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Re: Sophia and Anthroposophia Oops 2

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  • dottie zold
    Dottie: Although I do wonder how it is that one can indeed experience Michael as one can experience Christ. (...) ... Okay so here is what Mr. Prokofieff has
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 28, 2004
      Although I do wonder how it is that one can indeed experience Michael
      as one can experience Christ.


      >So, how is it that Michael is in the Etheric as Christ? Is he? If
      >not how do we experience this?

      Okay so here is what Mr. Prokofieff has to say about Michael in this
      sphere: pg 99

      " The Archangel Michael had to prepare for descending himself to the
      Earth, in a certain sense imitating the great process of the descent
      of Christ Jesus...adopting the Earth as his starting point and
      continuing to work from teh standpoint of Earth.

      Of course, the 'descent of Michael to the Earth' is a supersensible
      and not a physical descent. But as will be said later on, in order to
      carry out his new spiritual activity he had to find 'his starting
      point on Earth to continue working from the standpoint of Earth.


      In other words we have here to do with a twofold supersensible
      process: on the one hand with the descent of Michael, the present
      Time-Spirit, into the immediate spiritual surroundings of the Earth,
      and on the other, the beginning developement of the Spirit Self
      principle of Anthroposophia in her own being."

      He goes onto say something of Dr. Steiner which for me makes the most
      sense if anything ever did in my whole life: pg 83

      Thus Rudolf Steiner became the first person to recieve in full
      consciousness the communion of the Michaelic intelligence from teh
      spiritual chalice, given to him in the higher worlds by the heavenly
      Sophia through the supersensible being who serves her. Thus what had
      been taking place unconscioulsy amongst mankind throughout modern
      times was concentrated at this historic moment in one human being,
      who manifested in his individual life an archtypal picture of this
      path for the whole of humanity.

      As a result, Rudolf Steiner became the first earthly representative
      and emissary of the heavenly Sophia on Earth."

      So, here in my life is where I have been led by Dr. Steiner: Reading
      this man makes my whole last three and a half years have some real
      meaning of where I have been leading on this journey. I remember
      fighting so hard for this point that he has was the one who was
      leading me to the Magdalene mystery and it is true. And it is in his
      Fifth Gospel that the being Anthroposophia is made known to all. What
      a journey it has been. And I am so thankful that I have found this
      book of the Heavenly Sophia after I had to duke it out for my point
      otherwise I would probably be stuck in the phenomina of the mystery
      versus grounding it in thought.

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