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Re: Individual Cosmification; Youth, Perception, Genius and Sophia

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  • holderlin66
    R.S. If you could only observe, as a practicing occultist, the way in which a Wagner opera works on the different members of the human nature, it would
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      "If you could only observe, as a practicing occultist, the way in
      which a Wagner opera works on the different members of the human
      nature, it would convince you that it is especially music which is
      able to send its vibrations deep into the etheric body."

      "Thus, just as the rainbow has seven colours and the scale seven
      notes, so we have seven members of the being of man. The human
      being, then, consists of: first, the physical body; second, the
      etheric body; third, the astral body; fourth, the `I'; fifth, Manas;
      sixth, Buddhi; and seventh, Atman. When Man arrives at the highest
      stage of his development, when he makes his own physical body, then
      we have true Spirit-Man."

      For Gaelman Steiner brought:

      "An age that is no longer entrenched in what is material, what is
      external, but which will receive knowledge of the inner nature of
      the human being which transcends sex, and will, without wishing to
      crawl into bleakness or asceticism or to deny sexuality, enable and
      beautify the sexual and live in that element which is beyond it. And
      people will then have an understanding for what will bring the true
      solution to the woman's question, because it will present, at the
      same time, the true solution to the eternal question of humanity.
      One will then no longer say: `The Eternal-feminine bears us aloft',
      or `The Eternal-masculine bears us aloft', but, with deep
      understanding, with deep spiritual understanding one will say: `The
      Eternal-human bears us aloft'.

      For Steve Hale, Steiner brought:


      "Think of this development as if the changes in the astral body
      could be shown by the minute-hand of a clock, and the changes in the
      etheric body by the hour-hand. What the human being changes in his
      etheric body, what the `I' has made out of the etheric body, is
      called Buddhi or, if one wishes to use the term — Life-Spirit."

      nadmateescu wrote:

      "Nietzche's influence over the Bayreuth's magician, leads us to what
      was about to come later; as Schopenhauer's failure to understand the
      etheric sights that Goethe had found and his colour theory, in the
      year of 1813, the same year when Wagner was born. His failure in his
      understanding of a spiritual threshold, overshadowed a hole
      generation of writters and thinkers."

      Bradford comments;

      The philosophy and way of thought contained in the Eastern
      scriptures astounded the Western cultural elite towards the middle
      of the 19th century and influenced such philosophers and writers as
      Schopenhauer, Goethe, Heine, Nietzsche, Shelley, Emerson,
      Baudelaire, Himmler, Oppenheimer, Thoreau, and de Balzac. The
      Initiate Celtic figure of Merlin, had condensed, had condensed, and
      sometimes you wonder Dan, why the heroic foolishness we pursue,
      still bothers to convey things to people who can't even get out of
      their obsessive thinking patterns for two minutes...

      Wagner was a key player and Goethe with the foundation of his plant
      and Etheric Sciences and his immense Fifth Epoch overshadowing
      masterpiece, "Faust" drew a clear line to the shadow that would
      confront the obsessive compulsive little materialistic twits who are
      everywhere, on every street corner and on every cell phone for
      hundreds and hundreds of years to come.

      But Wagner, Wagner was and it is clearly grasped by spiritual
      cognition that the Celtic Initiate Merlin had CONDENSED forces of
      his astral body. This idea that Merlin was hidden, and the
      film, "EXCALIBUR" captures the whole mystery of Merlin in the
      Arthurian STAR planning with a real richness. Merlin was acting just
      like the ancient Babylonian and Ziggurat priests who worked directly
      into human destiny, the elemental kingdom and the forces of Nation
      Building with Star Wisdom.

      Merlin was a Nation Builder. And when we look at how Merlin moved
      the pieces to create an Arthur, it all disappears into myth and
      allegory and boatloads of new age morons get off the bus before they
      can even see the arising clairity of Grail Sciences. But look you,
      we can do a Ruckhau and we can condense and compress Astral
      forces...But Merlin emerges out of myth into Time and appears
      clearly in the entire body of works, the entire body of works that
      Wagner produces, revealed the remembered spiritual content of the
      Nation Building and planning that went into Great Britain, Freedom
      and the Magna Carta. This gave birth to an isle devoted to the
      Consciousness Soul and Shakespeare himself.

      We could ask a serious question. Lodges both white and black have
      reservered and preserved certain etheric bodies with all their rich
      contents and models...In the case of Wagner/Merlin there was an
      amazing Nation Building being who sifted and distilled and saw in
      his inner being the entire White Lodge of Nation Building that
      prepared the foundations of the world for the dawning of the
      Consciousness Soul of Great Britain. Wagner was looking at something
      that was in him, that was merged within, and with him. It was
      certainly his property and it did not come from his blood. It came
      clearly from the ancient forces that he carried over with him which
      brought the ringing and stunning tale of Parsifal the Opera, which I
      saw in 1979 in Zurich and in 1879, Wagner completed the entire
      destiny manifesation of the Sagas he carried with him...only there
      was no Duke, no Kaspar Hauser there...There was a vacuum filled with
      blood monger racism and Nazi anti-Grail forces. And from all this
      insight...well history merely yawns and people went about their
      business and the mighty Grail Scienes caved in on its own
      foundations and became the limp and holy Anthro-World.

      Now Wagner appeared and offered his Nation Building vision, that had
      inspired the Consciousness Soul foundations of Britain and Wagner
      brought these intimate elemental, star and Initiate issues that are
      truly wrestled with in actual Nation Building, and Wagner packaged
      them in artistic form and brought them as an offering to Germany.
      But Wagner is supposed to meet and arrives in the same year as
      Kaspar Hauser and these two are supposed to link up and the Black
      Lodges knew it. That series of friendships and meetings would pre-
      set the great Grail Schooling that Steiner was bringing that would
      set the science of Etheric Light and the Age of Light and education
      on such a RUSH of achievement for all of humanity, that every Spirit
      of twisted sick-o darkness was employed to aim at stopping the
      assault of Christic-Michael on Germany.

      In previous atavistic states that Merlin lived with, Kings and blood
      and cognitive issues that Steiner had to touch upon when thinking
      about SEVEN different capacities and flavors that were and are
      scattered over the etheric types that people the planet. Steiner
      knew about cognition, qualities in the etheric and nation building,
      but every word that was spoken into the matrix of Germany and Spirit
      of Darkness clusters that both Pete, Peter S and Diana are current
      members of, now comes back today in the same twisted manner that the
      Nazi's twisted Wagner's deep and ancient memory of his Nation
      Building. Germany was indeed sitting on cognitive potential, it was
      true and Fichte, STeiner, Goethe and thousands and thousands of
      others proved that the cognitive mission of Germany was to produce
      the Schooling of the I AM. And whole armies of undeveloped
      egregorical little mental midgets arose to dumb down human clarity
      to suit the darkness they dwelt in normally.

      Look at Lohengrin, "Lohengrin then announces that Elsa, his wife,
      has broken the vow which they all heard her make, and he has come
      before them to answer her question and dispel the mad suspicion
      which a wily tempter implanted in her heart, They shall all learn
      his name and heritage, and may then judge whether he was worthy of
      their trust. The people wonder with awe-hushed voices what
      revelation is in store, and then there floats in the orchestra the
      soft tremolo of the swan-music, as Lohengrin tells them of a distant
      land called Montsalvat, where is a radiant temple. And in this
      temple is guarded a sacred vessel which possesses wonder-powers. A
      dove descends from heaven once every year to renew its marvelous
      strength. This treasure-blessing is called the " Grail," and to its
      chosen votaries a matchless power is given. These knights of the
      Grail are sent abroad as champions of innocence and truth, and they
      may tarry so long as their name is unknown." And what comes under
      the wings of all this, the underground Temple emerges into the heart
      of Munich via Goethe's prophecy and fairy-tale, "The Green Snake and
      Beautiful Lily". Coming in right under the foundations of the German
      folk was the height of the Grail Sciences. It was given as the
      combined gift of Michael to set the tale of humanity in its highest
      light and give humanity and Germany its highest Scienes of the Grail
      and look what we got instead!!!!! Instead!!! The proof is all here.

      Is there anything, anything more important than understanding
      reality and the Age of actual Etheric Christ Light and the
      achievement of Spirit Man at Golgotha? Why have Anthros failed, and
      continue to fail, except for the small group here on this list, most
      Anthros are so infatuated and in fear of materialistic and
      university sciences that they have cowered to present the literal
      and clear cut, and well observed intentions that a real age of Light
      and not this nuclear bastard should have delivered and still
      can!!!??? Students seek to become scientists of Light as the begin
      their journey from the Spiritual world to Earth destiny. We find
      that the whole of the scientific issue of physics and atomic studies
      are all clustered around and suffocating and killing all those who
      wish, who came to Earth to learn of Light, instead they end up
      clustered around the atom with willing Professors who are so deeply
      dunked in the Kool-Aid of the entire cup of lies that went from
      Kaspar's Death to 1945 that the AGE OF LIGHT, they longed to
      understand, vanished. Vanished! Vanished as if it wasn't there! We
      have people on this list struggling, and struggling to understand
      Physical, etheric, and astral along with I AM sciences. And
      otherwise the world treats the magnificent Grail Sciences the way
      Diana and Pete love to sickeningly wail on it.

      You scoundrels! You failed thinkers! We are not living in the gift
      of the historical mission of Germany, we are living in the Bastard
      AGE OF LIGHT and you offer your children a Bastard's education and
      all that survived of the Great Grail Initiate Schooling that should
      have been in Munich? SPIRITUAL FRIGGIN SCIENCE!!!!! And if we walk
      our dumb asses through the mire and mess of this utter distortion of
      the Greatest Gift to humanity, we come to catastrophic educational
      lies that surround our children and have put most everyone under in
      a deep snoring snooze, so that their undeveloped emotional sentient
      sparks can fly like cats in a bag. Urgency, rethink, standing on the
      ground of solid Spiritual Science? And damn, damn it all it can be
      done humorously, clearly, and thank heavens there is such a thing as
      Waldorf Education.

      Yes, we still have nearly everyone out to get this brilliant son, of
      Grail Sciences, emboldened in Steiner's work, and murder it! Kill it
      with lies and a collection of cotton ball, cliques and gossipers who
      gather around Waldorf Schools because Waldorf Schools are where
      Waldorf Teachers carry the burden of the last thread of the Grail
      School, along with Eurythmy and innovative and magnificent writers
      and thinkers, scattered everywhere.

      Jens Bjørneboe and his path, his radical anarchist path, is partly
      what happens to souls who fail, fail to find the cultural link
      between the sanity of the Grail Sciences of Spiritual Science and
      the insanity of cultural bastardization, and grotesque thinking
      errors that surrounded not only Jens Bjørneboe but surround
      everyone, everyone who attempts to find and hold fast to the Grail
      Science and the true son of Light that was struggling to free itself
      as the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century
      arrived. The soul wrenching truth, is written clearly in the
      struggles and turmoils of those who had every intention to be honest
      and good and were met with scorn and ridicule by the vampire bastard
      rulers who now boldly pollute every hall of education that every
      child attempts to enter. It is enough to drive anyone to an early
      grave. But courage has to replace the idea of sucide, but honesty
      and insight must be the life blood of courage.

      The third woe:

      *** Luke 11:44 "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!
      for ye are as graves which appear not, and the men that walk over
      them are not aware of them."

      Jesus called them hypocrites, play actors, or those who act out a
      part. In Greek and Roman times the actors wore masks to become
      something they were not. These were called hypocrites. The
      word "hypocrite" is used 20 times in the New Testament and was only
      used by Jesus. Jesus said of the scribes and Pharisees, quoting
      from the original: "For ye are as the tombs, unseen by the men who
      walk over them." Jesus said they were playing a part; and were as
      unmarked graves; or had no life in them. They appeared to be alive
      and religious, but they were walking death.

      The way in which Matthew recorded Jesus' words was: Whited tombs
      that appear beautiful outwardly, but inwardly full of dead man's
      bones *** Matthew 23:27-28. They were dead in the sight of God
      because there was no life (Holy Spirit) in them.

      There is no life in a grave. The only thing a grave stands for is
      death. This is the reference Jesus made to the scribes and
      Pharisees. It was because there was no life in them. They had a
      form of godliness, but denied the power thereof *** II Timothy 3:5.

      Thank Michael and Christ for R.S.
      Steiner looks at one of many attacks on Goethe,Schopenhauer and
      Nietzsche, who Steiner knew were vital links in the survial of
      Spiritual Science.

      "A short while ago a booklet came out in Germany: `Uber den
      Physiollogischen Schachsinn des Weibes' (Concerning the
      physiological feeble-mindedness of women). This booklet stems from a
      man Möbius, who indeed, is not at all an insignificant physiologist,
      who has said some good things, but who, on the other hand, has
      exposed not so much himself but the science of Physiology to
      ridicule by presenting, little by little, all the various great
      personalities of world-historic development of recent times —
      Goethe, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche — as pathological phenomena. He has
      done this, furthermore, in such a grotesque and radical manner, that
      one would have to ask with each genius, `Where does the insanity
      lie?' Goethe, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche — all are dealt with from the
      standpoint of psychiatry, of psychological pathology."


      "...It is the spiritual-scientific world-view which will have to
      solve the questions of Life and co-operate in all the cultural
      streams and strivings of the future. But no one can fail to
      recognise this world-view when one believes it to be nothing but the
      imaginings of a wild fantasy. Yet it is the outcome of the spiritual
      research of those best acquainted with the needs and longing of our
      time, who take it most seriously. Only those who do not wish to know
      anything about the needs of our time can still remain distant from
      this world-stream which extends eminently and practically into all
      questions. Spiritual science is not something that indulges in
      unfruitful criticism, it is not something conservative. It regards
      materialism as justified, and takes into account that it arose in
      the last century. It was necessary that old religious feelings and
      traditions lost their importance in comparison to the claims of the
      natural sciences. Spiritual science can see how it has come about
      that physiology and biology have become deniers of immortality, even
      if it doesn't agree with them. This had to happen. But humanity will
      never be able to live without a glimpse of, without knowledge of
      real supersensible, spiritual things. Only for a short time will
      people be able to keep on making do as they do today with specialist
      knowledge and with what arises in many ways from this direction as
      religious results or non-results."

      "All talk of limits to human knowledge is a nonsense. One should
      rather ask: Is it not possible for the human being to rise to a
      higher level of knowledge? Are not what one calls the eyes and the
      ears of the spirit perhaps a reality? There have always been
      individuals who have worked on certain latent faculties and who can
      thus see more than others. Their testimony might be just as valid as
      the testimony of those who look through the microscope. How many
      people have actually seen what the scientific history of creation
      teaches? I would like to ask, how many people have seen what they
      talk about? How many, for example, have in actual fact, proof of the
      development of the human embryo? If they were to ask themselves such
      questions they would see what a blind faith it is that governs them.
      And if it is a justified faith, then the faith based on the
      testimony of the Initiates who speak from their spiritual
      experiences is equally justified.

      Thus, in a spiritual-scientific sense, we speak of a second body of
      man's being. It is the same thing which, in the Christian religion,
      we find designated by St. Paul as the spiritual body. We speak of
      the etheric or life-body. Any particular sum of chemical and
      physical forces would never crystallise themselves into a life form
      if they were not formed principally by that which permeates every
      living body as its etheric or life-body. Thus we call this second
      body the etheric or life body. It is that which the human being has
      in common with the entire plant and animal world.

      But the plant does not have what we call urges, desires, passions. A
      plant has no inner sensation (Empfindung) of pleasure or pain, for
      one cannot speak of sensation when one observes that a being reacts
      only to what is external. One can only speak of sensations when the
      outer stimulus is reflected inwardly, when it is there as an inner
      experience. This domain of present-day physiology, which speaks of a
      body of sensations in the plant, only shows a tremendous
      dilettantism in the comprehension of such concepts.

      Where animal life begins, where pleasure, pain, urges, desires and
      passions begin, one speaks of the third body of the human being, the
      astral body. Man has this in common with the whole animal world.

      Now there is something in the human being which goes over and beyond
      the animal world and which makes man the crown of creation. We can
      best bring this before our souls by making a small and subtle

      There is in the whole range of the language one name which differs
      from all others. Everyone can say `table' to a table, or `chair' to
      a chair. But there is one name which cannot be used in the same way.
      No one can say `I' to me and mean me. The word `I' can never fall on
      our ears when it means me. People have always felt this to be
      something of essential importance. And one found, even in the most
      popular of ancient religious faiths, that an important point
      regarding the soul lay here. Where the soul begins to feel the
      divine in itself, where it begins in this dialogue with itself to
      say `I' to itself, to converse with itself in such a way that cannot
      come from outside, then that is where the divine being of the soul
      begins its path of development in man. The god in the human being is
      made known here. The secret and ancient teachings of the Hebrews
      perceived this. Thus this name was called the unutterable Name of
      God, the name which means: "I am the I-am".

      "In the belief of the Old Testament, this name signified the
      annunciation of the Godhead in the human soul. For this reason
      tremendously powerful feelings and sensations went through the
      throng when the priest announced this name of the Godhead in the
      human soul: Jahve. This is the fourth body in the human being, with
      which his external nature ends and his divinity begins. And we have
      seen how man is guided, as it were, by outer forces upwards to
      the `I'. There he stands, and from then onwards he begin to work in
      himself. This `I' works downwards into the three other parts of the
      human being. Be quite clear about this difference that exists
      between human beings from this point of view. Compare a savage with
      an average European, or with a noble idealist perhaps Schiller or
      Francis of Assisi.

      If the astral body is the bearer of desires and passions, we must
      say: the astral body of the savage is completely surrounded by the
      forces of Nature, but the average European has worked something into
      his astral body. He says to himself of certain passions and
      desires, `you cannot pursue these' — for he has transformed his
      astral body. And it has been transformed even more by such a
      personality as Schiller, and still more by a personality who stands
      in no relation at all to passions — such as Francis of Assisi — and
      who has completely purified and is master of this astral body, over
      all urges and desires. Thus one can say of a human being who has
      worked on himself, that his astral body consists of two parts. One
      part is that which is given by Nature, by divine powers; and the
      other is that part which he himself has developed within it. This
      second part, the part transformed by the `I', we call Spirit-Self or
      Manas. "
    • pete_karaiskos
      There you go again... lier... Pete ... you), but I ... whereever ...
      Message 68 of 68 , Apr 6, 2006
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        There you go again... lier...


        --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Mike T"
        <leosun_75@...> wrote:
        > Case closed on you Pete; you may not have realised it (I forgive
        you), but I
        > was responding to Di
        > So now Case closed
        > Mike T
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        > >
        > >Mike, you said we wouldn't hear further from you on this subject.
        > >This makes you a lier, um... lyre... um... lire... um... liar.
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >--- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Mike T"
        > ><leosun_75@> wrote:
        > > >
        > > > Still can't figure it? I'll help you out:
        > > >
        > > > - placing statements out of context
        > >
        > >I didn't do that - YOU did.
        > >
        > > > - ignoring what others repeatedly try to explain
        > >
        > >I didn't do that - YOU did.
        > >
        > > > (I love Pete - he says he tried to explain it 100 times; just a
        > >couple me
        > > > thinks ...
        > >
        > >But still you didn't and still don't get it.
        > >
        > > > however already how exaspperrated he was that he used this
        > > > hyperbole - he does this all the time to others making them explain
        > >it ad
        > > > infinitum)
        > >
        > >Nobody has explained anything to me to my satisfaction. Bullshit is
        > >not an explanation - and there seems to be plenty of it here from you.
        > >
        > > > - being stubborn and pretending ignorance when it suits.
        > >
        > >I'll happily accept the label of stubborn. I'm not about to be moved
        > >from my position by airy-fairy arguments. I don't know what you are
        > >referring to by "pretending ignorance". When have I done that?
        > >
        > > > - playing a game of sarcasm
        > >
        > >I love sarcasm. So what?
        > >
        > > > - intentional deciet
        > >
        > >Never!!! The fact that I am fighting Waldorf for years over their
        > >intentional deceit should make anyone question your statement above.
        > >Intentional deceit is something I never do. (By the way, it's I
        > >before E except after C).
        > >
        > > > - ignorance par excellence
        > >
        > >Not in the least. Having no interest in what you consider to be
        > >"knowledge" is not ignorance - it's questioning the benefit of that
        > >"knowledge".
        > >
        > > > - not having the intellect to understand
        > >
        > >Yes, this coming from an obvious intellectual like you. I have enough
        > >intellect to understand the difference between truth and some wild
        > >goose chase. I was once where you are now - then I woke up.
        > >
        > > > So it was time to show Pete how he is seen on this forum and
        > > > decent people might be.
        > >
        > >I couldn't care less how you see me Mike. Your perverted little mind
        > >is hardly capable of understanding me - let alone Steiner. You're a
        > >freak show - and every time you post, everyone reading this board can
        > >see for themselves why Steiner worship is not, and should never be,
        > >what Anthroposophy is about.
        > >
        > >Thanks for yet another opportunity to point out what an idiot you are.
        > > Keep em coming.
        > >
        > >Pete
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
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