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Re: Platonism, Magdalen and Socrates' "Imaginary Boy"/ Dottie

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  • dottie zold
    ... Danny, what are you exactly trying to say here? In reading Heavenly Sophia and looking at your words here I feel as if there is an intermingling of
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1, 2004
      > And back or forth to around the 1800 turn
      > We do get Fat Boy/Little Boy Jesus
      > The Nathan Soul to enter as Fire
      > In the Central Nervous system of F.H.
      > The one living as the other one who died
      > In 1801 was to stay around
      > As a "Rabbit" "Imaginary Boy"...
      > Phaedrus had finally reached
      > Divine Madness - Fission
      > And Fusion in the Brain...
      > Look at Babies as they are
      > A 'Unified' "Ball" of Energy...
      > What would it be if you "dropped"
      > Such an entity in a man elderly...
      > The Structural is fractured or "schi"ed...
      > And what do they also do the babies?
      > Yep, 'Twist and Shout' kind of "Madly"...
      > To what aim specific a Nathan Soul
      > "Lazaruzation" of such an Individual?

      Danny, what are you exactly trying to say here? In reading Heavenly
      Sophia and looking at your words here I feel as if there is an
      intermingling of thoughts and I can not put my finger on it exactly
      but it is in the 'air' so to speak.

      > Steiner about the Maitreya Buddha:
      > "Thus does he prepare for a great event.
      > This will be as follows: The old ego passes out
      > and another ego then enters. And this may be
      > such an individuality as Moses, Abraham,
      > Elijah. This ego will then be active
      > for a certain time in this body; thus
      > can that take place which must take place
      > in order to prepare the Maitreya Buddha.
      > For the rest of his life he lives with this [new]
      > ego which enters at that moment"(lecture
      > of 5 November 1911, Esoteric Christianity
      > and the Mission of Christian Rosenkreutz,
      > RSP 1984).
      Danny, in looking at the fact that, just for Anthroposophia alone,
      that every one hundred years of ours is one for Her, do you think
      that it is the same for the Maitreya Buddha? And in this are we
      speaking of the same person, forgive my ignorance, who lived one
      hundred years before Jesus and who some might surmise as being the
      Lazarus man?

      Where is this Maitreya Buddha, in what sphere are we talking about?
      Or maybe I am confusing it with Jesu Ben Padira? Am I? Are they one
      and the same in the past present and future of our Earth?


      > 'The Wings' on the Youth Impulse:
      > "When the rain exploded
      > In a mighty crash
      > And we fell into the sun
      > Band on the run"
      > Who and Lennon about the 9
      > Worlds and Odin - the Buddha
      > Reference again and these curious
      > "Mantras baby-talks"?
      > 'Dream #9'
      > "Took a walk down the street
      > Thus the heat whispered trees
      > I thought I could hear(hear, hear, hear)
      > Somebody call out my name
      > As it started to rain ( . . . )
      > Two spirits dancing so strange
      > Ah! bawakawa poussa, poussa
      > Dream, dream away
      > Magic in the air (. . .)
      > On a river of sound
      > Through the mirror go round"
      > Other sounds - Harrison
      > Vs. Krishna the Radiance
      > (Macrocosmic Nathan Soul) aspect;
      > FLUID also in Micro-Man as his last
      > Version of 'My Sweet Lord' testifies
      > In 2000 the remake: SLIDE guitar...
      > But this one also is a Krishna
      > "Twist and Shout"...:
      > 'Wah-Wah'
      > "And I'm thinking of you
      > And the things that we used to do
      > (. . . )
      > You made me such a big star
      > Being there at the right time"...
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