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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Christ in the Ethereal

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  • dottie zold
    ... Yeah, that s the point isn t it? I mean it s like returning to the fold. It s the point that moves from the I Am to We are. We may not be there but we can
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 30, 2006
      > Further, it was all connected to choices I was
      > already making. I was
      > never redirected in anyway, as if given a task or a
      > mission. I was
      > helped to be me, as I labored to unfold "Not I, but
      > Christ in me".

      Yeah, that's the point isn't it? I mean it's like
      returning to the fold. It's the point that moves from
      the I Am to We are. We may not be there but we can
      know where we are going.

      And for me it's not that I've been given a task,
      rather I am aware of my own task in relations to the
      Christ. And as I am still human I mess up all the time
      and am not perfect. But its this not being perfect
      that somehow keeps me so frieken humble that I am
      grateful in a strange way. For me it is almost the
      gift I am given in that I have to sin in order for me
      to be close to Christ. I know that sounds strange but
      for me at this stage of my growing it really is what
      keeps my feet firmly grounded in what I say or share.

      I am wondering Joel if you have seen Him in the Light
      or if it was through feeling. Not that one is better
      than the other as they all move us to higher ground or
      deeper ground, but I am wondering if you have seen Him
      in the phantom body. I say phantom in place of spirit
      body as I don't know what others pictures are of a
      'spirit' body.


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