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Re: The Truth About 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

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  • holderlin66
    May 30, 2006 -- http://news.yahoo.com/s/prweb/20060530/bs_prweb/prweb391617_1 The latest audio tape attributed to Osama bin Laden appears to be one more
    Message 1 of 79 , Jun 1, 2006
      May 30, 2006 --


      "The latest audio tape attributed to Osama bin Laden appears to be
      one more installment in a succession of evidence fabricated by the
      US government to deceive the American people, according to Scholars
      for 9/11 Truth. "This tape is only the latest in a series of
      fabrications intended to mislead the American people," said James H.
      Fetzer, the society's founder. "The closer we get to revealing the
      truth about 9/11, the more furiously the government fights to
      conceal it!" He said members of Scholars and other experts had
      detected evidence of fakery.

      In this new recording, a voice attributed to Osama bin Laden asserts
      that Zacarias Moussaoui was not involved in 9/11, which he knew to
      be the case because he had personally assigned the 19 hijackers
      involved in those events. The Osama of this tape thereby implicitly
      confesses his responsibility for orchestrating the attacks. However,
      in a tape released on December 27, 2001, the authenticity of which
      is not in doubt, Osama denied having had anything to do with
      9/11. "Moreover," Fetzer added, "some of the 19 hijackers
      he 'personally assigned' have turned up alive and well."

      To be sure, this new tape is not the first one in which bin Laden
      appears to take responsibility for the attacks. As David Ray
      Griffin, a prominent member of Scholars, points out, "The Osama on
      the video tape that appeared on December 13, 2001, confessed to
      planning the 9/11 attacks. But he is far darker and much heavier
      than the real Osama bin Laden. People can see the difference by
      looking up 'The Fake bin Laden Video Tape' on Google."

      Griffin's point is supported by a work-in-progress by members of
      Scholars for 9/11 Truth, which appears on its web site under the
      heading, "9/11: Have we been lied to?" It offers evidence of fakery
      in some of the videos based upon various physical properties of the
      figures that are presumed to be Osama, pointing out that there are
      differences in the ears, cheeks, eyebrows, length of the nose and
      shape of the nostrils. "The use of computer analysis can 'fine tune'
      these questions of facial characteristics," Fetzer said, "but the
      gross differences already show they are not the same."

      Content Inconsistencies

      "Another problem with the video of December 13, 2001," Griffin
      pointed out, "was that its stocky bin Laden praised two of the
      alleged hijackers, Wail M. Al-Shehri and Salem al-Hazmi, by name,
      and yet both the London Telegraph and the Saudi embassy reported
      several days after 9/11 that al-Hazmi was still alive and working in
      Saudi Arabia. Given the fact that the earlier video in which Osama
      confessed was clearly a fake, we should be suspicious of this latest
      apparent confession."

      A professor at Duke, Bruce Lawrence, who has published Messages to
      the World: The Statements of Osama bin Laden, expressed profound
      skepticism about a tape that was released January 17, 2006, in a
      report that appeared two days later. "There's nothing in this from
      the Koran," Lawrence said. "He's, by his own standards, a faithful
      Muslim who quotes scripture in defense of his actions. There's no
      quotation from the Koran in the excerpts we got, no reference to
      specific events, no reference to past atrocities." Lawrence also
      observed the tape ran only 10 minutes, whereas the shortest previous
      tape, at 18 minutes, was nearly twice as long.

      Fetzer noted that many of the same anomalous properties are found in
      the latest tape. "Compared to Osama's past performances," he
      observed, "this message is too short, too direct, and full of
      falsehoods. It was even described on CBS News by Bob Schieffer
      as 'almost American'." A translation of the text of the tape has
      also been released by IntelCenter, a private company that does
      contract work for the US government. "I suppose I would be accused
      of being a 'conspiracy theorist' to suggest there is any
      connection," Fetzer added.

      Authentic Voice/Fake Content

      Informed that Reuters news agency has reported confirmation that the
      voice on the tape is indeed that of Osama bin Laden, Fetzer
      replied, "The fact that the voice is his does not prove that the
      tape is authentic. We have had phony tapes before using voices that
      were authentic. Mark Bingham, a passenger on Flight 93, is supposed
      to have called his mother and said, 'Hi, Mom, this is Mark Bingham!'
      His mother confirmed it was his voice, but does anyone seriously
      believe that Mark Bingham would have used his last name in
      identifying himself to his mother?"

      Griffin agreed, adding, "Back in 1999, William Arkin published an
      article entitled, 'When Seeing and Hearing isn't Believing' (which
      can also be accessed on Google). Describing the new technology
      of 'voice morphing' (or 'voice synthesizing'), Arkin explained that,
      if audio technicians have a recording of your voice, then they can
      create a tape in which your voice‹your authentic voice!‹says
      anything they wish."

      In a press release on April 22, 2006, the Scholars observed that a
      tape played at the trail of Zacarias Moussaoui included discussion
      among the passengers about using a drink cart to break down the
      cabin door alleged to have been picked up on a cockpit voice
      recorder, which does not record conversations in the passenger
      cabin. "This is not the first and certainly will not be the last
      time that the American government plays the American people for
      suckers," Fetzer said."
    • Mike T
      Hi Dottie, So what is the nature of soul? How do you understand your soul in relation to your I (lower and higher). When one askes what is the nature of
      Message 79 of 79 , Jun 5, 2006
        Hi Dottie,
        So what is the nature of soul? How do you understand your soul in relation
        to your 'I' (lower and higher). When one askes what is the nature of soul,
        we ask where it began, how it has developed (the stages in the education of
        the human being) what happens to it when it is fully transformed? So a soul
        which is worked on by our higher member, transforms (to spirit self) and
        when fully transformed, how does it relate to the lower members of the human
        being. We know that for the heirarchies above us, there lowest members are
        to be found in the human higher members. So if a human transforms all of his
        lowest members, as Christ showed us the Son of Man (i.e. no more physical,
        etheric, astral) but spirit self, life spirit and spirit man, what then is
        the lowest member, and is the human then not on a higher level than the
        current human stage?

        What is your current soul life experience? Will your soul continue with you
        when you cross the threshold? or only part of it? or none of it? Do you need
        a soul in the spiritual world? When you cross the threshold, how will it be
        with the soul, what will you know of it there; is it the I that will
        traverse the heavens or the I and the soul? When we sleep we take the soul
        with us, why do we do this? Do we identify more with our soul than our I? If
        so, how can we tell, or how can we change this? or do we want to change

        When we gain an understanding of our theosophy, will we have a better
        understanding of the mysteries and the questions you have posed? The complex
        of what is the Nathan Soul, did not Prokofieff write entire chapters on
        this? To understand the Nathan Soul, do you think it would not be good to
        study this material? How does one do that on the net? The net is very
        limitied don't you think, for human to human interaction.? Isn't all one
        gets on here just dry ibones so to speak? Where is the feeling realm of the
        soul on here?

        Not sure if this is what you had in mind Dottie?
        Mike T


        >"What about the Nathan Soul in relations to the I of
        >Jesus and the Divinity Christ? Are we calling the I of
        >Jesus, the Zarathustra soul, the I that is incarnating
        >over and over and if so where does this leave the
        >Nathan Soul?
        >Now if the Nathan Soul lived in the one we call Jesus
        >and then is united with the Zarathustra soul and then
        >it leaves when the Christ descends do we still have
        >the Nathan Soul with the Christ Being? And if we have
        >the Nathan Soul with the Christ Being, which I am
        >thinking along this way, we have an imprint onto a
        >Virgin Soul of the Christ Being, that has now become
        >not only creaturely but also heavenly in a new sense?
        >Do we have a completely new human being in that set

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