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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Pete the Greek and Mercury Markers

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  • jmnguyen
    Dear Katrina, Tom --- why is it that every anthro-list you subscribe to runs the risk of ending up looking like some devastated jazz country? :-))) Boy, forget
    Message 1 of 10 , Mar 27, 2006
      Dear Katrina,
      Tom --- why is it that every anthro-list you subscribe to runs the risk of ending up looking like some devastated jazz country? :-)))
      Boy, forget about the pompous and not so richly deserved (imho :-) "power to discriminate" alias...
      May I friendly suggest a new and more appropriate *nom de Net* for you, dear Tom? How about AH? No, not Adolf Hitler ---but *Anthro-Hurricane* :-)
      Sure, it lacks the little racist flavor that "power to discriminate" had, but I'm pretty confident you'll get over that (I'm just saying this as an aside, because I'm well aware that there is too much expertise in racism here on this list that I could cope with).
      *Anthro-Katrina* was the best option of course - but I didn't want to take a chance on interfering in your own sexual orientation/disorientation:-)
      Come to think of it, it's about time I had my own official internet alias too - don't you think? I'm very seriously considering *Jerry* as my permanent "nom de Net".
      The fact is that, although my body cells have been replaced 7 times by now, I still get a kick from watching those very funny cartoons (you know Tom, the ones with the cat...:-)))
      Seriously, don't let your - shall I say Michaelic ruthlessness? - and the gusts of your wisdom actually blow out nice little candlelights!...
      Let me tell you, dear Tom: your Sirius-like brilliance (yeah, I know, you'd prefer Venus/Mercury-like) will never make up or compensate for the twinkling little stars of lesser magnitude that you push back [consciously or not] in the darkness of deep space. Didn't you understand that --- yet?
      This is the ABC in Christosophy. You've got some homework to do. Sorry, no crash course is available.
      IncidentaIly, I bought myself a brand-new 3 barrel e-shotgun the day I joined AT: you know, just in case you were still sending *clay pigeons* in cyberspace :-)))
      Now I see you're posting _ real old stuff _ i.e., clay pigeons that were litterally blown to pieces years ago! Man, if you don't have newer and more attractive pigeons, I'm bringing that gun back to the shop and getting a refund on it in no time! The ammo is so damn expensive!
      Many thanks for helping me out with the origins of my own Odyssey: "Going back to my roots..." Hey man, I love the groove! 
      By the way, nice to see you again :-)
      Jean-Marc [Frog Man Jerry]
      ----- Original Message -----
      Sent: Saturday, March 25, 2006 6:31 PM
      Subject: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Pete the Greek and Mercury Markers

      But before we get to the discussion, please excuse me for a moment
      while I acknowledge someone returning to the list from 7 years ago,
      Jean Marc Nguyen of France who wrote in Post #23195  (March 21)

      > Dear List,
      > Some of you will remember the guy that Father Tom (Mellett) once
      referred to
      as *frog-boy* :-)
      > This was back in 1999, …. 

      > Best wishes from France to you all,
      > Jean-Marc

      Dear Jean Marc,

      Great to see you back after a 7 year itch for both of us. We know
      that the cell is the physical expression of the etheric body and that
      every cell in the body is said to be replaced after 7 years, and
      since the etheric body holds the habit patterns and memory, the
      question is: have we learned anything new in this cycle?

      At any rate, I must apologize to you profusely for calling you Frog
      Boy --- What was I thinking back then? What an egregious -- or is it
      egregorious? --- error I made! Honest to God, Jean Marc, I cannot for
      the life of me remember why I did not give equal time and opportunity
      to validate your obvious Vietnamese heritage. How, in my Irish
      Catholic atavistic native New York City egalitarian expression of all-
      inclusive racism could I have overlooked the simple epithet "gook"
      and not attach it to "frog boy?"  Please forgive me for my oversight.
      Perhaps I can atone a little. As Robert Bly says: "It's already too
      late!" No matter.

      Oh, Jean Marc, surely you would have expected from me something
      like: "frog-gookie"  for starters. You know, to echo, let's say,  the
      Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, I might have at least styled you
      as:  "Jean Marc, the French Indo-Chinese Frog-gookie monster." Now
      I'm on a roll. Or depending on your sexual disorientation, supposing
      you were gay in gay Paris (Pareee!), I might style you as the "Frog-
      gay-kie monster!  Any number of limitless permutations.

      Well, zat was zen and zis is now!  "Those were the days my friend, we
      thought they'd never end. We'd sing and dance forever and a day…."

      Anyway, Jean Marc, it's been 7 years, and we've been through so much
      evolution, devolution, revolution, absolution (not to mention air
      pollution since I live in LA now) that I can no longer, in any good
      conscience, refer to you as Frog Boy.  Therefore, to celebrate the
      resurrection of our respective etheric bodies after 7 years, and the
      very real possibility that at least one of us has grown up, I hereby
      christen you, for the rest of your present incarnation:

      Jean Marc Nguyen:    Thou art:     FROG MAN!!!!



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