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  • Peter Staudenmaier
    Hi Christine, you wrote: You have cited ONE author, not a number of self-proclaimed racists Yes, that s how examples work. Would you like more examples?
    Message 1 of 35 , Mar 1, 2004
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      Hi Christine, you wrote:

      "You have cited ONE author, not "a number of self-proclaimed racists""
      Yes, that's how examples work. Would you like more examples?
      "The author's name is Kerry Bolton."
      I think that is very likely true, but the pamphlet (I have a copy) does not list an author.
      "I did find the review below"
      Yes, that review is by Troy Southgate. I posted the very same thing to the waldorf critics list on May 16, 2002.

      "If this booklet quotes from Biehl & Staudenmeier, then it came out AFTER your article, not before"
      The book I co-authored with Janet Biehl was published in 1995. My first article on anthroposophy was published in 2000.
      "[The Third Reich, however, denounced Steiner's teachings]"
      The Nazis also denounced ariosophy. Do you conclude that ariosophy therefore had nothing in common ideologically with Nazism?


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    • holderlin66
      Frank Thomas Smith wrote: Hey, Bradford, (Please note that I let you get away with that Skull and Bones bit from a sense of comradeship -
      Message 35 of 35 , Mar 9, 2004
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        "Frank Thomas Smith" <franksmith@v...> wrote:

        Hey, Bradford,
        (Please note that I let you get away
        with that Skull and Bones bit from a sense of comradeship - or was it
        laziness?) Sometimes though, old buddy, I haven't the foggiest about
        you're talking. The Zundel affair is a case in point. You give us a
        lines and point us to some fruitcake "freedom" site, which seems to
        defending Zundel's civil rights. So what was your point? I asked.
        Did you
        agree with the site that there's some kind of conspiracy against

        Duh SPEakcurs Meanie!!!!
        by OB wan Kinobie

        My take is that to marginalize the immensity of
        > Spiritual Science into a racist doctrine and have lots of little
        > pamphlets, with racist and antisemite supremacy information
        > scattered with RS's named dropped here and there and punctuated by
        > some professional ideological rapists, trained ideological serial
        > killers, who appear like they have reason to brand Waldorf and RS
        > a racist, will deflate, detour, deter and prevent potential Waldorf
        > Parents, students, sane and balanced Goethean seekers, Ben Arrons
        > work, the central core of the I Am and the intimacy and accuracy of
        > the Christ Event from ever becoming an actual option or living
        > choice once the land mines and racist plagues are planted all over
        > the Cult of AS.
        the opinionated
        > ideological serial killers sent as hit squads to defame Steiner,
        > never caused any real harm, they claim, because everything was just
        > ideologies and they of course are not rooted to any inner moral
        > development. At least not in students and not in Professors so they
        > can stick nails whereever they want, because it doesn't hurt,
        > because man has no soul, so what is the big difference between
        > Serial propaganda rapists and the insanity of Zundel... not too
        > friggin much!
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