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  • holderlin66
    Awakening to Anthroposophia and the Instreaming of the Sixth Epoch Conference. Dottie brought something like this: ...in regards to regular every day changes
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      Awakening to Anthroposophia and the Instreaming
      of the Sixth Epoch Conference.

      Dottie brought something like this:

      "...in regards to regular
      every day changes that occur while on the esoteric
      path or the Anthroposophical path. And I think what I
      might like to initiate is, is a booklet, or maybe just
      an exercise of working with one another in putting
      something together that others, like ourselves, who
      find them selves on this path, will be able to read
      and better understand what these changes are they are
      going through, and where they correspond to our
      teachers work.

      "It is slowly dawning on me that I have been having
      these experiences, not speaking on spiritual sight per
      se, rather on how the spirit moves us to higher
      ground. And I think it is time to have something like
      this in a booklet. Our teacher has these things in
      many different places but I think a time has come...

      Bradford comments;

      Paul Platt documented and had the full ability to tag every change
      and detail inwardly, like a yogi master so distinctly daily, that it
      was almost irritating. There was a hovering intuition that his
      ability had come from one of his Greek incarnations. The TWELVE HOLY
      NIGHTS, in several different forms, the Soul Calendar daily, and
      understanding the daily modifications of the Moon changes reveal
      enormous insights.

      From my perspective I would only like to grasp how class room
      management, customer volume, and reading these etheric/astral
      changes, reveal themselves. And the basis for understanding how this
      works is understanding and simply being able to translate the Stella
      Natura indications into inner movements and perceptions.

      "The times indicated are those the author deems to be the first
      choice periods for working the soil, applying biodynamic
      preparations, sowing seed, or working with plants in general. Since
      not everyone will have an opportunity to take advantage of these
      periods, or will need to be working in the garden at other times,
      for daily indications please refer to STELLA NATURA 2006, or to
      Sowing and Planting Calendar 2006.."


      There is a great deal to do in becoming a student of Spiritual
      Science, there are very refined insights that awaken etheric
      perception and refined sense of what fire does, what air, does, what
      water does and what earth does, as it moves through the music that
      tingles through the Sitar system of the Spinal Chord. The Spine? I
      dare say, as I look over the Anthro students who are slowly coming
      towards higher insights, and as we have discussed, taking the sword
      out of the stone, or taking the cohesive music of the astral body
      and freeing it from the bony spine...one experiences with a
      different interest the movements of the planets as realities that
      both arise from within us and give roots, stems, leaf, blossoms and
      fiery seeds their own signals and impulses. Paul Platt was an
      irritating genius in self observation in this regard.

      But suffice it to say, Dottie has never held a Stella Natura in her
      hand, where daily and monthly virtues are called forth and how the
      months call forth this or that virtue, but even more singularly,
      that in the Stella Natura we follow real constellation dynamics. I
      certainly have experienced this new adaptation of inner movements,
      and it is not a daily Horoscope sleaze. It is rather an inner
      etheric perception that you get to know by observing how children
      play calmly in water signs or wildly in fire on some undesignated
      playground. Traffic on the streets moves differently, every person
      and every thing in nature is sensitive to the giant lunar flux of
      how etheric watery forces change tone under the surface of things.

      And a sitar is just a refined, ancient instrument that shows the
      upright spine and the lower sitting body, butt, and the frets are
      certainly differently constructed, but the spinal movements and the
      starry movements were extracted as a kind of replicated instrument
      in the sitar. Our shoulder blades, and Angels wings come into
      relation in an imagination that brings us back to Grunewald and the
      painting where Sophia side of Mary and Mary on the physical plane
      reveal, vast music, even a painting of Buddha in there. But music
      that the Sitar would be the part of the spine that would unfold in
      us and stunted shoulder blade bone, become the roots of sensitive
      feeling and music and tone that were once understood as wings.
      Angelic wings are really navigating tonal organs that are linked
      also to how the heart develops higher perception. The Sitar is the
      back of the spine, the instrument that filters emotion, tones,
      etheric changes, and coursing emotional fields.

      Yet that does not help anyone when it comes to learning about
      intimate changes that every plant and animal feel. To learn about
      this with intimacy you need to hold Stella Natura in your hand daily
      and understand the Sophia of the stars daily and how it moves
      through you and the rest of the world. The daily movement that the
      stars reveal, show us fire, air, water, earth, moon, planet and
      zodiac shifts that reveal in us, far less, mystical, abstract
      strangeness, but rather the intimacy that people still marvel at
      because the tides appear to respond to the pull of the moon.
      Whoopy...so the heck what.

      Follow Stella Natura and not some horoscope crap and you get a very
      different picture of reality and you need a solid anchor to feel
      each aspect of the moon in one sign or another and the intimate
      changes of fire, air, water and earth. To feel how the Sun feels and
      appears when it shines from a different location, what streams in
      etc... and how various planetary moments truly create harmony,
      social and interesting qualities here and there or how mars or
      saturn does different things.

      The Time, The Dawn of a new time, in my opinion has already dawned.
      The egotistical shift you realize is that it isn't you who are
      launching a new time, it is rather you awakening yourself to what so
      many others already understood as a new time. Then you can move
      forward with such an understanding as The Turning Point of Time,
      delivered with great strength through the Foundation STone. It is
      not that each of us don't have an opportunity to meet the new wisdom
      and reconnect, it is suddenly thinking, well, I am discovering this
      new thing, so a new time must be at hand. In this, I find a certain
      twisted and obscure thinking as well as tainted logic in the process.

      This happens a lot and requires a lot less inflation of grandiose
      feelings and more stuning research and verification that the music
      of the heavens and Sophia moves through us blind, dull, donkey
      butts, mules, jackasses, and we are severed, and removed from nature
      until we decide to find a path back into her consciously. Then
      Stella Natura stands there profoundly and we learn about the feeling
      of each trine, square, conjunction and learn to read flow, mood and
      personal qualities of the stars with new freshness.
    • write3chairs
      Hahaha!!! I had no idea. Thank you, Tarjei! Um, ... well, shall we shoot the messenger? ;) Cheers & Love, Jennifer ... of ... put ... has ... I ... Britain s
      Message 32 of 32 , Feb 18, 2006
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        Hahaha!!! I had no idea. Thank you, Tarjei!
        Um, ... well, shall we shoot the messenger? ;)

        Cheers & Love,

        --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "elfuncle" wrote:

        > Jennifer, you wrote:
        > > Here's another article I found, below. Is easier to read at the
        > > website (it's a pdf file) and is illustrated there, too.
        > >
        > > Jennifer
        > >
        > > http://makeashorterlink.com/?G127269AC
        > Read at the website? THE WEBSITE??!!!
        > http://www.larouchepub.com/
        > Wow, this was really "something for Tarjei" like the title says.
        > Are you aware of your source here, Jennifer? It's Lyndon LaRouche
        > for God's sake! Take the bizarre opposites of anthroposophy we've
        > discussed earlier, like Nazism and Scientology for starters. One
        > the less successful stragglers in this vein is LaRouche and
        > his "Schiller Institute." A wealthy madman who has been in prisons
        > and mental institutions and insists that Queen Elisabeth runs most
        > of the heavy drug traffic in the world, that the Pope is the
        > Antichrist, that Steiner was a Satanist, and that God intends to
        > Lyndon LaRouche in the White House to execute His divine plan for
        > the world.
        > Witness the ravings of a lunatic by reading what Lyndon LaRouche
        > to say about Rudolf Steiner:
        > http://tinyurl.com/djhzs
        > ******************************************
        > Email Query About Rudolph Steiner
        > Email Message:
        > To: larouche@...
        > Cc: Schiller
        > Subject: Steiner
        > Mr. LaRouche.
        > I have been listening to your webcasts on what's happening in the
        > U.S.A.. I believe that you are receiving very precious and special
        > inspirations on account of your concern for the future of mankind.
        > also believe that those who want to bring about a New World Order
        > similar to the Roman Empire are subject to the influence of dark
        > rituals which are designed to suppress their freedom of choice.
        > That's where the main problem is. To understand and overcome such
        > problem, it may be necessary to consult some of the ideas of
        > thinkers such as Rudolf Steiner, who was very sincere in his quest
        > and left the theosophists, other occultists and religious fanatics
        > when he understood the tricksthey were up to. Regards.
        > Lyndon LaRouche's Reply
        > Rudolf Steiner was originally closely associated with a pro-
        > Satanic, "Theosophhist," cult worship of "Lucifer" led by
        > Aliester Crowley. Later, finding Crowley's explicit satan-worship
        > bit too bold for German Protestant sensibilities, Steiner created
        > his Anthroposophs and associated network of Waldorf schools. In
        > history of modern mathematics, Steiner is known for his personal
        > assistance to the effort of a radical-postivist network of the
        > Mach variety, to drive one of the greatest modern mathematicians,
        > Georg Cantor, insane. This was an operation by Steiner coordinated
        > through the circles of associated directly with both Crowley and
        > Crowley's long-term associate Bertrand Russell. I have traced this
        > through my combined studies of Cantor's principal papers,
        > related correspondence. This shows a breaking-point, from genius
        > confusion, occurring about 1888. Thesemental problems show in his
        > mid-1890s presentation of the transfinite. The specific event
        > shows the character of the change, is an insane piece which
        > a cessation of correspondence with the circles of Pope Leo XIIII,
        > lunatic elegy of Newton, which Cantor proffered as a dedication to
        > the cause of that Pope.
        > Since Cantor was among the Nineteenth Century's leading
        > mathematicians, in Karl Weierstrass's genre, and also an
        > accomplished amateur musician in the great Beethoven tradition of
        > Boehm, et al., it is much easier to track the axiomatic features
        > personal mental life expressed by such person's primary
        > work, than the case of a personality of less refined
        > character. Rudolf Steiner played a crucial "inside job" role in
        > destroying Cantor.
        > - - Lyndon
        > ******************************************
        > Don't feel bad - I have also made the mistake of forgetting to
        > my sources sometimes.
        > Tarjei
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