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Re: Chomsky on Christ

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  • Steve Hale
    ... they ... their ... interesting note ... it or not ... days with ... spent time ... personality, for ... we have a ... the past 20 ... at the ... peasants -
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      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Mike T"
      <leosun_75@...> wrote:
      > Steve,
      > I would contend that at the highest echelons of Vatican power,
      > certainly do know. They would have everyone of Steiners books in
      > library. A friend of mine, Professor David Wansborough, an
      interesting note
      > a variety Anthroposophist, (who is an ordained priest in several
      > denominations including Catholic and Russian Orthodox and believe
      it or not
      > the Jewish faith - I forget what he called the ceremony), spent 4
      days with
      > Cardinal Ratsinger, back then when he was a Cardinal. He also
      spent time
      > with Pope John Paul. Wansborugh is an altogether unusual
      personality, for
      > the many people he has crossed paths with. I call him a friend, as
      we have a
      > mutual friend of long standing acquaintence and I have had over
      the past 20
      > years, many an occassion to spend time with him. He often lectures
      at the
      > University in Moscow and is well known and liked the the Moscow
      peasants -
      > so to speak. No, I would contend that the Catholic heirarchy is
      well aware
      > of the spiritual landscape we live in today.
      > Mike T

      Mike, I think when Steiner talked about Judas' third, and unnamed
      incarnation, where his betrayal served to bring "romanism into
      Christianity and Christianity into romanism, he was certainly
      referring to the occultists of the high church party. He even says
      that they knew it, (ref. Gospel of Mark, Sept. 1912, lecture 2).
      And, of course, Steiner had already brought down the house of
      orthodoxy with his lectures, "From Jesus to Christ", from October,
      1911. That's where he goes into more detail about the two Jesus
      boys, and how the ego of the Matthew Jesus went up to heaven at the
      time of the baptism in the Jordan, and how the nature of the 20th
      century bodhisattva would occur in respect of the Christ impulse.

      All material considered offensive to the high church party, i.e.,
      Vatican Council. So, Steiner became a heretic, and henceforth had
      to be very careful about what he said; thus the veiled remarks about
      Judas Iscariot's third betrayal, although he knew that they knew it
      as well.

      Steiner was also keenly aware of apocalyptic events occurring at the
      time of his lecture course: The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness, and
      how the high church party of occultists would manipulate and coverup
      certain prophecies issued over the course of the six months from May
      to October of 1917. Prophecies issued from the Divine Sophia
      Herself, and affecting the immediate future if left unrevealed.

      And, of course, they were left unrevealed in spite of the pleas of
      the little peasant girl who had witnessed and received the verbal
      testimony of the Mother of Jesus; left unrevealed until 1952, and
      then blamed on the evil communism coming from Russia.

      I have no doubts about the evil cleverness and destructive
      inclinations of the high church party. Ratzinger was John Paul II's
      second in command in the quest to revert to old-world catholicism,
      and the evil and regressive undermining of Vatican II.

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