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From the Diary of Winston Smith

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  • holderlin66
    Winston Smith is a fictional character and the protagonist of George Orwell s 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. His name has become a metaphor for the man in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 25, 2006
      "Winston Smith is a fictional character and the protagonist of
      George Orwell's 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. His name has become
      a metaphor for the man in the street, the unwitting and innocent
      victim of political machination. In the book, Winston is a clerk for
      the Ministry of Truth, where his job is to rewrite historical
      documents so that they match the current party line, which changes
      on a daily basis."

      "First let me state this: being anti-Republican today is not really
      being anti-Republican. It is being anti-fascist. The political party
      associations claimed by our current crop of government officials
      have nothing to do with the actual political ideologies of their
      respective parties, but the American public for the most part is too
      lazy to take notice.


      Americans today are fooled by labels. They could care less if their
      brightly labeled bottle of Kool-Aid actually contains poison; they
      will just keep drinking as they die while defending the purity of
      their Kool-Aid. And they could care less if their Republican
      candidate is actually a neo-Conservative who is more like a lying
      power mongering a Machiavellian than a law and order Republican.

      At least the Democrats don't get fooled by Democrats who only
      pretend to be Democrats. Are you listening Hillary? That seems to be
      the only difference between the political parties these days.
      Democrats don't tolerate their politicians who do not follow party
      principles where Republicans are content as long as their party is
      used by the politician. They could care less about their Republican
      politician's actual position on anything other than God and hating
      gay people; for all they care their candidate could actually be a
      CommunistÂ…they don't notice and they don't seem to care.

      So for the sake of reality let's just say that the current crop of
      Americans who are alarmed by the destruction of the U.S.
      Constitution and the rise of the corporate fascist state that is
      enveloping our nation, are anti-Republican. Let say that for one
      reason: it is because the current crop of people in office who call
      themselves Republicans are openly supporting and actively expediting
      this transition to fascism. On the other hand, the Democrats in
      Congress, many of whom are part of this anti-American initiative, at
      least on the surface try to appear as if they are opposed to that

      Now for as long as I can remember I have heard that we must support
      our military because they fight/fought to protect our freedom. I
      have been told that I have to support them even when their mission
      directly conflicts with the principles of freedom both in America
      and abroad. I am told to support the military no matter what they do
      or to whom they are doing it. I am told that anything the military
      does has something to do with supporting my freedom.

      Well, I know now that that notion is a load of shit. As a matter of
      fact our troops have been misused and have acted in violation of the
      principals of freedom and democracy more than they have been used to
      protect my freedom. Well at least that is how it has been during my
      forty two years on this planet. And now they are being misused like
      never before. As a matter of fact from the look of things they may
      be used against me/us soon; directly!

      On the other hand there are a bunch of good people who are really
      fighting for our freedom. We are not taking up arms or marching into
      civilian territories with guns and bombs and secret torture prisons.
      We are fighting to inform the rest of our brothers and sisters about
      what is really happening in our world and about who really poses
      threats to us!

      There are a few of us who are fighting directly for the freedom of
      the only industry that is important enough to be explicitly
      protected by the U.S. Constitution: the press. We are fighting the
      real enemy of freedom the people who have hijacked our political
      process and are in the process of eliminating individual freedoms
      and the concept of national sovereignty around the world. We are
      fighting the people who have hijacked the only industry protected by
      the Constitution. We are fighting to inform our fellow Americans
      about the issues that impact their freedom and their lives. We are
      fighting for them; even for the ones that think we are the enemy.

      You may call us anti-Republican. I call myself pro-Constitution.
      Personally I am anti-Republican and anti-Democrat. I am not foolish
      enough to think politicians of either corporate party are going to
      save our nation. I am of the opinion that we have to purge both
      parties, remove money completely from the political electoral
      process, eliminate all modern electronic technology (and private
      ownership) from the election voting system, and we have to replace
      our entire leadership with people who actually represent their
      constituents. We also have to eliminate ALL connections between
      industry and government. ALL CONNECTIONS! We need protection from
      corporations, not of corporations. Well, that's just my opinion.

      I may be called anti-American today by some, but if I and my fellow
      pro-Constitutional soldiers will one day be referred to with the
      same respect and admiration as any army that fought so hard so you
      can have your freedom. The difference is that we fight for real
      freedom, not corporate capitalist freedom! Think about it!"
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