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      > In a message dated 3/1/2004 11:11:57 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      > pstauden@... writes:
      > > also denounced ariosophy. Do you conclude that ariosophy
      > therefore
      > > had nothing in common ideologically with Nazism?
      > >
      > I have no conclusions about what ariosophy had in "common ideologically"
      > Nazism.

      Dear Christiue ,
      Ariosophy was the basic sistem of beliefs of the early Nazi bosses that
      were former followers of Thule Geselleschaft. (See Goodrick Clarke and
      others). When the nazis changed from a little party till to become the
      State itself , they " put in a corner" some of the old Ariosophy's gurus,
      like Lanz or Glauer (alias Von Sebottendorff) , who died in Turkey in
      1945. It's easy to undserstand why. Glauer, for instance has been writing a
      "Before Hitler came" book just dedicated to explain the occult roots of
      Nazi beliefs .
      PS' tricky answer about it is one of his typical way to shuffle the cards
      on the table and it's a way to give not answers at all. Rabbit's escape.

      If you have a look at what I have been posting a couple of days ago about
      the flight of Hess to UK you'll find also that the link between Ariosophy
      and English non-christian occultism is one of the keys that helps us to
      grasp the core of the occult events behind WWII.


      I am trying to establish what Anthroposophy did or did not have in
      > "common ideologically with Nazism. Perhaps the other references you give
      me by
      > other "self-proclaimed Nazis" will help with this. Thanks. (Christine)
      > >
      > > Peter
      > >
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