds of the other literature, including the DeVinci Code) show, is that
        the Feminine Mysteries are again on the rise, which is felt mostly in
        the soul (thus our interest), but also in the upbuilding forces which
        appear in the social organism in the phenomena of Civil Society. the
        Bioneers etc.

        warm regards,

        p.s. see my poem, "the gift of another's eyes" which is part of my
        America Quartet

        dottie zold wrote:

        > Hi Everyone,
        > I wanted to share a story in the Times today that I
        > thought was pretty astounding. They are looking at new
        > ways to call the Trinity. One of them is Father,
        > Mother, Holy Womb.... I mean whoa...
        > http://www.latimes.com/features/religion/la-me-trinity30jun30,0,3342628.story?track=mostviewed-splashpage
        > <http://www.latimes.com/features/religion/la-me-trinity30jun30,0,3342628.story?track=mostviewed-splashpage>
        > d
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