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Re: Blazing Saddles (was: A guess/A view)

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  • grekenquist
    I had a dream (I think Martin Luther King stole that line from me). I dreamt that I was in a hotel, but not the kind of hotel one would see in a down town NY.
    Message 1 of 118 , May 7, 2006
      I had a dream (I think Martin Luther King stole that line from me). I
      dreamt that I was in a hotel, but not the kind of hotel one would see
      in a down town NY. This Hotel was peculiar, strange. Everything for
      example was grey, the walls, the stairwells the exterior. Rooms had
      narrow corridors and the layout generally was quite bizarre. Bunks
      seemed to be at the end of the narrow corridor (which to left and
      right had luggage compartments) and also as I was putting in my
      luggage, other people came through, were we sharing I wondered. There
      was no bathroom, as I looked out from the balcony of the outside of
      the room, there was a spiral stairwell down to a restaurant and down
      to a steam room where people (mainly elderly people) were gathering.
      Remember the scene is all in grey.

      I wanted to get out of there, wanted to go back to my own home place,
      as I left I thought oh I have left my luggage. I went to find the
      hotel again, but it was a long long journey back. What was very
      strange was that in the time I had been in the Hotel, everything had
      moved on 5 years. I was in a time paradox. As I found the hotel again
      I also found my luggage, but now Icould not find my son. I began to
      talk with one of the guests, an elderly grey haired man. He was in
      high spirits, towel rapped around him getting ready for a steam bath.
      Everyone seemed in high spirits. He told me that a day in the Hotel
      was 5 years outside. My son had long since left, strange how I made it
      back and found my luggage. It was me but not me

      Tarjei, THIS is how it is for me - don't you know any better. I am a
      stranger where ever I go. My mind is continually confused. I have an
      extraordinary capacity in some areas, such as being able to write with
      my left and right hand left to right and back right to left without
      any difficulty, yet I am an outcast in this world. Thanks to my family
      and those around me who have helped me a great deal in the past many
      years, I have been able to anchor myself. I am generally a good
      person, yet you now compare me, and by so doing, liken me to a member
      of the KKK. Have you no decency about you man, no compassion.

      I believe that in my multiple personalities, there is something that
      no-one who has not experienced this, would understand, there is
      something of living in another world, as in my dream. I feel like I
      have lived 5 years at a time, and yet only one day has gone by; or if
      I am inside myself, one day seems like forever, like 5 years has gone.
      I feel sometimes I am 1000 years old. Sleep is rare, and so the dreams
      become unusually clear, this is my over tired brain. When I read
      Anthroposophy I sense the same kind of pyschological problem. My Zen
      therapist taught me that in order to remain focused, even for a short
      while in my different states of person, I must choose to help other
      people. In this way by helping others I myself can see myself in the
      other and in this way I am helping myself, but not only figuratively
      speaking but also literally. yes literally, because I do not know
      sometimes what is real and what is a dream. I could be speaking to
      myself and there you see, I am helping me.

      I am no spy, I truely believed that having read much Anthroposophy and
      having read many things in this web site over the years, that you
      type of people of all people would understand. I have no superior
      officer in the closet. I do like Pete K and also Diana but these
      people you have shut up and are gone from here, well my good friend
      Peter K is and I see still that my other good friend Diana is still
      here but not many times.

      Talented am I in ways you would not dream, stupid you are not dear sir
      Tarjei. One of my best talents and you seem to have great insight
      Tarjei, is to play a magician. I have done this for 20 years and was a
      member once also of the IBM (Internation Brotherhood of Magicians). It
      all started when my children were little. I started with a simple
      little coin french drop. Went on to the Eqyptian box and dove pan and
      walla. My favourite magic line which I did too invent is "Allah
      Gazzam, Allah Gazo, I love you too" hehehehe the cildren just love
      that one. When my children were young I did shows for the schools from
      pre school on. And more and more. One day I show you all a picture of
      this, I have one / many. My favourite was in the car when the lights
      turn red. you wait a while and when you see out of the corner of de
      eye the light go orange, you say to the children, I am tired of
      waiting, I will make the light change. Then you say the magic words
      and then the green comes on. You know the world is full of magic, even
      fur de adults but specially fur de kids.

      So yes I am as you say a magician, not like Ali. But now my head is
      hurting again. Please do not suggest I am spy or KKK or anything else
      like this, it hurt me deep dep down.

      Theodore Grekenquist

      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "elfuncle" <reefer@...>
      > Terence wrote:
      > > For me it is like this: Say I was lurking a Klu
      > > Klux Klan e-list, I am not a member of the KKK, but
      > > I want to write something striking to this list just
      > > because I want to...er ah, my Doktor said it would
      > > be good for me to engage White Supremacists. Would it
      > > be surprising if I rec'd a ration of criticism
      > > from the KKK membership?
      > Thank you, thank you, Terence, for mentioning the KKK as example.
      > Thank you! Theodor's master plan is beginning to dawn on me, and if
      > I'm right about this, that cat is smart!
      > > Look, all I asked Theodor was what qualifies him to
      > > make such statements about Steiner. Was he a PhD
      > > therapist, a Jungian analyst, etc. This seems to me
      > > to be a fair question to ask, when out of the clear
      > > blue, Theodor (a professed lurker of 129 lists!)
      > > states that Steiner is a schizophrenic
      > > megalomaniac. Just look at how he responds. He says
      > > nothing about his qualifications to make such
      > > statements regarding Steiner. How is this making a
      > > positive contribution?
      > Holy shit, now I understand what Theodor is doing! It's brilliant!
      > Tell me, did you ever see that Mel Brooks movie that came out in
      > 1974, "Blazing Saddles" - ?
      > Don't you see what's happening here, Terence? Theodor is doing a
      > Sheriff Bart, Cleavon Little's character in that movie. Check out
      > this screen shot:
      > http://www.scvhistory.com/scvhistory/lw2145d.htm
      > The two men in KKK hoods are The Waco Kid (Gene Wilder) and Sheriff
      > Bart(Cleavon Little). Take a very good look at that. Sheriff Bart is
      > a black man posing in a KKK hooded outfit, hiding his dark hands.
      > http://www.scvhistory.com/scvhistory/lw2145e.htm
      > Now think back a little, Terence, and think hard. Remember the first
      > thing Theodor wrote when he started all this posting? He said he had
      > no interest in allegations of racism against anthroposophy because
      > these were groundless. But guess what! If Theodor has been
      > commissioned by enemy headquarters to play a Sheriff Bart on this
      > list and he gets the same treatment from us that Bart received from
      > the rednecks in "Blazing Saddles", he can run back to his superior
      > officer at the Unthinkable Facility with our behavior towards him as
      > evidence of racial prejudice. It's brilliant!
      > Don't get me wrong, we don't know what color Theodor is, and it
      > doesn't matter. From the point of view of the hardcore WC critics,
      > we are the KKK. And *any* critic subscribing to Anthroposophy
      > Tomorrow is to them something like a black man hiding himself
      > underneath a white KKK hood, blending with the others. That's how
      > those people at the Unthinkable Facility think, and that is the
      > strategy behind Theodor's mission on this list, Anthroposophy
      > Tomorrow.
      > Here is the plot from the movie: Hedley Lemar, a politically
      > connected nasty person, sends in his henchmen to make the town
      > unlivable. After the sheriff is killed, the town demands a new
      > sheriff from the Governor. Hedley convinces him to send the town the
      > first Black sheriff in the west. Bart is a sophisticated urbanite
      > who will have some difficulty winning over the townspeople.
      > Theodor strikes me as a sophisticated urbanite too, and when the
      > anthroposophists discover that he is a critic, they react as
      > violently as the redneck townspeople do when they see that Bart is
      > black. That's why I think Theodor was commissioned by Dan Dugan to
      > do what he's doing here.
      > And the worst thing is, we're going for it! Look, when the redneck
      > townspeople discover that their new sheriff is black, they're about
      > to kill him, but then Bart pulls a gun to his own head threatening
      > to shoot, and then he pulls himself away like a hostage, uttering
      > the most unforgettable line in the film:
      > And that's the situation with Theodor. He's so talented and we're so
      > dumb. Why do you think he claims this multiple personality disorder?
      > Because he doesn't have the time to write all his own messages, he
      > has to commission others to do it for him! And then it's very
      > convenient with multiple personality disorder, isn't it?
      > > Not that this matters so much, but I have been a
      > > therapist and addictions counselor for 20 years. I
      > > say this only to tell you that I have a highly
      > > developed sense of bullshit, and in my profession
      > > opinion, Theodor is fertilizing the fields!
      > Of course Theodor is bullshitting us, but what kind of bullshit do
      > you think it is? Do you really believe he's trying to convince
      > people like youreslf that he is an accredited, decorated therapist
      > and counsellor? Think again! What is he trying to convince us of
      > here? That his Japanese doctor in India stands up his patients
      > while he's *out to lunch* as part of his Zen method? Didn't you
      > notice that he wrote that immediately after Diana said something
      > like, if a therapist wasn't doing his job properly, he was "out to
      > lunch" ?
      > What else is Theodor trying to make us believe? That this doctor of
      > his is using some "Zen method" on patients that involves throwing
      > them around and breaking their arms and legs because that saves
      > almost a year of intensive treatment and therapy? Why does he tell
      > us that?
      > Or as Frank Zappa put it: Dumb all over and a little ugly on the
      > side!
      > So Theodor has been pulling our leg alright, but it doesn't stop
      > there; it gets even more intriguing. I betcha Dan Dugan never
      > instructed Theodor to give us so many obvious give-away clues, as if
      > to test our gullibility. No sir, I think Theodor is a little bit
      > like Muhammed Ali when he was doing magical tricks on television,
      > but then he had to tell everybody afterwards *how* he did those
      > tricks, because it was against his religion to fool people, and all
      > other magicians hate that, having their tricks exposed by Ali.
      > So Theodor has been commissioned to fool us and do some kind of
      > sabotage through bullshitting, but he doesn't want to go through
      > with it, because he likes us. And if that's the case, we get the
      > same happy ending they got in "Blazing Saddles".
      > > Is he a loving and caring man, a good husband and
      > > father, an asset to his community? I do not know.
      > > All I can tell you is that by the way he writes, he
      > > needs to be criticized because he does not qualify
      > > himself for making the statements he did regarding
      > > Steiner's psychological status.
      > Golly, you don't have to be qualified to say something or other
      > about Steiner or Queen Elisabeth or anybody in a public forum! And
      > criticizing Theodor in such a serious and sanctimoneous manner will
      > only prove to the enemy that we're dumber than a gold fish in a bowl.
      > Theodor has been subscribing to the AT as a sleeper agent, a mole,
      > and this mole was awakened by his WC masters when Pete was removed,
      > to fill the vacuum as Diana's sidekick. And I betcha Diana is one of
      > Theodor's "multiple personality disorders".
      > Tarjei
    • Deborah
      It is an online journal. One person or a group of people write short pieces on topics that interest them and publish them on the web, using specialized
      Message 118 of 118 , May 10, 2006
        It is an online journal. One person or a group of people write short
        pieces on topics that interest them and publish them on the web,
        using specialized software. Some blogs accept comments from readers,
        some do not.


        --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Mike T"
        <leosun_75@...> wrote:
        > What is the definition of Blog?
        > Thanks in advance
        > MT
        > >From: "Deborah" <dkahn@...>
        > >Reply-To: anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com
        > >To: anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com
        > >Subject: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: A guess/A view
        > >Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 01:51:02 -0000
        > >
        > >Thanks for reminding me about the blog. There were some really
        > >pieces on there and some of the folks who are on this list may
        > >missed them. So here are a few links just to get people started.
        > >
        > >http://tinyurl.com/joyb3
        > >Daniel on why have this blog?
        > >
        > >http://tinyurl.com/frflc
        > >Deborah on PLANS-accurate?
        > >
        > >http://tinyurl.com/fhtn6
        > >Some responses to PLANS-accurate?
        > >
        > >Anyway, once you are in you can keep leafing through and read
        > >whatever looks interesting. The last time I checked, none of the
        > >untruths and inaccuracies pointed out by Linda and moi had been
        > >corrected over on the PLANS site. Somehow I'm not surprised.
        > >
        > >Which points, gently, to the reason that I used the word murky and
        > >wondered if the grant application might have contained lies. My
        > >experience of the PLANS folks is that they feel totally free to
        > >distort, make up, etc. Anything is okay as long as it makes
        > >look bad, anthroposophy look bad and so on. The more time I spend
        > >looking at these people, the less I trust them.
        > >
        > >So, anyone wondering if Diana has a good case for PLANS being
        > >totally innocent and truthful, go read through the blog and then
        > >me know what you think.
        > >
        > >Thanks.
        > >Deborah
        > >
        > >PS Your reaction to my raising the possibility of lies on the
        > >application has been so extreme that it has raised a few dozen red
        > >flags. I'm looking at the grant application to see what I can
        > >Will share any goodies soon.
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
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