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      Magdalene and Krishna the "Imaginary Boy".
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      De : dottie zold<dottie_z@...>=20
      > Gnostic Gospel of Thomas
      > On the Etherization
      > State of Integration
      > Soft and Gentle -
      > Being born Angel
      > Before being one
      > On Jupiter; thus
      > A name such as 'IMPULSE'
      > For the Christ's Deeds on Earth:
      > "(22) Jesus saw infants being suckled
      > He said to his disciples," These infants
      > being suckled are like those who enter
      > the kingdom. They said to him" Shall
      > we then enter as children, enter the kingdom?"
      > *[On the HermeAphrodite;=20
      > Marriage - our Physical
      > To be a Body Ethereal
      > Fashioned - in Christ we Form=20
      > From the Conscious us in Mineral Platform
      > The Transition to the next level of Evolution]
      > (*DF, my insertion.)
      > It continues:
      > "When you make the inside like the outside
      > and the outside like the inside, and the above
      > like the below, and when you make the male
      > and the female one and the same, so that
      > the male not be male nor female female;
      > and when you fashion eyes in the place
      > of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand
      > and a foot in place of a foot, and a likeness
      > in place of a likeness; then you will enter the
      > kingdom".

      Danny, in here is the mystery that Prokofieff does not
      share. And that is because it is not time. It seems to
      me what we are talking about is the Spirit Man.=20
      Hi Dottie,

      Ultimatly, Ultimatly!

      But twould then be as a Consequential=20
      And Monitored by Higher Beings;
      For it doesn't go that we perform
      Anything there as we can act on
      Moving a limb or go from one thought
      To the other, change our emotional states etc.

      The core of the above would rather be -
      As you have said with Hegel's philosophy;
      The turning point Intellectual if it goes
      Plunging more and more into the Senses
      As to being "Absorbed" by them - listen,
      As to being Enclosed in a Silica Prison!
      The Spatial Element winning over Man
      And his higher principles, which of course
      Involves him: Self! Being Intrinsic Spiritual
      Though in a Mineral world Fallen....=20

      Or take hold of oneself in TIME...
      And this is where it becomes very interesting
      To go in the place of the brain
      As though to make in it a Fission Crisis
      Through the Light White Astral; which
      Reminds me of the words of Pink Floyd's=20
      'Astronomy Domine': "Stars can frighten"...
      The Sound Resounded, but Distortion
      A Knot - Lucifer Trapped the Light,
      Shattered; Ahriman comes later
      So to end with the ICY WATER;
      Rocks, which where once the Spirit Sounds
      That came out of the WORD=20
      Who got Configurated Manifold
      Through a whole Symphonic Hierarchical...

      Our physical body inside an Etheric one Formative;
      Chiefly Musical the Chemical Ether Rings;
      Don't we enter here in the Chymical Wedding?
      Horus-Rosenkreutz the son of Isis

      Why did John was Christ's Beloved?
      Could it be of his ability to transform
      Wisdom into Love? "that which is written
      In our hearts" - we arrive at the Child.
      Again what is the Pecularity of the SUN?
      It streams United the Etheric and the Astral
      Which has for Result of Productsing Special
      A Unique Metal: GOLD. And a little Images
      Calculation does then equal to Supersensible=20
      The Heart of Gold Moral the Age SOLAR
      INTEGRATION which will be for us later
      The Earth's Embodiment called VENUS;
      Which Corresponds to what the Greeks
      Called CHRISTOS: Buddhi the Life-Spirit.
      This is the far it leads straightfully
      The Famous Connection Magdalene,
      Lazarus and John the Baptist...

      Who could not see that the Lotus Feet
      Of Krishna finds an Echo in the Scene
      Of Mary Magdalene washing Christ's ones
      With her hair? That's in direct Relation
      With the Platonic Love Divine Higher Venus!=20
      Something not Sexual, but Pure and Celestial!
      Again the State Previous to Astral - 14 years
      Old it correspond; thus the Young and Sweet
      Foremost the Infant - before the Teen-age Split
      Moon Enters Projecting you to the ground
      Of the Pulsions reproductive urges=20
      Man Kama-Matter association...=20

      But redirection of Desires =E0 la Buddha
      The Astral reverse it's descent away from EA;
      Cat-Horus/Catharis a Change Beneficial
      Occur the Occult Transformation Impact;
      The 'I' in Christ 'I AM'ize the Sheaths, that
      Even down unto the Physical by Mediation
      Of the Etheric you Form and Hold a Fact
      Of Transubstantitation Reach Deep Within
      The Structural Finished Work of the Gods;
      As Christ Revealed the Making of Everything
      New - by the Power of His Mighty Exalted Ego.

      The Drama Central of Man is told many ways
      By stories Imaginative Source same - though
      Can get many twists and variations fidel
      To the Spirit Initial; such as 'K-PAX' for example...

      Compare with Look at this Primal;
      (Steiner's: The Gospel of St LUKE)

      "... in order then, when mankind would be=20
      in greatest need, to descend into the earthly
      sphere, The Being of spiritual light,=20
      that Being who was concealed behind
      the physical Sun, remained aloft in
      the sphere of the spirit. He abides
      in the heavenly spheres and descends,
      if mankind should so need, in order
      that human beings might again be borne
      up into the spiritual worlds."

      who shall lead there first for us, after Christ of
      course who has, is Anthroposophia. And in here I find
      the mystery of the Magdalene unfolded before my very

      I just paid $2.29 for gas and it is so not a good day
      to be in Hollywood and need to get around with a car:(
      I paid $7 for a ticket to 'The Passion of the Christ'
      And got 90% blood effusion images=20
      Through out the film. That which made
      It bearable was the 10% of Christ's Words
      And the Togetherness with the Disciples...

      It seems people are always confined
      Together, cluttered, small scope, no width;
      So that the Concept comes quick
      For such a film - in mind: --> NARROW.

      You are bound to remember=20
      And be disgusted by the noise
      Of the barbwired whip that gets stuck
      On the side of the rib cage of Jesus
      As a whole expanse of flesh get ripped
      Making appear the bones - which you will
      See again many times in this Gory movie.

      Go rent 'K-PAX' instead -
      May you want the Christ's Consciousness
      Felt, instead of the Demonological=20
      Bloody Passion of Gibson...

      All my best to you Dottie
      And listees; keep the good stuff coming! :)

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