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Re: Salman Rushdie (was: new Bondarev chapter on the Web)

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  • Steve Hale
    What Bondarev says is that the Jews denied the Christ when the actual event occurred, and have been denying Him ever since. As such, they have become a
    Message 1 of 81 , Jun 17, 2006
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      What Bondarev says is that the Jews denied the Christ when the
      actual event occurred, and have been denying Him ever since. As
      such, they have become a completely regressive culture, steeped in
      mammonism and the greedy hording of the little piece of land called
      Israel. And by denying the fact that Christ, The Messiah, actually
      came to earth in realization of the Old Testament Law of Moses and
      the Prophets, they unwittingly invited the being Ahasurus in
      replacement. Thus, 666 years before Gondeshapur, the Jews invoked
      the Anti-Christ with the decision to let Barabbas go and crucify
      Jesus. And their terminal guilt has galvanized over the course of
      these past two thousand years in the form of a denial that is worse
      than the holocaust itself. And this denial continues to plague
      humanity today.

      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "elfuncle"
      <reefer@...> wrote:
      > > Bondarev wrote:
      > >
      > > "...the secret societies of the West would
      > > have succeeding in diverting the cultural impulse before its
      > meeting
      > > with the Spirit Self, in forcing it further westwards. In this
      > > one would have succeeded in making the fifth cultural epoch, in
      > > which the Anglo-Saxon race - with full justification - plays a
      > > leading rĂ´le, eternal in a certain sense, in endowing it with a
      > > peculiar ahrimanic immortality. If this were to happen - says
      > Rudolf
      > > Steiner - the sixth cultural epoch would indeed begin, but it
      > > be transposed to South America..."
      > I've been browsing through some of the online texts by Bondarev,
      > frankly fail to discover anything unique or insightful with regard
      > to anthroposophy that an alert and studious reader would not pick
      > from reading Steiner's lectures directly without the distracting,
      > sidetracking, and disturbing interpretations and twists that
      > Bondarev is unsuccessfully trying to impress upon the anthro-
      > Or does Bondarev think he's an initiate or something, with Mr.
      > as one of his faithful followers?
      > What the Western lodges are concerned, I posted some key RS
      > about this subject a year or two ago and introduced some
      > Any comment on Steiner's work from participants on this list is a
      > lot more valuable than this third-hand Bondared propaganda by Mr.
      > Mason. If Bondarev had been a participant on this forum and
      > presented his views through interaction with others here, we might
      > be getting somewhere. As it is, Mr. Mason is pendling his stuff
      > list to list, although most anthros find it repellent because of
      > anti-Semitism and holocaust denial. As for the rest of Bondarev's
      > stuff, it's inflated and overrated by Mason and his ilk. There's
      > least a handful of people here at Anthroposophy Tomorrow who could
      > write books and articles that were a lot more valuable.
      > I'm curious if Mr. Mason is capable of standing his ground and
      > arguing his views without hiding behind this Bondarev character
      > usinjg it as a crutch. He says he doesn't believe in the holocaust
      > because it's "the official story". On the other hand, he refuses
      > answer how he feels aout Jews because the question is too
      > The only thing I can suggest is that Mike T at the AT psych clinic
      > pulls out his prescrition pad and write something potent for this
      > guy. It's his last hope.
      > Tarjei
    • elfuncle
      ... It seems to me that Mr. Hale s sentiments about Jews and your own sentiments about Muslims have crawled out from the same rock, and for this reason it
      Message 81 of 81 , Jul 14, 2006
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        "lightsearcher1" wrote:

        > Tarjei,
        > I'm proud to write you (here).
        > You are TS -- totally swell!
        > Having been occupied with work and school for a number
        > of weeks, I came here with breath held fast in anticipation
        > of the bile-spewing Jew-hatred I would find appearing here
        > over the recent days.
        > Well, I haven't even gotten anywhere near in the sequence to
        > the recent posts of the past week (I think I'm still back in late
        > June or early July -- and it's still almost worse than expected.
        > I'll have much more to say after force-feeding myself
        > with the dark dreck which I will likely encounter as I
        > finish reading everything up to the most recent time.
        > I am so absolutely proud of you for what I see below.

        It seems to me that Mr. Hale's sentiments about Jews and your own
        sentiments about Muslims have crawled out from the same rock, and
        for this reason it would be a tremendous pleasure for our circus
        audience, and their little children too, to come and watch you and
        Hale in gladiator combat. Maybe you win, maybe he wins, or maybe you
        end up joining forces against all Jews and Arabs, and Scandinavians
        too - who knows. Maybe you both kill each other. But please don't
        chicken out on me now, I've been waiting for this, and the circus
        tent is packed - completely sold out! - with guests, lurkers, all
        breathless in anticipation.

        Dottie and I are preparing for the Month of Ahriman throughout
        August in order to counterbalance the excessive lucifericism here,
        and we can't have a Month of Ahriman without flame wars and
        gladiator sports. You'll both get all the equipment you need for
        your bloodsport down below in the basement, from Mike H. He's got
        whips and chainsaws and spears, knives, grenades and anything you
        like. Militant hawks like yourself can't be wimps now, can they, so
        come on, buddy, give us a show and take Mr. Hale on in the AT circus.


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