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Some contemplations on Spirit Religion Science and the Human Brain and Mike T

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  • grekenquist
    Mike T reminds me that I have been dropping into / on this group for some time now and have witnessed the slanders against Rudolf Steiner and have also
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      Mike T reminds me that I have been dropping into / on this group for
      some time now and have 'witnessed' the slanders against Rudolf
      Steiner and have also 'witnessed' the re-buttals of these so
      called 'slanders'. My italics are deliberate, for I have not been
      witness to any such thing and of the posts I have so
      called 'witnessed' (those between a Peter K [sorry I cannot recall
      his last name - something like Kyrious] and Mike T [I pressume T
      stands for touchy] were not slanderous from the point of view of
      Peter K. I did actually found many of Peter K arguments extremely
      persuasive (although not entirely in agreement with them) and most
      of Mike T posts as irrelevant (such mindless litany of absolute

      This reminds me of a quote,

      'Martyrdom is the only way in which a man can become famous without
      ability' [Fabian Essays]

      This just about says it all for Mike T. I remember reading a post
      where-by Mike T believed he was some kind of crucified Christ figure
      (yes I think that was what it was). Now you already know my view on
      this from another post and I need not elaborate further on this, (we
      are today truely being awakened, to have this all exposed, in the Da
      Vinci code). Now Mike T you would call me beneath contempt, however
      sir, I believe that you are beneath contempt for these spluttering
      javinion outbursts of yours.

      Peter K on the other hand, yes I do believe he was on the right
      path, although his belief in his God I am afraid is still to be
      proved and may also be a scizophrenic polar behaviour in him. I
      could see his point on this theology / philosophy of the soul he was
      discussing and I do not really believe that anyone here understood
      the point he was making. Naturally, I did understand it but
      naturally his discourse from my frame of mind was absolutey not
      founded with any proof whatsover. But this I would have to say in
      support of Peter K, surely the spirit must die away and the soul
      live on. And what is the soul anyway, but electrical impulses
      bouncing off the flesh and blood of the brain (perhaps this is where
      the famous Christian saying, flesh and blood comes [since about the
      14th century this was changed to body and blood]And when the brain
      dies and the blood flows into the ground, the soul will continue.

      To Peter K I say
      'Things have come to a pretty pass when religion is allowed to
      invade the sphere of private life.' would you not agree dear friend?

      The serious matters that Peter K raised about racism, nazism,
      sexism, teaching of black magic at Waldorf Schools, well I do not
      subscribe to these myself. Although it is quite true that when ones
      flesh and blood of the brain are partially becoming fused from too
      much let us some some emotion such as jealousy or hatred, then a
      scizophrenic, polar duo type hyper depression and mania combine to
      produce quite extreme results. It is as though what I like to call
      the intellect brain (my term) were no longer working properly to
      subdue our, what I like to call emotional desire response system,
      (yes I coined this one also) and great illusions of granduer then
      froth outwards from the flesh and blood electrified brain. Now
      ofcourse as I have already mentioned, if these electrical charges
      are disrupted in such a manner that in the 1 in 1 trillion type
      ratio, all the elements of the intellectual brain and the emotive
      desire response system, may just connect at a level of higher
      conscience activity (within the cortex of the brain, I appreciate
      this is a little too much science on here) and then we no longer
      have some of the quite rational views of a Peter K, no no no, we
      transcend (not to be confused with transcendental meditation)to
      being able to create magnificient inventions. Now Waldorf education,
      BD Farming, painting (yes my friends even painting), and some other
      wonderful dancing methods are wonderful wonderful for the children,
      creations; but what now I am talking about is the great inventions,
      the computer that here we sit communicating across the world (and
      indeed the universe in time to come), travel in the skys, nuclear
      reactors , unlimited energy, missles that can act as if they had a
      blood and flesh brain, and not to mention Hokey Pokey Icecream (my
      favourite; I thought I would give you a little laugh, just my keen
      sense of humour).

      And just to finish with a quote
      'We know the human brain is a device to keep the ears from grating
      on one another' Peter De Vries. I think that just about sums it up
      for me

      Oh and one last point, Bradford or Holderlin or whatever you would
      like to be called (by the way I liked very much your article on
      George Bush, I think you and I might have a discussion of list about
      some very sensitive information I have on George Bush), this etheric
      dry out you talk about, I think that you really should be careful
      with these kinds of shall we say derogatory statements towards Peter
      K. In many ways I find Peter K refreshing and not dried out at all.
      Peter K brings a uniqueness, shall I say very uniqueness, to all his
      discussions and I find this uniqueness quite refreshing, not like
      George Bush at all.

      I am yours truely and truely yours,
      Copyright 2006

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