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Re: The I AM Experience and the roots of racism

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  • holderlin66
    ... Andrea with Pauline clarity; As he woke up one morning he saw himself immersed in a powerful bright spiritual sea of Light and, walking with a jail guard
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 29, 2004
      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com,

      Andrea with Pauline clarity;

      "As he woke up one morning he saw himself immersed in a powerful
      bright spiritual sea of Light and, walking with a jail guard in
      order to gain some water outside, he noticed that from each one
      human being he met, whatever his physical appearance was, there
      went towards himself a radiant Being of Love, the Same for everyone
      but , in the same time, absolutely individual for everyone. No
      matter if none of the human being living in such a Light had no
      cognition to be such an I AM power. This powerful and wonderful
      experience was only a further beginning of a cognitive path that led
      him , in the course of time, to write not only those wonderful 28
      books, but also to create, ex-nihilo, a radiant healthy and powerful
      spiritual centre in the hearth of the most Lucipherically-dominated
      town in the world.

      Re-thinking the I AM experience shortly described above there are
      a couple of things to add:

      1)A Spiritual Event like this broke up every possible "racist"
      gesture still present , often for very karmic motives, in a

      2) There are several different experiences of this kind well known,
      I remind of a friend of mine who, while he was looking at a strange
      urban "clochard" with a mix of repulsion and irony, saw and felt
      himself took up till an unimaginable high sky where his own I AM and
      the hobo's one were together swimming in the same brightness.Or
      let's think about the "Wild Bill Cody" described in George
      Richtie's "Return to Tomorrow" who was able to gain such an
      experience via his own will of Love. "Wild Bill" gained such a
      power by the means of a terrible personal tragedy (the murder of his
      wife and his five children made by Nazi in front of his eyes in
      Warzsaw), an anthropop has the gift to gain it by the means of an
      honestly trained inner developmental path."

      Bradford in brotherhood;

      These experiences, by wonderful friends, where the human being opens
      inwardly to the etheric splendor, is either grasped through
      excruciating trauma, or we slowly learn to see this upward path of
      the I AM in ourselves. We all need a little help. With those who
      have convinced themselves that the Intellectual Soul is the only way
      out, that mind games are the last stand against hypocrisy, they
      stand waiting in the cross hairs of the seed of the soul.

      It is no easy matter to dislodge the deep seated deception that has
      been allowed open season, culminating in the Church of the Unrisen
      Light and attempting to insert a fallen nature against the Gods
      highest plans.. It is for the Etheric Christ and the biographical
      and karmic crisis where the stages to Consciousness Soul arise in
      clarity. Here we might dwell in the pure human waters that allow us
      to see the new mysteries, that indeed, while the Gods have indeed
      left the building...The Accomplished Work of the Gods, have finished
      the Nature and Spirit structures in the human model.

      There came this offering that Michael gave over his regency of
      Cosmic Intelligence, into the mighty heart forces of humanity, where
      dwell the last vestiages of humanities stride toward the Divine. In
      this inner Heart realm, dwell the Etheric Christ. The Michael
      Intelligence waiting to be pollinated..The pollinating can be
      Gradual and Grail like or hellish and traumatic. There remains the
      mighty force of dennial that Saul experienced with his LOGOS
      certainity, crucifying and stoning those that would present the
      stunning reality of the long awaited moment. Saul was a very high,
      highly intelligent, strong willed Initiate in the Hebrew mysteries.
      Such capacity, stubbornness of will, as in P.S. or Catherine and
      drifting to John Nash, reflect the thinking certainty and capacity
      that hangs on the knife edge. That the highest of the Gods, entered
      and would dwell with humanity until the entire work, I by I is
      accomplished sets the tone of the Path in this our 5th post-
      Atlantean epoch.

      In this free territory of the Accomplished Work of the Gods,
      vestiges of Lucifer and the full frontal maturity and ripeness of
      humanity to meet Ahriman and bring Science and Thinking out into the
      full realization of the stunning blueprint that the gods left in
      both nature and the human I Am structure, is a universal challenge.
      Ahriman assists in this challenge, but also is one of the death
      forces that shatter the shell of the Intellectual Soul, decays it
      from within until it shatters like the end of Lord of the Rings. The
      entire filiments, eaten away by will-o-wisps and hell together by
      strength of will, collapses.

      Inventions, science and most astonishingly, the full outline of
      Occult Science and the Inner Theosophy structure of the Ninefold
      human being has been laid out with humanized clarity.All this is
      handed over to humanity. And one after the other the experiences
      arise revealing the higher structure of the human being. It is a
      tragedy and a pity to be trapped in the death struggle with
      Ahriman's deceptions.

      It is not for any one of us to not recognize the inner struggle that
      Saul had in himself to become St. Paul. He faced his other self, the
      Saulian self, as he would murder, without remorse, the Christ. Saul
      would have cheered that another dip shit, law breaker and terrorist
      to the community, spouting total fanstasy, was killed. Good riddance
      to bad rubish Saul would say, with the voice of his own people.
      Saul, highly spirited and obeying the letter of the Law in his
      denial, was model of the gift from the Dead God Christ.

      Christ asks humanity, in their common understanding of Intelligence
      to come forward and have heart flowing feeling united with Science
      certainity...to take up the mission of the Earth, as brothers of the
      unfolding potential Earth's great mission.

      Bitter nightmare and human beastliness makes every human being kick
      against the pricks. When any one wins this new perception, there is
      no doubt that indeed there is a Spiritual World. All of the
      deceptions fall away and from here the deed of Dr. Steiner and so
      many others Living and Dead, come to the aid and support of the
      struggling soul.

      And though this may sound like a whimpering and giving in to
      some 'mirage' of born again sentient soul silliness, and can strike
      one as weakness and cultishness.. Tasting Spiritual Vision and
      Spiritual Thought that lifts the soul is profound certainity.
      Certainy slowly built out of the thinking and research that now can
      tackle Fission, cloning, and the mysteries of nature both
      Pythagorean and biological and very slowly the intimate pieces of
      the puzzle are refitted back into what was truly forseen, as the
      Accomplished, Finished and Completed work of the Gods in this the
      Earth Evolution we inhabit.

      But the beauty is that all that hopes to happen may not happen. It
      rests with humanity and we cannot predict exactly how the chips may
      fall. All of this, sits now, solely in the Hearts of Men.
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