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Re: Truth and madness

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  • nadmateescu
    Actually, I think Tarjei knew allready the results of this question: Tarjei : So Jesus Christ was also a (benign?) schizophrenic megalomaniac; am I reading you
    Message 1 of 2 , May 2, 2006
      Actually, I think Tarjei knew allready the results of this question:
      Tarjei :"So Jesus Christ was also a (benign?) schizophrenic
      megalomaniac; am I reading you right?

      Theodor :"Absolutely. To a tee. That is, if Jesus Christ is a
      historical person who really lived. We do not know that. But
      hypothetically speaking,
      if he did live and also said those things the Bible claim he said, we
      are dealing with the most astounding case of schizophrenic
      megalomania in history."

      Now, I am not sure that something new under the sun is happening
      with this answer.

      "The idea that creativity and psychopathology are somehow linked
      goes way back to antiquity--to the time of Aristotle. Centuries
      later, this belief was developed and expanded by various
      psychiatrists, psychoanalysts and psychologists."
      From : Are Genius and Madness Related? Contemporary Answers to an
      Ancient Question
      By Dean Keith Simonton, Ph.D.
      Dr. Simonton is distinguished professor of psychology at the
      University of California, Davis, and author of nearly 300
      publications concerning various aspects of genius, creativity and
      leadership. His most recent book is Creativity in Science: Chance,
      Logic, Genius, and Zeitgeist, published by Cambridge University
      Press in 2004.

      Another ZeitGeist thing....

      So, Anthro-wolverines like Bradford (Holderlin), like Steve, founded
      their noble madness on what humanity now call "madness".
      It was tipically and I salute the snickers of Holderlin; I left
      also, Steve's clear insights in the Mithraic mysteries.
      So, when all this had begun?

      I think Holderlin knew the Creator of these schisms."The Oedipal
      Threshold and Intimate Strangers" is a work to bridge the gap
      between Freud's understanding of Oedipus and Steiner's by examining
      the arrival of new recognition that can be regained in the soul when
      we face I AM awarness in the pauline Sense.
      But with what Bradford works? With the I AM foundations...terrible
      things to Critics...

      I left Steve's light on Mithraic mysteries when he said :
      "And when John met his cousin Jesus at the Jordan River, and the
      Christ Spirit descended, the river began to flow in the opposite
      direction. This also refers to this out-of-sequence event as its
      concrete proof; for those that need proofs."

      What a skeptic proof...dear Steve
      Physicists have made water run uphill quite literally under its own

      So, I ask again, where Genius divided into the pathological realm?

      "As their correspondence shows, Freud and Jung did not see eye to
      eye on the meaning of the Mithraic mysteries. And their disagreement
      over the tauroctony is a telling sign of dominance of Mithraism over
      psychoanalysis in Jung's own personal symbolic system. In a letter
      sent in June 1910, a month after Jung's first public lecture on the
      psychological interpretation of mythological and Mithraic material,
      Freud offered Jung his interpretation of the bull slaying: It
      was "the killing of the animal ego by the human ego, as the
      mythological projection of repression, in which the sublimated part
      of the human being (the conscious ego) sacrifices (regretfully) its
      vigorous drives."

      Jung disagreed. Instead, he told Freud, "there must be something
      very typical in the fact that the central symbol of fecundity, the
      useful and generally accepted (not censored) alter ego of Mithras
      (the bull) is slain by another sexual symbol. The self-sacrifice is
      voluntary and involuntary at once (the same conflict as in the death
      of Christ)."
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