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Jerusalem Post 2/8/2002

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    Forwarded by Christine - no editorializing ********************* Adam high on Steiner Jerusalem Post; 2/8/2002; Barry Davis Jerusalem Post 02-08-2002 Headline:
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      Forwarded by Christine - no editorializing

      Adam high on Steiner

      Jerusalem Post; 2/8/2002; Barry Davis

      Jerusalem Post


      Headline: Adam high on Steiner
      Byline: Barry Davis
      Edition; In Jerusalem
      Section: News
      Page: 09

      Friday, February 8, 2002 -- When the head of the Waldorf-Astoria industrial
      plant in Stuttgart, Germany, asked Rudolf Steiner to set up a school for the
      children of the plant's employees at the beginning of the twentieth century,
      little did he imagine how his idea would take on a life of its own.

      A century or so later there are over 300 schools around the world based on
      the principles of the Steiner approach to education. In Israel, there are three
      Steiner (otherwise known as "Waldorf" or "anthroposophic") schools and over a
      dozen kindergartens.

      Earlier this week a decision was made to open a high school in Jerusalem,
      allowing local students a full 12 years of anthroposophic school education.

      The Adam school was established as a Steiner primary school in Jerusalem
      almost nine years ago. It began as an experimental educational framework with no
      funding from the authorities. During its brief life it has occupied five
      different premises. Three years ago it moved to its current site on Emek Refaim
      Street, provided by the Jerusalem Municipality, where it plans to remain. Like the
      other Israeli Steiner schools, in Tivon and Harduf in the Galilee, Adam is
      now recognized by the Ministry of Education and qualifies for state funding.

      As the years passed the Adam school naturally grew, new grades joined the
      initial group of students, and currently around 230 students attend. Two years
      ago a junior high school was established.

      Elya Reznik, arts and crafts teacher, school spokesperson and mother of two
      children at the school, says the decision to open the high school was not an
      easy one, but it was important to allow ninth grade students to continue their
      education in the same framework. "We have been planning the high school for a
      year and a half. We wanted to keep the students at the school and not arrive at
      a situation whereby this year's ninth graders would leave Adam for a year and
      return the following year - if at all - if we delayed opening the high
      school. Continuity is very important."

      When anthroposophic education first came to Jerusalem, that continuity was
      missing. The first kindergarten was opened 18 years ago and it took quite a
      while before a primary school was organized. "It's not easy to establish a new
      school, particularly when the approach is considered 'experimentalâ'" Reznik

      Tenth to twelfth grade Adam students will study all the standard subjects,
      including a wide range of sciences, arts and languages - primarily English and
      Arabic - and will take bagrut examinations. True to its holistic philosophy,
      Reznik says the high school students will also maintain a relatively high degree
      of community involvement.

      "We feel it is important for students to be active outside the school too,"
      she says.

      Keywords: Education. School. Rudolf Steiner.

      Copyright 2002 Jerusalem Post. All Rights Reserved
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