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Re: Mysteries of the East and of Christianity

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  • dottie zold
    Hey Dan, Very interesting that you should remark on the Black Sea mysteries. Do you know they work around Skathianos, it has to be ka and not ky nor cy by the
    Message 1 of 26 , Jan 23, 2006
      Hey Dan,

      Very interesting that you should remark on the Black Sea mysteries.
      Do you know they work around Skathianos, it has to be ka and not ky
      nor cy by the way, and that is still not the right spelling anyway,
      an also Vidar/Raphael? I am thinking you know this but I don't know.
      Well, you are a floater so I am wondering if you can share anything
      with us of your inspirations on this story? I am looking for
      something........I just recieved the books I ordered from John
      Barnwell and he has something really interesting to say. Do you have
      his book? I have some extra copies if you like. Funny you are Dan. I
      think you don't even need them at this time. Hmm.

      > Yes indeed, the lectures are very interesting.
      > The same truth regarding Sophia is found in the old gnostic tales,
      > and the explanations (as you found in your explanation about
      > the "steps on the Holy Ground" is the gnostic myth explained by
      > Rudolf Steiner in his "Christus und die geistige Welt Von der Suche
      > nach dem heiligen Gral " (GA149) in the first lecture.
      > The initation in Hermes mysteries is very beautifull described in
      > the "Thales of Thales from Argos to Empedocle the Athenian" (I
      > know exactly the translation or if was available in english.. a
      > story very strange with mysterious origin (as I am aware of -
      > to old Black Sea mysteries), full of wisdom regarding Sophia-Isis
      > and the Mystery of Golgotha.
      > Anyhow, you're post exemplifies our task to find Sophia as the
      > Knowledge of Christ - and the birth in Holly Spirit.
      > The temple sleep in three days and the Ressurection of Chist in
      > Father, and the trinitarian number 3 as in 7 and 12 (time and space)
      > as well described in very interesting thoughts in Bradford's
      > posts...The ressurection of Lazarus was in the "fourth day" and
      > in the fourth -the ether of life come from the Logos new mistery.
      > Also, maybe you know Boticinni's painting about Tobias and after
      > may watch this:
      > http://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/cgi-
      > bin/WebObjects.dll/CollectionPublisher.woa/wa/largeImage?
      > workNumber=NG288.1&collectionSection=work
      > It's interesting that you may observe that in Boticinni's
      > masterpiece Tobias seems to be blind and he is carrefully watch by
      > Raphael in an encounter-event that will follow, (take a look at
      > Gabriel's eyes starring at something high) and the True
      > Consciousness of Michael's eyes that are looking to you). But only
      > Raphael has the "motherly" attitude for Tobias...
      > Raphael Sanzio illustrated well in Madonna con Pesce.
      > The fish as the preliminary "object" to cure "father", not as
      > the "son of the widow", as the true birth in Holly Spirit.
      > Thanks for your posts,
      > Dan
      > --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, dottie zold
      > <dottie_z@y...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Dear Friends,
      > >
      > > I would like to share a lecture series that Rudolf
      > > Steiner stated would express what he was wanting to
      > > share about Anthroposophia as the Essence of
      > > Anthroposophy:
      > >
      > > Isis Sophia Mary: pg 116:
      > >
      > > The Being Anthroposophia
      > > Berlin February 3, 1913
      > >
      > > " The next four lectures and, indeed, all the lectures
      > > that I shall deliver in the next few days will really
      > > deal with this 'being' or essence, of Anthroposophy.
      > > All that I will say later about the nature of the
      > > Eastern and Western Mysteries will be an amplification
      > > of this being of Anthroposophy.
      > >
      > > Today I want to point out the character of this being
      > > by speaking of the necessity for establishing
      > > Anthroposophy in our time."
      > >
      > > Dottie: I repost the paragraph above because the
      > > lectures he is speaking of are found in the book
      > > called Mysteries of the East and of Christianity. It
      > > can be found on elib and it is still in print. I found
      > > it to be a stunning, just stunning lecture series.
      > >
      > > Mysteries of the East and of Christianity: page 50
      > > Chapter 3
      > >
      > > " Again, it was in a different way that souls in
      > > Ancient Egypt entered into the higher worlds at
      > > Initiation - souls, for example, who went through the
      > > Hermes-Initiation. We have already spoken about all
      > > these things; but we now have to enter more into
      > > detail that has previously been possible. When in
      > > Ancient Egyptian times souls were raised into the
      > > higher worlds through the Hermes-Initiation, that then
      > > naturally occurred which must always attend
      > > Initiation, namely: These souls felt themselves
      > > outside their physical and etheric bodies and they
      > > knew that they were now within a world of spiritual
      > > facts and spiritual beings. Wide was the circuit of
      > > vision through which these souls were then led. They
      > > were shown the individual beings and facts in detail,
      > > as might also be the case with the soul of to-day. But
      > > one must not think of this as though they went about
      > > on physical feet; it was their vision that was guided,
      > > and in such a way as if they wrestled with everything,
      > > and their sight was guided into a region wide as the
      > > universe. Thus it was in this Initiation. Then came a
      > > moment of experience wherein they felt as though they
      > > had to come to the end, somewhat as though one had
      > > been traveling in a country that was bounded by the
      > > sea and had reached the shore. They knew that they had
      > > come to the farthest point attainable. In the Egyptian
      > > Initiation they experienced what one cannot clothe in
      > > other words than these: 'Whilst in thy vision though
      > > hast been led through the cosmic spaces in regions of
      > > the wide universe, thou hast come to know the beings
      > > and forces of whom thou canst say to thyself that
      > > these work on thy physical body and on thine etheric
      > > body. But now thou art entering the most holy places.
      > > Now thou are entering a region where thou doest really
      > > feel thyself united with the Being who works on that
      > > which in thee goes from one incarnation to another, on
      > > thine astral body.' It is a significant experience
      > > that takes place at this point, for all things become
      > > to a certain extent different after this experience.
      > >
      > > Dottie: It comes to me that when we hear the words
      > > 'take off your shoes, you are on holy ground' from the
      > > bible or the Nag Hammadi, what we are speaking about
      > > is someone entering into the astral levels or actually
      > > I think an experience with Sophia.
      > >
      > > Continued:
      > >
      > > For the time immediately following there was one
      > > possibility which ceased to exist for the initiated
      > > one. In the world into which he has now entered on the
      > > shores of cosmic existence, the possibility ceases
      > > entirely for him to make use of his former standards
      > > of thought and power of judgment. If he cannot divest
      > > himself of all this physical, earthly power of
      > > judgment, if he cannot ignore that which has led him
      > > so far, then he cannot have this experience on the
      > > borderland of existence. He cannot feel himself united
      > > with the Being who is active when the
      > > spiritual-psychic man approaches his birth into a new
      > > incarnation, and seeks nation, family and parents in
      > > order to clothe himself as a spiritual psychic man
      > > with fresh sheaths. All the beings whom he has already
      > > come to know and who make it clear to him how the
      > > etheric and physical sheaths arise and are formed out
      > > of the Cosmos are unable to explain what kind of
      > > forces are working in that Being with whom he now
      > > feels united, and who is building and weaving in the
      > > innermost astral being of the person himself. It
      > > becomes quite apparent to the Egyptian soul who was
      > > going through the Hermes-Initiation, that now after
      > > the soul is outside its sheaths and has passed through
      > > the 'cosmic existence', already alluded to, it feels
      > > itself united with a Being. And the soul can sense the
      > > qualities of this Being, only it feels itself as if
      > > within these qualities and not outside of this Being,
      > > and it can know that this Being is really there, but
      > > that it is at the same time within this Being. And the
      > > first impression that the candidate receives of this
      > > Being is expressed in the words: In this Being lie the
      > > forces which bring the soul from one incarnation to
      > > another, also the forces which illuminate the soul
      > > between death and a new birth. But when a force surges
      > > towards thee like unto cosmic Warmth, one that conveys
      > > the soul from death to a new birth; and when there
      > > surges towards thee the spiritual Light that illumines
      > > the souls between the death and a new birth, when thou
      > > dost feel how this Warmth and this Light stream out
      > > from the Being with whom thou are united, thou are now
      > > in a quite peculiar situation.
      > >
      > > Dottie: It seems to me that in this wording of death
      > > and then birth and then Light and Warmth we have
      > > Sophia and Raphael, we have the Morning and Evening
      > > Star, we have these two who seem to always be united
      > > in their ebbing and flowing, in the rhythms of how
      > > they lead human beings inward and outward.
      > >
      > > Continued:
      > >
      > > Thou has had to drink the Cup of Lethe, to forget the
      > > art of understanding which formerly guided thee
      > > through the physical world, to lay aside they former
      > > power of judgment, thy intellectuality, for these
      > > would here only lead thee astray; and thou has as yet
      > > gained nothing of a new kind. In the experience of the
      > > cosmic Warmth which brings the soul to a new birth,
      > > thou are within the sea of forces which illuminates
      > > the soul between death and a new birth. Thou dost
      > > experience the force and the light which issue from
      > > this Being. Thou beholdest this Being in such a manner
      > > that thou canst do no other than ask of it: 'Who art
      > > Thou? For Thou alone canst tell me who Thou art, and
      > > only then can I know that which takes the essential
      > > part of me as a human being from death to a new birth.
      > > Only when Thou tellest me can I know what my innermost
      > > nature is of man!'
      > >
      > > Dottie: Wow, it is so interesting to feel the stream
      > > of what inspired Sergei Prokofieff. I mean it is all
      > > here. His whole book along with his further
      > > inspirations on the Being are right here in this
      > > lecture series. Its just incredible.
      > >
      > > Continued:
      > >
      > > And mute remains the Being with whom the person knows
      > > himself united. He feels within the deepest part of
      > > himself that he is united with the deepest part of the
      > > Being. The urge towards self-knowledge arises, to know
      > > what a man is - and yet the Being remains silent. One
      > > must first have stood for a while before this silent
      > > Being, and have felt deeply the longing to have the
      > > riddle of the universe solved after a new manner, as
      > > it can never be done on the physical earth; one must
      > > have brought into this world, to this Being, as a
      > > force out of oneself, the deep longing to have the
      > > riddle of the universe solved in this way, a way alien
      > > to physical existence, and the soul must entirely live
      > > in the longing to have the cosmic enigma solved in
      > > this manner. Thus when one has felt himself united
      > > with the mute spiritual Being, and has lived in Him
      > > with longing for the solution that we have described,
      > > then one feels that there streams forth into this
      > > spiritual Being with whom one is united, the force of
      > > one's own longing. And because of the force of one's
      > > own longing for the solution of the riddle streams out
      > > into the spiritual Being, after a time it gives birth
      > > to something like another being projected from it. But
      > > what is born is not after the manner of an earthly
      > > birth, as one knows at once through one's own vision.
      > > An earthly birth arises 'in time,' is accomplished in
      > > the course of time. But from what appears with regard
      > > to this Being one knows: It is born of Him, it has
      > > been born from Him since primordial ages right up to
      > > the present. Only this birth process of one being from
      > > another has so far not been visible to man; until now
      > > it has been withheld from his sight. This birth
      > > process consists of this: that it is really
      > > continuous, but that man of his yearning for the
      > > solving of the riddle, now sees it - it is now
      > > perceived in the spiritual world. One knows this. Thus
      > > one does not say: Now a being is born - but: From the
      > > Being with whom thou has united thyself, ever since
      > > primordial times, a being has always been born; but
      > > not the process of the being's birth, and the being
      > > itself who is born, are perceptible to thee."
      > >
      > > Dottie:
      > >
      > > Well, I guess I now get completely what 'birth'
      > > everyone is putting to St. Mary Magdalene. Whew. And I
      > > have to say that it is quite clear from our teachers
      > > words, or so it appears to me, that there is another
      > > being in the mix with that which will be birthed from
      > > us. It is very clear that it is not our own astral
      > > that produces the birth soley, but a Being, separate,
      > > well as separate as one can be I guess, that leads man
      > > to himself so that the birth can take place.
      > >
      > > I believe this link leads to chapter four but if you
      > > hit previous a few times you will be back at lecture
      > > 1.
      > >
      > > http://wn.rsarchive.org/Lectures/MystEast/19130207p01.html
      > >
      > > All good things,
      > > Dottie
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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