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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Heidenreich's notes on the Etheric Christ

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  • dottie zold
    Looking at Mr. Heindenreich s notes, I am wondering if this is the gentlemen that is said to have seen the Christ? There is a gentlemen, one it seems, who has
    Message 1 of 14 , Jun 30, 2006
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      Looking at Mr. Heindenreich's notes, I am wondering if
      this is the gentlemen that is said to have seen the
      Christ? There is a gentlemen, one it seems, who has
      said he has experienced or seen the Christ in the
      Etheric. Is this the gentlman?

      I want to share a second about this need for silence
      and secrecy that exists in the Movement. First I want
      to say I get it. I get how hard it is to share or even
      want to hear about others experiences. I think it has
      so much to do with this ability to see things in an
      objective manner and to share with others when it
      appears to be subjective. I mean how does one do that
      without hurting anothers feelings and so forth. It's
      easier to let them talk and just move on. The silence
      will allow the person to know that it really didn't go
      over that well and hopefully next time there will be
      no such sharing and so forth.

      I want to say that I recall one of our listmates a few
      years back mentioned there was a gentlmen that spoke
      of seeing the Christ. And it seemed it really was only
      for certain people to know who it was and so forth. I
      want to say that is so old Anthroposophy. My
      experience of what I have gone through is that Christ
      doesn't want to be the best kept secret any longer. He
      wants it to be known that He is out and about. That is
      my understanding of how He works through me. And it
      seems to me that in order to get to know Him we must
      go through the Mother first.

      Now the issue will come up about why would anyone even
      share this type of experience to begin with? Doesnt'
      Rudolf Steiner say we shouldn't do this or that in
      relations to our experiences? Well, in one way he does
      and in another way he was also looking for those that
      can experience a thing to share it. To hold it and
      keep it within a smaller circle really does no justice
      unless it was what was supposed to have been for that
      person and that particular group. In my experience it
      will be different for different souls and it must be
      kept in mind what their tasks are in relations to it.

      It seems my task is to show the normalcy of the Christ
      appearing. As well as share that it is a dedication to
      Him and His people that allows the experience to
      happen. It's not just about gaining knowledge and so
      forth, it is a dedication to walk in His shoes to the
      best of our ability. And it seems to me that in order
      for this experience to happen there is a question that
      must be answered and then that answer must be lived
      or be willing to live. It's like the Parisfal question
      in a way.

      I think one can begin to know of those who speak of
      seeing and those who have seen and I think it comes
      down to what their lives are dedicated to. Are they
      coming forth with pronouncements of what God wants
      them to do or with pronouncements of Jesus wants me to
      share with you or Steiner wants me to share with
      you..... I mean those kinds of pronouncements seem to
      be so not what I experience as what happens when one
      does experience the Christ. The only thing that
      happens is that we become closer to the Christ and we
      take on His yoke to the best of our ability. And to me
      that makes us work for His people. The same would be
      true pertaining to the Sophia in my experience. Sergei
      Prokofieff shares in one of his books about how once
      we take on this yoke of Sophia we take on Her mission.

      If we had to look at a new way that the Christ appears
      to us and the meaning thereof we would have to
      understand that this will be happening more frequently
      as stated by our teacher. Now in that one would still
      have to find the knowledge of the Christ. Just because
      the Veil has been lowered does not mean that one can
      meet the needs of the time within their souls. They
      still would have to be able to do what Dennis Klocek
      is able to do. Seeing the Christ in the future will
      not mean one is able to do what needs to be done,
      there is almost a way I can see people desensitized to
      the Christ or just lost in their feeling for Him. This
      would not serve what needs to be done for the future
      of humanity and the Cosmic world that works along side
      of us in this realm.

      The new thinking in me has me contemplating the
      thought that although we will be able to see the
      Christ we will not see his chains, what chains he is
      in due to people's innabilities to rise to their
      highest. It's like when I used to think because I
      showed people my scripts and they loved them and they
      wanted to work with me, I walked away thinking I had
      accomplished something. I just wanted to hear,
      although I did not know it at the time, that they
      liked it. And so I would walk away feeling I had
      accomplished something when truly there was so much
      more work to be done. But in my fear I would go and do
      something else and write another story that I got alot
      of attention for and then of course repeat the whole

      There has only be one person who has kicked this out
      of me and that has been Bradford. I would of never
      come to an understanding if he hadn't kicked my butt
      over and over again. What I knew hadn't changed but it
      definitely deepened. I actually had to fight for what
      I knew versus just accepting it. I think this is what
      awaits Christ in the future. And to me this is why I
      think realizing that meeting Christ will not be
      difficult, it will be knowing what to do from that
      point onwards that will be important.


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