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Re: Individual Cosmification; Youth, Perception, Genius and Eurythmy

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  • holderlin66
    Schwaller de Lubicz-Hieroglyphics-Eurythmy. This simultaneity of opposite states plays a great part in Schwaller s understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphics.
    Message 1 of 68 , Apr 2, 2006
      Schwaller de Lubicz-Hieroglyphics-Eurythmy.

      "This "simultaneity of opposite states" plays a great part in
      Schwaller's understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphics. It
      characterizes what he calls symbolique, a way of holding together
      the object of sense perception and the content of inner knowing, in
      a kind of creative polarity. When the Egyptians saw the hieroglyph
      of a bird, he argued, they knew it was a sign for the actual,
      individual creature, but they also knew it was a symbol of
      the "cosmic function" that the creature exemplified--flight--as well
      as all the myriad characteristics associated with it. Hieroglyphics
      did not merely designate; they evoked. As he wrote in Symbol and the
      Symbolic (40), "the observation of a simultaneity of mutually
      contradictory states . . . demonstrates the existence of two forms
      of intelligence"--

      Bradford comments;

      There are so many different trails of deep spiritual and cognitive
      understanding that Spiritual Science offers, so many departments and
      specialized studies and one of them is Eurythmy and lets say, The
      Word or the would have been Munich version of the Johannes Bau,
      based on the TWO JOHNS...Johannes Bau...and most of the dim bulbed
      are so awe struck by the dimension of things to sift through in
      Spiritual Science and Grail studies that Eurythmy just remains
      something they will deal with later.

      The simple problem of langauge and pictographic language that
      evolved into the little black and white gremlins running in chaos
      over the page, was that each letter held pictographic and visionary
      connections to deep seated astral forces that moved in both nature
      and the human I. But let me get to the point, even though the
      astonishing issues of change of voice and reproduction that comes
      about at the dawning of zits and the unfolding astral body, reveals
      an astonishing mystery, SEX...but how the forces of the word work
      remains silly in most minds.

      Specifically when understanding the Picto-hieroglyphics that
      Schwaller de lubicz was hinting at, and Steiner had every reason to
      unfold clearly, we see the difference between a Grail Initiate and a
      highly qualifed thinker like de Lubicz. And they stand head and
      shoulders above the arrogant little twits who think they can form
      opinions like rabbits make turds. Bless their little hearts, but
      aren't they energetic in their denials of what they actually are
      digesting. Lets look for just an instant on the utter idiocy of

      Language arises for the child and should be guided through a merging
      of etheric body unfolding and picto-hieroglyphic, drawing and
      shaping before the quick to arrive later phase when puberty and zits
      and thinking kick in, the Word forces in the child have moved along
      with the enrichment of the etheric body of the child and language
      that survives its debasement, when it hits the Pink Floyd 'Wall' of

      So what I am building here was how the Sentient Soul nature of Egypt
      and Steiner was in that advanced Word Initiate category, while very
      intelligent Schwaller is pieceing together the ruins, in a brilliant
      and intuitive manner, we, the spectators, using a Frank's baseball
      analogy, can see the ruins but we can also follow the Sentient picto
      forces that opened for the Egyptians windows into the atavistic
      picto world of the hovering Beings who hovered over the Egypto
      culture and opened vast Star wisdom and the pictoglyphs opened
      windows to the astral star and animal forces that existed both in
      nature and stood behind Initiates. Today we have two very dead

      One idea is that a Bullish Man or a Catty Woman or this person has a
      terrible sting or that person always wants to butt heads...but even
      behind these issues that are so common in our language today stands
      the star qualities and the Egyptian hieroglyphics opened. Those
      ancient Astral star gates for the Initiates who understood how to
      read and follow the pictures developed a divine and educated
      Priestly class.

      Reading was then and reading now is common and every child must
      approach the lost pictures of language. They restore and EDU-cate
      and good teachers, not your public schools, hopelessly lost in the
      system, but good Waldorf Teachers must rebuild the picture forces so
      that the picto-graphic etheric body can restore and bring spirit
      back up to the Word like plants bring their plant blood and juices
      up through their sweet and precious etheric system.

      And instead of a beautiful blossom and Kiss of the spirit that
      arrives in the plant, the human being experiences puberty and
      horrific desolation and trials of soul that verge on rites of
      passage into how to be a Mall Queen and a GQ selfish materialist,
      dunked in drunk shows education, the same education that GWB got to
      enhance the double. The teenager doesn't exactly reflect the kiss of
      the star blossom of the astral world now does she? Instead pregnancy
      and sexuality are tangled in the web of slang and language, fads and
      fashions and the child, as we already know, is hopelessly sucked
      into education that parents craved their children to have. The
      learning curve and mild development of nursing our safe
      little 'doubles' into the superhighway of deflated I AMism. A
      college life of meaningless pursuit of cubicle shrunken human values
      these days and kids can't find the inner links between astral and
      etheric roots of their being. Duh, wake up dopeette! Ideals and
      great thinking is scorned, save if you make your way to Hollywood
      and the film world under the idea of being a visionary.

      But back to the development, the advanced development where Eurythmy
      plays such an important role. Eurythmy plays such an important role
      in Anthroposophy and certainly it does because we can mark a line
      where from the magical forces of nature that were once linked
      directly to music and sound, shaped nature forces in ancient
      Atlantis, and further when the Egyptian Priests learned the secret
      language of the Gods and saw Star impressions of character in the
      human beings around them, a 12 fold family of star and astral
      forces...that linked to Hawks, Dogs, Gators, Croks, Storks, Hathor
      the bull etc...etc...these astral impressions and star impressions
      were directly linked and impressed into the hieroglyphics that the
      priests of Egypt used to enter the higher region where the Nation
      Building Beings, we call Archangel and Archai forces, Spirits of
      Personality etc...could be contacted. All felt the awe of language
      in the same way a child feels the awesome beginnings of learning to
      learn letters that will and does open vast worlds to it.

      But there was the Sentient Soul and in that sentient soul of Egypt
      we have 'The Youth of Nain' Mani and Parsifal and we have Kepler who
      had a strong incarnation with Egyptian Star wisdom and we have Henry
      Ford and his xerox copy of Goethe's "The Sorcerers Apprentice" a
      replication model that is reproduced from deadly military plagues to
      vaccines, to cloned sentient beings. Replication of code and the
      never ending of the same market place inundation of mechanized
      occultism in form of goods. But crowning all this Egyptian
      background was the fact that Steiner was deeply, deeply rooted in
      the highest ethics of the astral and sentient beginnings of
      Language, the Word and Star vision, also out of ancient Egypt. If I
      walk away from Egypt and come up through Aristotle's ten categories
      we find a metamorphosis of the language and thinking codes that the
      priests used, stepped down and contracted to a focus on Earth

      If I follow this Initiate through the Grail, we observe that at a
      critical moment Parsifal would have been killed but instead
      Schinatulander takes the fatal blow and dies instead of Parsifal.
      Now can you imagine the fairness of the gods, saying that they will
      use this event so that humanity can open up the School of Grail
      Sciences and that Steiner himself will take credit for serving the
      Grail and helping the Youth of Nain, borrowed etheric body of Julian
      the Apostate to blaze the trail to Kaspar Hauser who will be in
      position to annoint and empower Europe bring about the true Age of
      Light and the Science of the Etheric Christ Being. If you have
      followed this research you would be able to see nearly exactly the
      horrific detour and failed history that arose that was due in the
      same way as Assassinating MlK Jr. JFK, Robert Kennedy, and against
      this dynasty, the Bush dynasty has superimposed itself based on the
      graves of those muredered. But we fail to apply this horrific and
      tragic turn of events to Europe.

      The rich tale of Sigune and Schinatulander wass following the trail
      of this particular highly placed Egyptian Priest, Steiner, along
      with Parsifal, along with all that went into the catastrophic
      assassinations that prevented Europe from becoming fully conscious
      of the Grail Sciences, which, thanks to Steiner we can follow more
      clearly than if he never spoke had at all. But what good does it to
      the lame and catty thinkers who struggle to get one little handle on
      holding in their eyesight, the etheric forces and how they operate?

      Now we round the corner here to the Etheric forces of language. The
      astral forces of language that Schwaller was looking at in Egypt,
      were well grasped by the Priestly class. But when we arrive at
      Eurythmy we are now deeply, deeply immersed in the Zodiac and Star
      forces that were carried directly over from all the Egyptian forces
      of hieroglyphics that Schwaller is close to understanding, but
      doesn't yet. You see, Wagner condensed and carried over clear cut
      issues from his astral body and the etheric lodge and nation
      building forces that Merlin had worked through with his earthly
      intelligence, Celtic atavistic clairvoyance and precise nature
      science that had much to do with the blood of kings at that time,
      Wagner saw in his higher being. He saw and felt these gifts right
      there. We say that some souls have been given the etheric body of
      Jesus and others the astral body of Jesus and if we say that, we
      have to look at what Wagner discovered in his astral treasure box. A
      post card from a previous life and a Lodge gift to spur him on to
      contribute and help build the bridges to a Grail Science School.
      These are gifts that people are slowly encounters that exist side by
      side with their earthly nature. Wagner's earthly nature and his
      previous gifts as Merlin...and STeiner and the Astral body of
      Zarathusta/Jesus...made the difference between the amazing research
      Steiner presented on the Christ Being and Wagner.

      Because the difference was the highest quality of ethical and
      Initiation forces that didn't come out distorted in the Man. Wagner
      ended up being pulled into a distortion that Ahriman did not want us
      to know about and I am telling you about it because of Spiritual
      Science. Ahriman did not want you to know that a Grail School was
      coming that different etheric types existed and that Nation building
      in the past and Michael culture building in the future was going to
      be very different. And it is only here that we can discover what are
      the differences in our higher forces, between the gifts in the
      astral body of Wagner and Wagners human flaws and the difference
      between the Astral body of Zarathustra/Jesus and Steiner's Grail
      School flaws. It would be interesting homework to watch the mice on
      this list find the difference.

      So Steiner, if you dared, and so few have any inkling to dare or are
      exposed to Eurythmy except in superfical terms, if you study
      Eurythmy or if you understood what Merlin brought over in clear
      condensed pictures that appeared in Richard Wagner you could
      understand that the Steiner in the Egyptian period and hieroglyphics
      and the priestly purification of approaching reading as rebuilt
      astral body connections, purity of imaginations, star forces and
      connecting to the higher beings who rule over a Nation...brought
      with him, the new Etheric bridge, through Eurythmy, on how to merge
      the forces of Language and Star hieroglyphics from stagnant dead
      letters, dead poetry, into movement and etheric living links back to
      the etheric life forces...the Life Forces of the Budhi that is a
      stage after Spirit Selfhood and Manas. This Life Spirit or Budhi is
      latent in the kernel of Eurythmy studies and is linked to the human
      Etheric advancement of language and the rise of the Etheric Christ

      The stages were that in Egypt we opened the cult of reading and
      Priestly purification to an astral world. In our age, Steiner opened
      the star forces that he had carried with him from Egypt and brought
      it down into the etheric where once more life and living substance
      will return to the Word through the Etheric grasp of what it takes
      to school the language depth of Eurythmy.

      Steiner is standing with the Grail Sciences in restoring the very
      WORD with LIFE. Which would be one of the foundational missions of a
      Johannes BAU wouldn't it? A Johannes Bau that had been prepared by
      Kaspar Hauser/Wagner and Goethe and countless others to rise up as
      the hidden Temple right in the middle of Munich------Against the
      Spirits of Darkness that twisted everything to its opposite until
      the SS and the Nazis assailed Germany on Feb 27, 1933 in Weimar.
      Killed Kaspar in 1833 and placed before humanity the rewritten
      history of the non-existent Grail Sciences. But you and I know that
      these disrupted Grail forces exist. Therefore we are a danger if we
      can explain things clearly and we are healthy beings if we
      understand these things and unhealthy if we have missed these things.

      And you and I know that when language pictographs are awakened in
      the dawn of the child seeking his path on earth and integration of
      his etheric and thinking forces so they will connect and arise in
      puberty with some measure of hoped for survival of the individual
      impulses, that thinking, language, the Word has had to have planted
      richly and deeply in the child's etheric hopes. We have not even
      entered on a discussion of crawling, standing and speaking in the
      first three years and how this etheric line must move upwards
      through alphabet and reading to the astral kiss, which in Tom's
      vernacular would be today a horrible sloppy wet kiss oozing with
      morbid attractions to makeup, fashions and fallen cultural

      There are no, count them, no, nada, none, no other educational
      insights that can directly see into the the connection to the
      etheric and astral development that is the ongoing mission of
      education and our children's LIFE forces, and consciously understand
      them and deliver the methods to grow humanity properly. Nada.
      Nothing. Not one educational system can clearly denote the four
      members of the human being and declare how they arise and for what
      purpose is the Meaning of Life. And a Good Waldorf Teacher can! But
      it must face off with the unwashed liars who have drunk every Kool
      Aid batch culture has produced and deny gleefully the Spirit as
      Spiritual Science... Do you hear the ancient 869 denial of the
      Spirit everywhere you go, tralala!

      Not one! Not ONe! Your efforts, our efforts should be made to reveal
      who at least comes up with ideas that closely match the unfolding
      reality of the human being...but they are scattereed, they are
      interesting, they are out there, but none has stood from day one on
      the conscious clarity and ground of growing human beings into
      Spiritual Beings the way Spiritual Science has. And this is a
      Catastrophe, not a hope...It is only hopeful when fools begin to
      question what a human being is and culture supports the quest.
      Otherwise the zombies of idiocy rule the planet and the Grail
      Science schools that you are apart of are deeply, deeply wounded.

      What Ails thee? You should be so lucky to understand it, but
      explaining it to any group of human beings is like trying to melt an
      iceberg with a beach towel.
    • pete_karaiskos
      There you go again... lier... Pete ... you), but I ... whereever ...
      Message 68 of 68 , Apr 6, 2006
        There you go again... lier...


        --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Mike T"
        <leosun_75@...> wrote:
        > Case closed on you Pete; you may not have realised it (I forgive
        you), but I
        > was responding to Di
        > So now Case closed
        > Mike T
        > >From: "pete_karaiskos" <petekaraiskos@...>
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        > >Subject: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Individual Cosmification; Youth,
        > >Perception, Ge
        > >Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2006 14:22:11 -0000
        > >
        > >Mike, you said we wouldn't hear further from you on this subject.
        > >This makes you a lier, um... lyre... um... lire... um... liar.
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >--- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Mike T"
        > ><leosun_75@> wrote:
        > > >
        > > > Still can't figure it? I'll help you out:
        > > >
        > > > - placing statements out of context
        > >
        > >I didn't do that - YOU did.
        > >
        > > > - ignoring what others repeatedly try to explain
        > >
        > >I didn't do that - YOU did.
        > >
        > > > (I love Pete - he says he tried to explain it 100 times; just a
        > >couple me
        > > > thinks ...
        > >
        > >But still you didn't and still don't get it.
        > >
        > > > however already how exaspperrated he was that he used this
        > > > hyperbole - he does this all the time to others making them explain
        > >it ad
        > > > infinitum)
        > >
        > >Nobody has explained anything to me to my satisfaction. Bullshit is
        > >not an explanation - and there seems to be plenty of it here from you.
        > >
        > > > - being stubborn and pretending ignorance when it suits.
        > >
        > >I'll happily accept the label of stubborn. I'm not about to be moved
        > >from my position by airy-fairy arguments. I don't know what you are
        > >referring to by "pretending ignorance". When have I done that?
        > >
        > > > - playing a game of sarcasm
        > >
        > >I love sarcasm. So what?
        > >
        > > > - intentional deciet
        > >
        > >Never!!! The fact that I am fighting Waldorf for years over their
        > >intentional deceit should make anyone question your statement above.
        > >Intentional deceit is something I never do. (By the way, it's I
        > >before E except after C).
        > >
        > > > - ignorance par excellence
        > >
        > >Not in the least. Having no interest in what you consider to be
        > >"knowledge" is not ignorance - it's questioning the benefit of that
        > >"knowledge".
        > >
        > > > - not having the intellect to understand
        > >
        > >Yes, this coming from an obvious intellectual like you. I have enough
        > >intellect to understand the difference between truth and some wild
        > >goose chase. I was once where you are now - then I woke up.
        > >
        > > > So it was time to show Pete how he is seen on this forum and
        > > > decent people might be.
        > >
        > >I couldn't care less how you see me Mike. Your perverted little mind
        > >is hardly capable of understanding me - let alone Steiner. You're a
        > >freak show - and every time you post, everyone reading this board can
        > >see for themselves why Steiner worship is not, and should never be,
        > >what Anthroposophy is about.
        > >
        > >Thanks for yet another opportunity to point out what an idiot you are.
        > > Keep em coming.
        > >
        > >Pete
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
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