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      > Subj: Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] agreement and disagreement
      > Date: 2/25/2004 1:58:25 AM Eastern Standard Time
      > From: pstauden@... (Peter Staudenmaier)
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      > Hi Christine,
      > > Try to keep in mind that there are a number of self-proclaimed racists
      > > there who appreciate and promote Steiner's racial theories precisely
      > because
      > > they see these theories as compatible with their own racist worldviews.
      > WHO?????
      > For starters, there's the 1999 pamphlet "Rudolph Steiner & the Mystique of
      > Blood and Soil: The Volkisch Views of the Founder of Anthroposophy" from
      > Zealand; you can find extensive excerpts from it at the waldorf critics
      > archive, in a message from Dan Dugan on August 11, 2002, subject heading "
      > racist pamphlet from NZ neo-nazi". (The pamphlet also contains a fair bit
      > material on Steiner's views on Jews.)
      > Peter

      Well, Mr. Staudenmeier,

      I have been researching the author of the above pamphlet (who you couldn't or
      wouldn't even name in your response to my question.)

      1. You have cited ONE author, not "a number of self-proclaimed racists"

      2. The author's name is Kerry Bolton. He is not only a self-proclaimed
      Neo-Nazi of a terribly vocal and vociferous kind. He has quite a number of articles
      posted all over the web, mostly on Satanist websites. Mr. Kerry Bolton is also
      a self-proclaimed Satanist. Not one of the articles that I have read so far
      by Mr. Bolton references or names Rudolf Steiner in any way shape or form UNTIL

      3. The pamphlet above, which I have not yet found in its entirety. But I did
      find the review below and in it, a very interesting phenomenon:
      You said above, "...they see these theories as compatible with their own
      racist worldviews."
      If this booklet quotes from Biehl & Staudenmeier, then it came out AFTER your
      article, not before - you can't use it as an example of work from which your
      theories arise or a source which independently supports your theories. You can
      say that Mr. Bolton likes your theories and lends his support to them, but
      not that his work contains any research of his own which supports your


      (My brackets & bold below for emphasis)

      Rudolph Steiner
      & the Mystique of Blood and Soil
      The Volkisch Views of the Founder of Anthroposophy
      By Kerry Bolton
      Reviewed by Troy Southgate

      Rudolf Steiner & The Mystique of Blood & Soil: The Volkisch Views of the
      Founder of Anthroposophy by Kerry Bolton. Available from Renaissance Press, P.O.
      Box 1627, Paraparaumu Beach, New Zealand. Paper cover, 16pp. Price $NZ20 inc.

      HAVING studied H.P. Blavatsky's The Secret Doctrine to a certain extent, as
      well as the development and significance of the Theosophical Society, I for one
      was particularly pleased to receive a booklet on Steiner. I had, for some
      time, rather dismissively regarded this individual as being little more than a
      guru of the liberal New Age Movement. It now appears that Steiner not only had
      much in common with Blavatsky's own pronouncements concerning the root races of
      mankind but also took things one step further by openly alluding to the
      inherent differences between them.

      Kerry Bolton unearths Steiner's links to the philosophical elite and men like
      Goethe, Herder, Haeckel and Nietzsche, following the biological thread of
      racialism through to the very beginnings of Ariosophy and Franz von Liebenfels'
      New Templars. Steiner's thoughts on Race and the unique qualities of the Aryan
      psyche are explored in depth, with the author quoting at some length from
      works such as The Destinies of Individuals and of Nations [1915], Materialism and
      the Task of Athroposophy [1921], Spiritual Science As a Foundation for Social
      Forms [1920] and many others. Steiner himself is shown to have worked
      alongside Austrian nationalists promoting folkish unity; to have emphasised the Nordic
      Race as the perfect expression of mankind and the one bearing the most
      potential for the ongoing process of biological evolution; to have developed a
      planetary system alluding to the innate qualities of each race; and to have warned
      against racial miscegenation and the loss of Aryan Man's spiritual potential.

      [The Third Reich, however, denounced Steiner's teachings], although it was
      probably wary of his growing influence. The author points out that, at the same
      time, many Nazi luminaries - among them Rudolf Hess and those in the NSDAP's
      ecological wing such as Siefert, Ludovici, Haase and Walther Darre himself -
      began to warm to his ideas, particularly as the Anthroposophists have always
      been committed to organic farming techniques.

      [Finally, just to re-emphasise the effect that Steiner's work has had on
      racial nationalism and the concept of Blood and Soil, Bolton quotes from Biehl &
      Staudenmaier's Ecofascism: Lessons From the German Experience, which speaks of
      Anthroposophy thus: "This ideology mixes bizarre racialist spiritual theory
      (which somewhat unsurprisingly concludes that European whites are at the
      hierarchical scale of humanity) with concepts such as 'biodynamic farming', a form of
      organic agriculture which tries to foster a more organic relationship between
      cultivator and soil."]

      This booklet is very well researched and essential if one is to understand
      the broad significance of our racial and spiritual heritage.


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    • holderlin66
      Frank Thomas Smith wrote: Hey, Bradford, (Please note that I let you get away with that Skull and Bones bit from a sense of comradeship -
      Message 35 of 35 , Mar 9, 2004
        "Frank Thomas Smith" <franksmith@v...> wrote:

        Hey, Bradford,
        (Please note that I let you get away
        with that Skull and Bones bit from a sense of comradeship - or was it
        laziness?) Sometimes though, old buddy, I haven't the foggiest about
        you're talking. The Zundel affair is a case in point. You give us a
        lines and point us to some fruitcake "freedom" site, which seems to
        defending Zundel's civil rights. So what was your point? I asked.
        Did you
        agree with the site that there's some kind of conspiracy against

        Duh SPEakcurs Meanie!!!!
        by OB wan Kinobie

        My take is that to marginalize the immensity of
        > Spiritual Science into a racist doctrine and have lots of little
        > pamphlets, with racist and antisemite supremacy information
        > scattered with RS's named dropped here and there and punctuated by
        > some professional ideological rapists, trained ideological serial
        > killers, who appear like they have reason to brand Waldorf and RS
        > a racist, will deflate, detour, deter and prevent potential Waldorf
        > Parents, students, sane and balanced Goethean seekers, Ben Arrons
        > work, the central core of the I Am and the intimacy and accuracy of
        > the Christ Event from ever becoming an actual option or living
        > choice once the land mines and racist plagues are planted all over
        > the Cult of AS.
        the opinionated
        > ideological serial killers sent as hit squads to defame Steiner,
        > never caused any real harm, they claim, because everything was just
        > ideologies and they of course are not rooted to any inner moral
        > development. At least not in students and not in Professors so they
        > can stick nails whereever they want, because it doesn't hurt,
        > because man has no soul, so what is the big difference between
        > Serial propaganda rapists and the insanity of Zundel... not too
        > friggin much!
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