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Re: Exaggeration

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  • Larry
    ... Brad often brings ... dismiss it out of ... involving a frog and a ... the frog in cold ... It s not just you, in either sense. And I can t imagine
    Message 1 of 9 , Jan 29, 2006
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      Jo Ann Schwartz wrote:
      > So, whilst I'm not overly fond of the over-the-top shouting that
      Brad often brings
      > to the forum, I'm far less sanguine than many of my campaƱeros who
      dismiss it out of
      > hand.
      > From way back in the dark ages, I remember a bio experiment
      involving a frog and a
      > pot of water. Put the frog in boiling water, frog jumps out. Put
      the frog in cold
      > water and gradually heat until the water boils, frog gets cooked.
      > Musing, is it just me, or is it awfully warm in here....
      > JoAnn
      It's not just you, in either sense. And I can't imagine dismissing
      his ravings. They're the only vision I've seen, of the garbage going
      on. (Your companions must be numbskulls, no insult to you intended
      there; it's probably a fine thing that you do, continuing to hang with
      them. Uplifting them, or whatever.)
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