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R: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: The I AM Experience and the roots of racism

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    Dearest Bradford, so deep your answer that I have to print it out and take a good while to go into. Tks,brother! A. ... From: holderlin66
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      Dearest Bradford,
      so deep your answer that I have to print it out and take a good while to go


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      > --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com,
      > Andrea with Pauline clarity;
      > "As he woke up one morning he saw himself immersed in a powerful
      > bright spiritual sea of Light and, walking with a jail guard in
      > order to gain some water outside, he noticed that from each one
      > human being he met, whatever his physical appearance was, there
      > went towards himself a radiant Being of Love, the Same for everyone
      > but , in the same time, absolutely individual for everyone. No
      > matter if none of the human being living in such a Light had no
      > cognition to be such an I AM power. This powerful and wonderful
      > experience was only a further beginning of a cognitive path that led
      > him , in the course of time, to write not only those wonderful 28
      > books, but also to create, ex-nihilo, a radiant healthy and powerful
      > spiritual centre in the hearth of the most Lucipherically-dominated
      > town in the world.
      > Re-thinking the I AM experience shortly described above there are
      > a couple of things to add:
      > 1)A Spiritual Event like this broke up every possible "racist"
      > gesture still present , often for very karmic motives, in a
      > biography.
      > 2) There are several different experiences of this kind well known,
      > I remind of a friend of mine who, while he was looking at a strange
      > urban "clochard" with a mix of repulsion and irony, saw and felt
      > himself took up till an unimaginable high sky where his own I AM and
      > the hobo's one were together swimming in the same brightness.Or
      > let's think about the "Wild Bill Cody" described in George
      > Richtie's "Return to Tomorrow" who was able to gain such an
      > experience via his own will of Love. "Wild Bill" gained such a
      > power by the means of a terrible personal tragedy (the murder of his
      > wife and his five children made by Nazi in front of his eyes in
      > Warzsaw), an anthropop has the gift to gain it by the means of an
      > honestly trained inner developmental path."
      > Bradford in brotherhood;
      > These experiences, by wonderful friends, where the human being opens
      > inwardly to the etheric splendor, is either grasped through
      > excruciating trauma, or we slowly learn to see this upward path of
      > the I AM in ourselves. We all need a little help. With those who
      > have convinced themselves that the Intellectual Soul is the only way
      > out, that mind games are the last stand against hypocrisy, they
      > stand waiting in the cross hairs of the seed of the soul.
      > It is no easy matter to dislodge the deep seated deception that has
      > been allowed open season, culminating in the Church of the Unrisen
      > Light and attempting to insert a fallen nature against the Gods
      > highest plans.. It is for the Etheric Christ and the biographical
      > and karmic crisis where the stages to Consciousness Soul arise in
      > clarity. Here we might dwell in the pure human waters that allow us
      > to see the new mysteries, that indeed, while the Gods have indeed
      > left the building...The Accomplished Work of the Gods, have finished
      > the Nature and Spirit structures in the human model.
      > There came this offering that Michael gave over his regency of
      > Cosmic Intelligence, into the mighty heart forces of humanity, where
      > dwell the last vestiages of humanities stride toward the Divine. In
      > this inner Heart realm, dwell the Etheric Christ. The Michael
      > Intelligence waiting to be pollinated..The pollinating can be
      > Gradual and Grail like or hellish and traumatic. There remains the
      > mighty force of dennial that Saul experienced with his LOGOS
      > certainity, crucifying and stoning those that would present the
      > stunning reality of the long awaited moment. Saul was a very high,
      > highly intelligent, strong willed Initiate in the Hebrew mysteries.
      > Such capacity, stubbornness of will, as in P.S. or Catherine and
      > drifting to John Nash, reflect the thinking certainty and capacity
      > that hangs on the knife edge. That the highest of the Gods, entered
      > and would dwell with humanity until the entire work, I by I is
      > accomplished sets the tone of the Path in this our 5th post-
      > Atlantean epoch.
      > In this free territory of the Accomplished Work of the Gods,
      > vestiges of Lucifer and the full frontal maturity and ripeness of
      > humanity to meet Ahriman and bring Science and Thinking out into the
      > full realization of the stunning blueprint that the gods left in
      > both nature and the human I Am structure, is a universal challenge.
      > Ahriman assists in this challenge, but also is one of the death
      > forces that shatter the shell of the Intellectual Soul, decays it
      > from within until it shatters like the end of Lord of the Rings. The
      > entire filiments, eaten away by will-o-wisps and hell together by
      > strength of will, collapses.
      > Inventions, science and most astonishingly, the full outline of
      > Occult Science and the Inner Theosophy structure of the Ninefold
      > human being has been laid out with humanized clarity.All this is
      > handed over to humanity. And one after the other the experiences
      > arise revealing the higher structure of the human being. It is a
      > tragedy and a pity to be trapped in the death struggle with
      > Ahriman's deceptions.
      > It is not for any one of us to not recognize the inner struggle that
      > Saul had in himself to become St. Paul. He faced his other self, the
      > Saulian self, as he would murder, without remorse, the Christ. Saul
      > would have cheered that another dip shit, law breaker and terrorist
      > to the community, spouting total fanstasy, was killed. Good riddance
      > to bad rubish Saul would say, with the voice of his own people.
      > Saul, highly spirited and obeying the letter of the Law in his
      > denial, was model of the gift from the Dead God Christ.
      > Christ asks humanity, in their common understanding of Intelligence
      > to come forward and have heart flowing feeling united with Science
      > certainity...to take up the mission of the Earth, as brothers of the
      > unfolding potential Earth's great mission.
      > Bitter nightmare and human beastliness makes every human being kick
      > against the pricks. When any one wins this new perception, there is
      > no doubt that indeed there is a Spiritual World. All of the
      > deceptions fall away and from here the deed of Dr. Steiner and so
      > many others Living and Dead, come to the aid and support of the
      > struggling soul.
      > And though this may sound like a whimpering and giving in to
      > some 'mirage' of born again sentient soul silliness, and can strike
      > one as weakness and cultishness.. Tasting Spiritual Vision and
      > Spiritual Thought that lifts the soul is profound certainity.
      > Certainy slowly built out of the thinking and research that now can
      > tackle Fission, cloning, and the mysteries of nature both
      > Pythagorean and biological and very slowly the intimate pieces of
      > the puzzle are refitted back into what was truly forseen, as the
      > Accomplished, Finished and Completed work of the Gods in this the
      > Earth Evolution we inhabit.
      > But the beauty is that all that hopes to happen may not happen. It
      > rests with humanity and we cannot predict exactly how the chips may
      > fall. All of this, sits now, solely in the Hearts of Men.
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