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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Dottie: "Behold! a white horse!"

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  • dottie zold
    Dearest Martha, I want to say thank you for the kind words to my person. They were kind of a relief in a way and soothing to me after so many battles so to
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 25, 2006
      Dearest Martha,
      I want to say thank you for the kind words to my
      person. They were kind of a relief in a way and
      soothing to me after so many battles so to speak. And
      also thank you for the living treasures you offer in
      your work.

      So much pours
      > from your soul, you ought to plan to write a book
      > someday. The Prologue
      > you have shared addresses - and answers - so much in
      > your other recent
      > posts.

      And I have to say that you have really offered me a
      true gift of rising to a higher or maybe deeper felt
      understanding of the Stars and now also of a white
      horse. Funny how others walk into our thoughts in a
      way. The other day a gentlemen whom I have not seen in
      quite some time due to his harsh feelings towards my
      decision to not allow one of his pieces of art to hang
      at the clubhouse: it was a very erotic type piece of a
      bare breasted woman which I thought was directed
      explicitly at the sexual and not something I would
      like my ladies to have to see. Anyhow, he came in the
      door after about a year and said 'your assistant said
      hello to me so i thought I would stop by'. And what
      was so interesting is that he proceeded to speak on
      exactly the things I was working with inwardly. He
      pulled the X, he pulled the shoe, he pulled all my
      thoughts but in a round a bout way. And it feels to me
      like you just did the same as well.

      I had a waking seeing while contemplating a few things
      the other day before getting up out of bed. And I
      suddenly saw a horse's eyes looking at me. Now you
      know they are of a horse because they have this
      peculiar shape. And I was just so surprised and this
      horse just looked at me with these most beautiful
      graceful eyes. And I hadn't thought further on it
      until you brought it up here in the subject line. And
      for me that is in direct connection to the 'twelve
      stars' and how your words walked me out of an abstract
      thought of them into an inner feeling for them. The
      same with my beautiful horse. And then I found this
      wonderful thought from the new book that I am really
      going to love that is called Mani, The Angel And The
      Column Of Glory by Andrew Welburn.

      This passage I would like to share with you:

      " 11. ...until the fourth year. Then I, Mani, gained
      entrance to the teachings of the (Elchesaitan)
      Baptists in which I was reared, while my body was
      young, being guarded by the might of the Light-angels
      and the exceedingly strong powers, who had a command
      from Jesus the Splendour for my safekeeping. They,
      then, immediately

      12. ... from the waters a face of a man appeared to
      me, showing with his hand the Rest, so that I might
      not sin and bring trouble to him. In this way, from my
      fourth year until I attained my bodily maturity, by
      the hands of the most pure angels and powers of
      holiness I was protected without anyone's notice...

      13. ...at another time a voice, like that of a Twin,
      spoke to me out of the air, saying 'Strengthen your
      power, make your mind firm, and receive all that is
      about to be revealed to you.' And again, he said the
      same: 'Strengthen your power, make your mind strong,
      and submit to all that is about to come upon you.'

      14. '... we have been sent out by the great fathers.'

      "My lord Mani said thus: 'Just as nowadays a young
      horse, used by a king, becomes the king's mount
      through the capability of the horse trainers, so that
      he might sit upon it in honour and glory and carry out
      his particular task, in this same way the mind
      posseses the body, in order to do good.

      > Here is John's most beautiful description, in
      > Revelation, of the Higher
      > Self matured, what will be possible for us within
      > our own Earth
      > evolution (this is the "Son" that is born of the
      > Lady with the Twelve
      > Stars above her head. Sophia? Anthroposophia? The
      > feminine wisdom
      > within the soul that makes this rebirth possible. He
      > has to be
      > protected for a long time in heaven after his birth,
      > or he would be
      > consumed by the dragon):

      I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on the
      quote I shared from the Prologue. There is something
      in there I can not get myself around pertaining to the
      New Adam and Anthroposophia. In the way it is written
      I am coming to something I had never heard expressed
      before and am not sure I am understanding it
      correctly. I know you have lots going on so maybe when
      time is available in the next months you might be able
      to give something forth on that point.

      > "Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white
      > horse! He who sat upon
      > it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness
      > he judges and
      > makes war. His eyes are like a flame of fire, and on
      > his head are many
      > diadems; and he has a name inscribed which no one
      > knows but himself. He
      > is clad in a robe dipped in blood, and the name by
      > which he is called
      > is The Word of God. And the armies of heaven,
      > arrayed in fine linen,
      > white and pure, followed him on white horses. From
      > his mouth issues a
      > sharp sword with which to smite the nations, and he
      > will rule them with
      > a rod of iron: he will tread the wine press of the
      > fury of the wrath of
      > God the Almighty. On his robe and his thigh he has
      > name inscribed, King
      > of kings and Lord of lords."

      Stunning. I am really thankful for this sharing after
      having had time to think on the twelve stars and the
      twelve sisters and the beautiful eyes of the horse in
      my eyeseeking. This just really brings me to a feeling
      of 'life' within this horse and these stars mentioned

      > And to venture some interpretations... The white
      > horse is the purified
      > physical body. The chakras, especially at the third
      > eye (Jupiter) and
      > at the crown (Saturn), are fully developed; the
      > instinctive or
      > reproductive life is transformed and purified. The
      > sharp sword
      > indicates that the power of the spoken Word is fully
      > developed. This
      > will also be the means of reproduction. A word alone
      > will effect
      > others, the environment, and the world. Only the
      > morally and
      > spiritually developed will have such capacities,
      > thus they will rule
      > the world. The rod of iron indicates the development
      > of the moral
      > technology of the future. This "Son of Man" will be
      > the true and only
      > King and Lord of the world. The once and future
      > King.

      It's interesting dear Martha that persons working with
      Eurythmy are under the understanding that it was
      Ahriman who gifted the Larynx. And if we look at that
      we are looking at the idea that it is through there
      the Word is perfected in a way, in a way that it can
      give birth and at the same time possibly redeem
      Ahriman? And that is us that also is apart of the
      defaming of Ahriman through our own words as well. I
      mean we add unto the profaneness of a thing through
      how we speak or what we speak...although even if we
      speak all sweetness and have no understanding it must
      be just a profane in the sense that we are not coming
      to know thyself. Have you ever heard in your entire
      life that Rudolf Steiner made an agreement with
      Ahriman for this gift of making the word speak in the
      form of Eurythmy? Isn't that a stunning deed to

      All good things with all your endeavors Martha,


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