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R: R: R: R: R: R: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] agreement and disagreement

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      Good morning Andrea, you wrote:
      "How can you give sentences about Italian Esotericism's Historical background with no knowledge of italian language, since the 99% of the studies about it ( mainly due to the bright friend of mine Michele Beraldo, that you surely know) are in such a language?"
      I don't know where you got the 99% figure from. There is an enormous literature about Evola in particular in English.
      Have you have heard of a figure of speech called "hyperbole" ? Obviously Evola is  well known as an author, ("rust never sleeps") but the "Italian Esotericism Historical background" (ties,streams,events, links with the  cultural and political world  outside esotericism and so on) is something much more complex and rich than the features concerning a single personality can be and it has been studied in deep, recentky, only in Italy due also to  a problem of access to the documenys, most of them in private hands (mine, for instance)
      "No,Pedro, I understand very well not only the "mask" of what you're saying but also "the face" behind it."
      You do? Could you explain it to me? I'm very curious.
      Curiosity killed the cat. I'm sure that all listmates have understood.
      "Well I'm a really kind man and I repeat : From WWII's end onwards Evola (and the "evolites") and Scaligero's disciples were used to criticize oneanother every passing day,This is   a further evidence of the total lack of fundations of your goofy chatting about "similarties" between RS and JE. Do you understand ?"
      No, I certainly don't. If you really are saying that people who later criticize one another's work cannot have been collaborators previously, then I think you have made a basic logical error. If you are not saying that, then what are you getting at?
      Oh Pedro: can you explain where and when anthroposophists and evolites were "collaborators" ?  And what does it mean to be "collaborator" ?  It itself the world says very litlle. I am myself used to be a collaborator of magazine where there are articles that I completely dislike !
          The only case I know  ( from 1925 -the year of the absolutely destructive Evola's essay about Syeiner on "Ignis" magazine -onwards ) of a "collaborations "in which you can find together articles from Anthropop and Evola was the "UR" group but, if you know "UR" this has nothing to do with the "similiarities" between Evola's racism and Steiner's insights that is at stake in this discussion.. The "UR" group was a magic-ritual operative club who  lived a couple of years between 1927 and 1929.  The articles following by such an experience are mainly rooted on the inner developmental path experience. And this was the work of Onofri,Colazza and Colonna inside this club where there were personalities belonging to very different spiritual streams.  
      But this has nothing to do with your fantasies about  Evola "inspired" as a racist by Steiner's cosmology.
       In   conclusion, :
      Well, as any listmates is able to, see is perfectly pointless to discuss with a guy like this, at least in the sense the word "discussion" is worldwide used. But we knew it in advance.
       Peter Studenmaier jumped into the list to fulfill a task of which he is able to see  only a part. He brings with him the only thing by the means of which his fading personality can be sure to exist his obsession about   "Steiner is a racist".
       Such a statement has not the tiniest possible evidence as a basis ( onl.y some controversial word here and there, imagine what a professional historian should be able to say about a topic like this?)  but PS defend it by repeating over and over and over his slogans.
      But.. in absolute sincerity here I have to confess that , in spite of the bad words I have been throwing on this Matrixworld-like head  , well, I amused myself and I hope to be amused also in future, if the prickhead will stay among us.

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      UH, OH, Bradford ! I think Taibbi s been reading your posts, kind sir!
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        UH, OH, Bradford !

        I think Taibbi's been
        reading your posts, kind sir!

        > By Matt Taibbi
        > ...I'm off on this tangent
        > because I'm enraged by the
        > numerous attempts at verbose,
        > pseudoliterary, "nuanced" criticism...

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        > Christopher Hitchens collects check from Microsoft, calls Moore a
        > coward.
        > By Matt Taibbi
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