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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: The Ladder(was Defamation)

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  • Frank Smith
    ... See what you re up against, engemi (he/she - I don t care, not prejudiced). You put time and effort to create that beautiful ladder analogy and what do you
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 30, 2006
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      --- winters_diana <diana.winters@...> wrote:

      > I don't think she (? she/he? I am sorry, Engemi, I
      > am not sure)
      > missed your point, Pete. It looks to me like this
      > ladder analogy
      > below is basically an endorsement of Steiner's
      > racial views. Unless
      > I'm misunderstanding, Engemi, you mean that people
      > climb a "ladder"
      > of different races as they/we progress spiritually?
      > Yep, "even by colour." I wasn't sure till I got to
      > that part.
      > Diana
      See what you're up against, engemi (he/she - I don't
      care, not prejudiced). You put time and effort to
      create that beautiful ladder analogy and what do you
      get for it? "An endorsement of Steiner's racial
      You can't even order a choclate sundae around here
      without being branded a racist. But don't let
      Diana-Pete get your goat (white, I trust), despite
      your racist tendencies; the rest of us still love you.
      (Of course, of course, why didn't I realize it sooner?
      We love you because we all share Steiners racist
      theories. mea culpa - "bang" beating breast.)

      > >Think of a ladder. A ladder is used to step from
      > low to high, it has
      > >steps in various different positions which make it
      > easy for you to
      > >climb 'up' once you place it in the right position
      > which is vertical.
      > >Of course you could also place it in a horisontal
      > position, but I
      > >can't see what you would be able to use it for like
      > that except as
      > >maybe a barrier.
      > >Point is, every ladder on earth need these
      > different steps (rungs,
      > >you call them?) to be able to get higher - say to
      > the window of the
      > >upper story from down on the ground to be able to
      > see what is
      > >inside. If you would take away the lower rungs of
      > the ladder and put
      > >then higher up, the then lowest rungs will be the
      > first and so it
      > >will remain even if you would take the uppermost
      > rung and exchange
      > >it wth the bottommost rung. The first rung will
      > always be the bottom
      > >rung. and if you tilt the ladder the other way
      > round the uppermost
      > >rung will then also become the bottom rung. Thus
      > only the middle
      > >rungs truly remain middle rungs. Hey, funny, just
      > like with us
      > >people. You have those at the bottom of the range
      > (whether
      > >intelectually, or emosionally or cognisant or even
      > by colour) and
      > >those at the top of the range.
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