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Geographic Medicine and the Ahrimanic Double

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  • Steve Hale
    Here are some interesting references to a pre-columbian investigation of America and its native members for the purpose of learning about the double . It
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2006
      Here are some interesting references to a pre-columbian
      investigation of America and its native members for the purpose of
      learning about the "double". It seems that ancient America holds
      the secret to the ahrimanic double by being a continent that is
      endowed with a high degree of magnetical force. And European
      investigators came aboard Norwegian ships in the 12th century to
      study this phenomena, and its effects on the native cultures. Then,
      they took this knowledge back to Europe as a basis for certain
      medical knowledge and practice against illnesses.

      This extract is from Lecture II of Geographic Medicine, November 16,
      1917. - Steve

      "This epoch began in the fifteenth century, our present period
      beginning in 1413. The fourth post-Atlantean period, the Greco-
      Latin, began in 747 B.C. and lasted until 1413. This was a time when
      a milder incision in history took place. The fifth post-Atlantean
      epoch began at that time, and we continue to live in it now. Only
      gradually is it bringing forth its special characteristics in our
      time, although these have been in preparation since the fifteenth
      century. In the fourth post-Atlantean epoch it was chiefly the
      Intellectual Soul (Verstandes- und Gemütseele) that was developed;
      now it is the Consciousness Soul that is being developed in the
      general evolution of humanity.

      When the human being entered into this epoch, the guiding spiritual
      beings had to consider his special weakness in relation to this
      double. Had the human being taken into his consciousness very much
      of everything connected with this double, it would have gone badly,
      very badly for the human being. Already in the centuries before the
      fourteenth century, the human being had to be prepared by being
      protected, so that he would take in very little of what was
      suggestive in any way of this double. Therefore the knowledge of
      this double that existed throughout earlier ages was lost. Humanity
      had to be guarded so that it would not take up anything of the
      theory of this double; not only this, however, but it had to come in
      contact as little as possible with anything connected with this

      For this purpose a very special arrangement was required. You must
      try to understand what developed at that time. In the centuries
      preceding the fourteenth century, the human being had to be guarded
      from this double. The double had to be gradually withdrawn from
      man's circle of vision. Only now is he gradually permitted to come
      into it again, now when the human being must adapt his relationship
      to him. A really significant arrangement was required, which could
      be attained only in the following way. Since the ninth or tenth
      century, conditions in Europe were gradually adjusted in such a way
      that the European people lost a certain connection that they had
      formerly, a connection that was still important for human beings in
      earlier centuries, the sixth and seventh centuries A.D. Beginning in
      the ninth century and especially from the twelfth century on, the
      entire shipping exchange with America with the kind of ships there
      were at that time, was abolished.

      This may sound very strange to you. You will say, "We have never
      heard anything like this in history" In many respects, history is
      just a fable convenue a legend; for in earlier centuries of Europe
      develop ships continually sailed from the Norway of that time to
      America. Of course it was not called America it had a different name
      at that time. America was known to be the region where the magnetic
      forces particularly arose that brought the human being into relation
      with this double. For the clearest relations to the double proceed
      from that region of the earth that comprises the American continent.
      And in the earlier centuries people sailed over to America in
      Norwegian ships and studied illnesses there. The illnesses in
      America brought about under the influence of earthly magnetism were
      studied by Europe. And the mysterious origin of the older European
      medicine is to be sought there. There one could observe the course
      of illness that could not have been observed in Europe, where people
      were more sensitive with regard to the influence of the double.

      Then it was necessary for the connection with America to be
      gradually forgotten, and this was essentially brought about by the
      Roman Catholic Church through its edicts. And only after the
      beginning of the fifth post-Atlantean epoch was America rediscovered
      in a physical, sense-perceptible way. This was only a rediscovery,
      however, which is so significant because the powers that were at
      work actually achieved their purpose: that nothing very much should
      be reported in the record of the ancient relations of Europe with
      America. And where it is reported it is not recognized, it is not
      known that these things relate to the connection of Europe with
      America in ancient times. The visits were nothing more than visits.
      That the Europeans themselves became the American people (as is said
      today when the expression "people" is confused with "nation" in an
      incomprehensible way) was possible only after the physical discovery
      of America, the physical rediscovery of America. Earlier there were
      visits that were made in order to study how the double plays a very
      special role in the differently constituted Indian race.

      For a long time before the beginning of the development of the fifth
      post-Atlantean epoch. Europe had to be protected from the influence
      of the Western world. This is the significant historical arrangement
      that was cultivated by wisdom-filled world powers. Europe had to be
      protected for a long time from all these influences; and it could
      not have been protected if the European world had not been
      completely shut off from America in the centuries before the
      fifteenth century."

      <end extract>
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