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RE: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: My spooky Steiner picture

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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    John wrote: (snip) ... publishing ... in my next ... that parents ... alleged ... (snip) ... I disapprove ... is with this spirit ... I agree with you on both
    Message 1 of 11 , Nov 20, 2003
      John wrote:
      > if this is true, what better way to expose these lies and distortions than
      > them for all to see? i actually wasn't even including a link to the paper
      in my next
      > update, but i would be happy to link to the paper, as well as rebuttals so
      that parents
      > can have as much information as possible on the controversy over this
      > forgery, and decide for themselves.
      > their critics?! what a bunch of cowards! i prefer the courage of voltaire:
      "I disapprove
      > of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." it
      is with this spirit
      > i created openwaldorf.

      I agree with you on both points, John. Publishing opposing views is
      certainly legitimate. However, when it comes to P. Staudenmaier, we're not
      dealing with "views", but slander. How about including a link to one of
      Sune's rebuttal pages together with the P.S. article? You might also
      include: http://southerncrossreview.org/steiner-race.htm (Some Steiner
      sayings about race), and
      (a free ebook "Anthroposophy and Anti-Semitism" by Leist, Ravagli and
      Bader). I think your site is excellent, btw.

      Frank Thomas Smith
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